Friday, October 28, 2016

Horror Movie Recommendations 2016: The Best of Netflix and New Standouts

If you're looking for entertaining Halloween watching for the weekend before Halloween, I've got you covered! I wanted to go through lists of horror movies with the most buzz in the community and watch them all before writing but it looks like the write-up of those ones will have to wait until next year! I did get through some excellent juicy ones that may not be on all the lists of "greats" for the year but still come highly recommended from this horror junkie.

The Witch: The best new horror I've seen since It Follows, I watched it twice in theaters. The director as spent a lifetime obsessed with 17th century American and poured himself into ensuring all of the details were accurate, lifting directly from diaries and documents from the era and consulting museums and experts in the field for authenticity. Borrowing from silent film greats with a dash of Kubrick, Robert Eggers shows great promise with this complex debut. It's a psychological slow burn that drips malice from every inch with a lot to say about the suffocating power of religion and even feminism with our put-upon young lead. Even non-horror fans can appreciate the desaturated colors and stunning art direction and this one.

The Awakening: This one was touching, and even romantic. A very well directed and acted film with a fascinating storyline and very sympathetic characters. The less I reveal here, the better, but I give this one a hearty recommendation. There were a few creepy moments but I'd say even those who hate horror can watch this one without too much fear.

From the Awakening

Housebound: I'm glad my roommate recommended this one because it's something I would have overlooked. It's hard to find even a half-decent, solid horror movie. Most of them are not scary in the slightest with horrendous character development and scripting, they're quick cash-grabs. House Hunting looks like another forgettable horror film on the outside but it's engaging and tense with great scares and characters. It has an earnest look and believability and is now the second horror movie after Alice Sweet Alice to even make me shed a couple tears! Just a good solid horror/thriller, it doesn't break the mold and that's fine, sometimes you just want to see a film get the formula right.

Stonehearst Asylum: This one was another surprising film for me. The Poe adaptation could have been a classic for the ages if it would have kept going with the initially hinted direction, dissecting the vulnerability of those in asylums centuries before. You don't even need a plot or angle there, it was simply horrific up until the 1960s and you could argue, even now. The sane could be committed and end up insane from the lethal cocktail of medications, lobotomies and/or shock therapy treatments. Women, believed to be prone to "hysteria" ( I'd be "hysteric" too if I was being carried away against my will to be locked up for just being a female with an "attitude" or something like that) were especially vulnerable. Rant aside, this film touches on all of those things with sensitivity but takes a more stereotypical, predicable, "Hollywood" approach to it. The characters are so enjoyable that the formulaic approach works and still keeps you engaged.

From the Cabinet of Dr. Caligiri

The Visit: There is some gross-out criiiinge in this one, be warned! But it was a return to good filmmaking for Shyamalan. Half black comedy, half horror, just a good, fun film for the season.

The Taking of Deborah Logan: This one gave me a bad dream, it's been a while since a horror film's done that for me! It had to make it on the list just for that! Like The Visit, it's a "found-footage" film involving the elderly and the sad/horror combination of diseases like Alzheimer's disease. Paranormal Activity created a new rash of imitators and most found-footage horror is forgettable and poorly executed, but this is one of the few low budget ones that came out since Paranormal to get the suspense factor right.

Oculus: Oculus is another solid horror film with great storytelling. There are some GLARING plot holes with this one but I enjoyed the relationship between the siblings and the way the story of their family drama unfolds. The ghost design in this is really well done, quite creepy! I didn't even include a screen-cap, it made my heart stop when I was looking up an example, so we'll just stick with the shot of the girl below!

From The Oculus

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligiri: Credited along with Nosfertatu for starting the horror genre and German Expressionism movement in film, it's a legitimately enjoyable watch despite it's age. Tim Burton fans will note that this film is responsible for influencing basically his entire aesthetic (Edward Scissorhand's design is nearly identical to Caligiri's somnambulist from this film) and I loved finally watching the movie that created my favorite director's style. The surreal, dream-like set-design alone makes this a feast for the creative's eye, it's like watching a gorgeous live-action painting. You can see the cubism and modern art movement reflected in each of the unique backdrops. The plot was cutting-edge for the era, too. It's a reflection of pessimistic nihilism left in Europe (especially inflation-plagued Germany) after the utter horror of World War I with a fascinating historical context to research. With the fascinating history and unique look, it's a must-watch for any history, horror, or art lover. 

Black Mirror: Season II of this Twilight Zone-style series is back! With morality plays about technology and the future horrors it can create, or hell, what it already has created, it's one of the most clever horror anthologies out there. A millennial Tales From the Crypt that's less silly and more psycological.

