Monday, November 1, 2010

How to Save Big on Holiday Thrifting

Thanksgiving means one thing to thrift-a-holics; Sales! With the holidays upon us, you can expect to reap outlandish savings on discounted thrift store merchandise that make already-cheap treasures cost even less.

Find The Stores, Map Out Your Route:

Here are a few ways to find thrift stores near you:

Check out my detailed article on how to find the best local thrift store for more details.

Obtain the Top Secret Sale Dates

Call your thrift stores of choice and ask them when they'll host their sales for the season. Then mark your calendar and/or do what it takes so you don't forget the sale date!

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

If you're a virgin to holiday sales, watch out. It's a fight for survival! But don't worry, I've got detailed guides, tips, and tricks on Holiday thrifting and crafting to keep you covered for the rest of the year!

It's Worth the Trouble

If you're still Christmas shopping or need some essentials around the house, it's worth it to take advantage of Thrift Store Holiday Sales. I've seen store-wide 50%-80% off sales, "everything is a dollar sales", and I've been offered mountains of stuff for free during this time of the year.

How do YOU reap savings during the holidays from thrift stores and other suppliers? Please comment and share the wealth! The best suggestions (and the writer's blogs) will be featured in a blog post at the end of the month.

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  1. I was disappointed that our Gw did not discount less than 25% on Halloween merchandise before today. On the positive side they did give a 10% off entire purchase coupon with any purchase last week, to use this week. so I have to head back today!

  2. It's interesting how Goodwill's discounts seem to differ greatly across the Nation.

    Our Goodwills offer NOTHING. No coupons. They do not negotiate prices. GRRR! They had Frequent-shopper discounts but that was long ago when I was closer to the single-digits and mom still bought everything.

    Anyone else having gripes with Goodwill over higher prices and lack of discounts?

  3. I don't even go in Goodwill unless i see some thing interesting through the window... They start out asking way too much, so it's not worth my time. The one by me seams to forget they are a thrift store!

  4. Sparrow's Nest: I am seeing that more and more in thrift stores in general. Not a good trend!

  5. If only I could get BF to go thrifting with me. He has a thing about used clothes.

    I also agree with Sparrow's Nest -- I saw some crazy prices for thrift store clothing that was slightly stained/damaged, even if it was a Banana Republic jacket!

  6. I know many men that think used clothing is haunted or infected with germs. Clothing from the store isn't pristine. Who knows who touched it, tried it on, blew their nose on it, used it as toilet paper (if you've worked in retail you doubt NOTHING!)

  7. I have to agree with all of the above...I do go to GW but the prices are crazy, I once bought a silver tray for cheap there but then went back and now all silver is up front and priced so expensive! Seems they are trying to be like Macy's sometimes!

  8. Yes indeed, and it ain't pretty! I miss the old days of GW thrifting...

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