Thursday, December 8, 2016

Life Lately: Adjusting to Store Life and Markets and Events this Busy Holiday Season

Life has been full and busy around these parts. So much to do, so little time, but also so excited to do it all! Here's some behind-the-scenes peeks. Of course I didn't leave out the inevitable messes!

So funny story, the co-owner of my building is a compliance officer for signage for the city! So I feel lucky that he let me put out my little temporary "sandwich board" solution. It's an extra vinyl sign I had that I painted with chalkboard paint to put outside out door. It doesn't erase well but it works for now!

I'm enjoying the hell out of my time at the store. I feel INCREDIBLY more productive with an organized, dedicated workspace. Above is an atypical scene from one of my late-night working sessions. It all ends up tidied up again but theres my usual gotta-make-a-mess-to-work creative-person clutter.

Shot I took in the craft store, I'm getting into some herb gardening, ornament making, I love DIY, need more time!

I'm working on a post about how to use the KonMari method practically for business that helps me control this process that I'm excited to share soon. It's step-by-step in real-time. I used to condense a massive amount of business goods to one shelf AND rid myself of a big box of paperwork I'd accumulated.

I'm still squeezing it freelance work whenever possible. Above is a photo from CoRk Arts District's Open Galleries.

I was asked to be their official photographer for this year's open studios and it was blissful to get lost in artist's workspaces again. Can't wait to share more photos!

Between doing outdoor markets, organizing, set-up  and other in-store necessities I'm still making a lot of our natural body care wares. The long-requested pain balm line above was so fun to make and label! In the bowl is our AMAZING smelling all-natural deodorant, we still have a 100% success rate on that. We have to start recording these testimonials, oh the marketing is my job too, the work never ends! But I love it. I'm trying to outsource most product creation to my mom who's also a clinical herbalist.

Tonight I'm trying to (finally) finish the sampler sets of all our lines and samples to drop off around town.

I still feel lucky to be able to do all this at my pace exactly the way I want to. I feel so drawn to art and small business again, like an even bigger and refreshed enthusiasm if that was even possible! Above is a shot from a St. Augustine trip with friends where I refilled on inspiration.

By the way if you're even down in St. Augustine the Kookaburra has amazing coffee! I can't wait until AJ (or "the poor beleaguered boyfriend" as I refer to him to others) finally has a night off from the demanding night job so we can go to St. Augustine and see the Night of Lights.

I keep reminding myself to work hard in concentrated bursts so I can have more personal time to recharge, travel time, and time with friends and family! Hell I'd even love some personal crafting time, I miss that. I'm starting by giving myself a semi-day (ha) off to hit the flea markets, thrift and just hang and catch-up on normal life things. It's definitely that time in my life where it's time to work really hard and keep developing our rapidly growing creation, but I want to remember to savor the season and everything around me while I'm at it, too.

How's this holiday season been going for you so far? We're already so far into December!
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Friday, December 2, 2016

The Most Amazing Atomic Era Revamped RV of Vintage Beauty You'll Ever See

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Tiny House Festival in St. Augustine. My friends and I didn't expect the huge assortment of tiny homes that were on display! There were amazing converted buses, campers of all shapes and sizes from different eras, there was even a yurt! Going through my photos I realize I took 352 photos! I'll be back for a second post on this event, but first, take in the dedication that went into creating the mid century modern dream camper below!

I love how it's filled with vintage finds and sticks to a consistent teal / yellow / red color scheme.

Astro Boy! Of course I love anything with even an inkling of robot goodness.

And I'll take one of each of these. Me and toys, I'll never grow up.

Those kitchen canisters bring back memories of vintage selling, I loved that kitchenware. These red ones with the flowers are very pretty. Love the moon pies there, too.

And you can't go wrong with vintage Life magazine, cameras, and coloful fiestware.

And this was just 1% of an magical day of looking at Tiny Houses! We didn't even look into everything they had. I'll be back to the next one for sure!

Let's move in!
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My First Brick and Mortar Shop Soft Opening, A Peek Around Our Little Space


I thought I'd pop in to share a few quick peeks around our shop and the funny before/after photos. It's a small space in the growing "bar" district on King St. Walking distance from my apartment, I already feel quite spoiled and cozy here. Our "soft" opening weekend did well and we're excited to work hard and grow here! The orders are rolling on! But first, photos.


The space was originally a very yellow off-white that didn't work for us.

Oh no? We only had one roller? Guess I just have to watch you paint. Can't help. Weak writer's arms. Just kidding, I set the phone down and swiftly started helping.


It's hard to tell in these photos but the result is so clean and bright! We did a glossy white that brightens and visually expands the space.

I was able to fill the whole store using basically everything I already had (and family donations) and only bought three shelves and a lamp for the space new. We want to invest in our ingredients instead, but we'll re-decorate and grow with time. We want it to be a very cozy space where people can relax and browse.

The space has two rooms, the one above is my general retail space. The second room isn't quite ready to show yet. Right now it's basically three shelves and two tables at the moment, minimally arranged, all products awaiting labels but it's going to have a pre-packed tea and bulk buy herb buying area. It's also the space where I'll host classes and allow anyone from the community who has creative classes to teach to bring their supplies in.

Of course there will be more before and after shots as we fully settle in but we're pleased with our progress so far. If you're local come on in, I'm here at 2726 College St.

Having my "work" completely separate from my home in this shop has already improved my sleep. I have to lock it up and leave it behind here and don't go on until 3AM. We're excited to keep expanding and growing here.
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