From Stranger Things

Stranger Things: Gorgeous cinematography and set design, it's a near-perfect pastiche of a particular era of horror film and novel creation with nods to dozens of movies and books. The logo alone evokes Stephen King classics from the 1980s. Stranger Things' plot is mostly a mash-up of Poltergeist and ET with dashes of ample 80s-90s pop culture.

Here's where I have to vent on the series though. I find this show to be WAY overrated. From the moment I saw the hand-drawn promotional art of the series, done in a perfect imitation of the style of Lucas/Spielberg films, I felt manipulated. While it does, via visuals alone (albeit heartrendingly gorgeous ones), tug at the heart's nostalgia strings, it feels hollow. Horror at large, like SciFi, is a medium often used to reflect societal fears. The horror in A Nightmare on Elm Street (visually referenced in one scene) stems from the helpless impotence and vulnerability of adolescence, for instance, or horrifying side-affects of vigilante justice; those 80s horror had depth that belied the simple surface premise. There are plenty of opportunities to dig deeper with this series that feel overlooked, like it was too busy trying to be a perfect copy of other, better, creations. As a jaded former-marketer I see a show a bit too deliberately trying to evoke a sweet-spot of nostalgia that trendy right now for branding. I still recommend it, but I feel like the massive fanfare and deeper discussions on the "psycological" aspects of it I see popping up everywhere are unwarranted. It's just a simple show with cute kids and a bit of creep factor that's fun to watch this season; a great "popcorn" show. Watch it because it's very pretty and polished, sometimes that's good enough.

Honorable Mention, Nightbreed: Now here's a weird little cult classic! Directed by Clive Barker (creator of the immortal classic Hellraiser) studio interference turned this into an odd blend of horror with the action style of those 1989-1990 superhero movies. The Danny Elfman score in particular makes me feel like I'm watching a spiritual partner to Darkman or Batman. Not scary with bizarre writing decisions, it's still a great watch from lovers of kitsch or 80s-90s nostalgia. I love the monster designs in this.

 * * * 

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What are your thoughts? Any classics new or old to recommend for me this year? I'd love to hear them.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Work From Home Small Business Storage Solution: Attractive Easily Accessible Idea

When it comes to running a business out of your apartment one of the biggest challenges is keeping your work life from bleeding into your home life. When I was a reseller I had merchandise everywhere (even in my pantry, bedroom closet, hallway...everywhere!), my new business needs far less storage but it grew to where I needed a solution I could easily access but hide when not in use.

I decided on a utility shelf from Lowes after not finding what I needed thrifting (though my eye is always on the curbsides for additional solutions, I needed something fast). The curtains were a $7 fabric purchase and I fabric-glued the seams (my sewing machine's broken). I simply used tiny silver binder clips, evenly spaced, to attach the curtain to the top of the shelf and I like the look better than my initial idea to hand-sew fabric to the top to tie the curtain to the shelf. The baskets sitting at the top were $2 each at a local retail store's yard sale, found the same day.

I swear I steamed the fabric but the wrinkles came back! I have WAY too much to do to try to fix that right now. I chose white so Yuko's fur won't show. I learned that the hard way with my black fabric storage boxes I've spent many hours de-furring..

Adding my lucky Maneki Neko cat banner from Japan seemed like just the right touch for my "mini shop". I'm really pleased with how this turned out! And it even added the right touch to that corner and makes the space more cozy, after my Kon-Mari purging visitors were saying it looked like I was trying to move, the apartment seemed so empty.

When it's time to get to work I just roll-up the curtain and get to it and it's nice to be able to close it and hide the mess when it's not in use. This turned out to be a great way to hide my dry-erase task list too. Call me an OCD pedantic designer (and I am) but I *hate* seeing dry erase boards covered with writing in the combined  living space, it looks sloppy and it's just more visual communication and clutter "screaming" at you when you're trying to "relax". It would be different if I had an office with a door I could close but the office/dining/living room is combined. I'm going to hide a dry-erase calendar under here next.

And with that I must make signs and run out the door to the next market! How do you organize your supplies at home when space is at a premium?
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Friday, October 21, 2016

Vegan Chocolate or Carob Fondue for Your Holidays - A 60s Party Tradition

Fondue isn't merely a fun party novelty, it represents a lost art of communal feasting with friends. After World War II rationing ended, the Swiss Cheese Union sent fondue sets to military regimes as part of the "spiritual defense of Switzerland." It was later aggressively promoted with slogans like "fondue creates a good mood." 

