Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Show Me Your Bush: Amazing Christmas Crafts

"Show me Your Bush" is Thrift Core's Holiday Link Share. Not exclusively for showcasing your bush (tree!), I'd like to see your creative holiday crafts, vintage ornaments, thrifty decor, everything. Show me the goods.

My favorites from last week's Show Me Your Bush party are...

[Polka Dot Garland]
Whimsical and fun. I want to make one for my silly toy-filled tree.
So clever! The instructions are clear and easy to follow.
Witty and easy; my favorite kind of craft. 
Worthy of admiration. Excellent colors and execution.

I noticed most participants didn't like back to the party last week. Who wouldn't want this amazing button on their website?! Please link back this time.

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  1. I really like the felt circle garland. That would be really nice on my Christmas tree this year! Sorry I forgot to link back to you. I'll add a link.

  2. You have a funny blog! I'm glad you visited mine and hope you'll be back!

  3. Super cute ideas...I saw the stockings but the coal felted soap and the polka dot garland are fabulous! Thanks for stopping by 504 Main last week (so behind). I LOVE your blog (I thrift almost every going to our dump!). I am a new follower!
    504 Main

  4. Can't copy the button. There's no HTML to cut and paste. I'll happily post the button if you make a way for me to grab it, or you send me the HTML. There's a great tutorial here on how to make a button and how to allow someone to grab your button (allowing people to grab the HTML starts at the "Create your text area for your button" part):

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