Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mid-Year Antique Mall and Reseller Update: Taking Breaks, Moving On, Muse Chasing

Swiftly taken photo of my booth while I was moving merchandise in from Back in May. It's almost done with a sexy new revamp with sponsored goodness making it spiffy, will share photos later. If you're local, come take a look. Everythings on sale and looking WAY better than in the photo above.

I've had some readers asking about reselling and my antique mall booth. It's been a few months since I've gone on extended hunts for merchandise or talked extensively on the subject! Here's what I've been doing with it all lately:

Taking a Long Break From the Antique Mall: Moving merchandise around in my new larger booth was starting to frustrate me so I stepped away for a couple of months. With everything else going on it was just a final straw type of situation. When I went back to it, I felt refreshed and creative again. My plan's to make unique merchandise for it into the future. Yes, sales suffered on the break but it was well worth it to get my mojo back.

Yep, Thoughts of Quitting Cold Turkey Still Ebb and Flow: It's the acquisition and storage that just kills me with this business, so let again, I stopped buying new merchandise for the most part and I'm actively working on clearancing out as much merchandise as possible. Sometimes I want to completely leave this all in the dust but I think it will always be here, if not as a full time income source than as a side passion project.

Changing it Up: I'm switching things up, selling off the harder to store items, plotting the next type of merchandise I'll sell. You have to keep it fresh to keep from getting bored with any business!

Making My Own: I want to craft up a storm on making art, lines, and writing again as a focus and I'm excited to keep moving in that direction. I'm consulting with pros and getting the ball moving there.

Getting Outside: I really miss the interaction with customers with outdoor markets, and hell, just interacting with other creatives and artists. E-mail me if you want to collaborate for real, this is something I'm excited to get back into. I've definitely, against my resolutions and wishes, isolated myself again.

Getting Cleared Out and Crazy Organized: I can't wait to have less merchandise (help me out and buy it while it's cheap online or in the antique mall!) and to dig in and get as crazy organized as possible so knocking out future projects will be easier. That's my next priority #1!

How Are The Sales, You Ask? Slow at my antique mall booth BUT not bad considering I didn't touch it or promote it for a couple of months! When I looked back at my online numbers they were much higher the past couple of months than I thought they were, too. Funny how that works. Sometimes you work your ass off to the point of tears and get nothing, then walk away and the sales come. (Granted, I realize I'm coaxing off the working-til-proverbial-tears of past months, but still.) I am not some kind of gangbusters earner or anything, but I'm confident I can do even better when actually applying myself as hard as possible!

So that's the scoop with my booth and reselling in general, yep, I stepped back and took a long break and it's paid off. I'm feeling inspired again, overwhelmed and plagued with decision paralysis still, but eager to shake off the past and move forward into the future. Improving as much as possible along the way.

How's reselling/writing/business/etc going for you? Any frustrations to vent on in the comments along with me?
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  1. I have very briefly considered an antique mall...I don't want the hassle and the rent takes too much of a chunk of my profits. I also know that I would do a very poor job of upkeeping it. It would be a disaster for me. I know several people who are in antique malls and love it. My sales for July were triple last Julys. I think that is because I had a road trip to Detroit, and went to the best garage sales in the world. I came back with so much cool stuff and most of it sold immediately, which really boosted my July. I expect to be much slower until mid Sept. (that was my slow time last year), Gives me a little break to focus on other, instagram, retaking pics...General stuff that I don't care as much about when I am busy with sales....Welcome back, I cant wait to see all of your new goodies!

    1. Haha, there are no new thrifted goods. I swear blog traffic, sales, everything hurts when I do this but I can't in my soul bribg in more stuff the aquisition/storage kills me. For now my booth is like impractical storage but I'll work on getting it profitable. Excited to make it look amazing and share. And make art/get creative.

  2. I know just what you mean---sometimes I look at my inventory and get the overwhelming urge to just throw it all away!! Its always good to just step away for awhile and de-obsess. Sometimes when we are bogged down in the minutia of rearranging stock/retaking photos, etc, we can't see the overall picture and we therefore can't come up with any sweeping, fresh ideas.

    I think its great you are doing art projects as well. That helps temper the frustration of trying to curate stock :)

    1. Indeed it does! Once all my glassware's gone I think I'lk be ready to finally hunt again.

    2. Excited to make art/writing the priority :D and yes, the trash thoughts have crossed my mind big time!

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