Fondue became wildly popular in the US during the 1960s, first being promoted during the 1964 New York World Fair at the Swiss Pavilion Alpine Restaurant. Being a time of experimentation, people wondered, what else can I dip in that thing? There's canned soup fondue, meat and oil, meat and broth; a Swiss dish borrowed from the french for using-up stale bread and old cheese now had canned meal kits you could buy at the store along with the pot. Special ceramic fondue  dishes were made during this decade too, for additional dipping into mustard, onion, and other delectable sauces. The recipe variation we'll be looking at today was invented by chef Kondrad Egli of New York's Chalet Suisse Restaurant as a promotion for Toblerone chocolate.

Chocolate or Carob Fondue Recipe, Easy Version

1 Bag (12 oz) of Carob or Chocolate Chips, Vegan if you're vegan, or get your favorite non-vegan varieties otherwise

3/4 Cup Almond Milk (Try making your own, or use any other vegan nut milk you desire)

1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract

Simply heat until fully incorporated, stirring occasionally, then pour into your fondue pot. If you want to fill it to the top for a lot of guests you made need to double or triple the recipe.

I made mine with carob chips because I can't sleep at night at the best of times and caffeine served so close to bed would keep me up until the sun peeks through the blinds, but chocolate's a good choice to keep guests awake on their ride home!

Vegan Chocolate From Scratch, Masocist's Version

1 Cup Cocoa Powder
1/2 Cup Cocoa Butter
1/4 Cup Coconut Oil
1/4 to 1/2 Cup Almond Milk depending on desired thickness
1 Tablespoon Vanilla extract
Sweetener to Taste, 1/8 Cup to 1/4 cup max should be sufficient, agave or brown rice syrup work well here and are lower glycemic index sweeteners

Melt all of these together in a pot. It'll take a little while for the cocoa butter to fully melt and everything to fully incorporate. Watch and whisk as needed.

Serving your Fondue: For chocolate fondue a tea light is sufficient to keep your chocolate warm. Desert fondue is often served with sliced pound cake and strawberries, I served mine with the more traditional hard bread from a local bakery. You can try it with pretzels and any type of fruit, too. The correct form is to swirl your fondue fork in a figure 8 as opposed to merely dipping or dunking your bread into the sauce (you savage!) According to Fashionable Food: Seven Decades of Food Fads any male guest that loses his chunk of bread in the pot (easy to do) must buy drinks for all his dining companions, any woman that loses her dipper must kiss the person on her left and then on her right. Ladies, feel free to inform the party of the old rules you like the looks of those to your left and right. Gentlemen, feel free to stay silent.

Fondue's popularity faded in the early 70s, but it's made on-and-off come-backs. To this day I often spot fondue forks and pots at thrift stores, colorful reminders of a by-gone era where social interaction was the norm and not the exception. There's a spirit of thriftiness to fondue and even healthiness, because the serving sizes are small and you fill up on the company of your guests rather than feeling stuffed to the gills with the buffets of too-much-food at modern parties.

Make everyone put their smart phones away (or else they buy drinks for all dining companions!) and break out the fondue pots this holiday season, if you dare. Use what's in season or around the house, go wild and weird, do in that kitschy swinging 60s rebellious spirit.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Business Behind-the-Scenes: Fun with Packaging, Crazy Busy, Trying to Force Rest


As I write this I'm taking a break from labeling the new sets I'm putting out at local markets for Christmas. They'll soon be on my site and Etsy year-round. I also need to make some tooth scrubs and men's deodorant stat and then there's a meeting to get to by 3PM! These are busy times, but challenging and fun, too.

Here's a peek at the Aromatherapy Inhaler set, I mail these out in the box now and there will be an anti-anxiety joining the mix today! I made this one with a custom sticker for Yarn Cow for letting me host a class on making your own body care products this Saturday coming up.

So behind-the-scenes I've been stuck inside making and labeling stuff for hours at a time! It took me two days to re-stock the gemstone jewelry.

Earlier in the month I had time to hit up a few thrift stores and flea markets but lately everything's been conspiring to keep me away. The one above has great prices and a gorgeous indoor greenhouse.

I'm still setting up weekly to sell wares at UNF and tomorrow we're taking our tent and wares two and a half hours south to Orlando to test the market at UCF for a long market day. Adrenaline gets me through these things, they're fun, but stressful.

Just a swift smart phone snap of the adorable Yarn Cow where I'll host a class and soon have some products for sale.

And another quick smart phone snap of a shop I'll be setting up a pop-up shop it front of in Five Points next weekend. It's the new Copper Closet and it's a gorgeous space with great prices on the wares, especially for the area.

For my birthday we were supposed to go to The Hostel in the Forest but they were still making repairs from the recent Hurricane, which hit Brunswick Georgia harder than here in Riverside, Jacksonville. We're rescheduling the trip and just spent some time walking in my own area. I live the gorgeous arts/historic side of town and I don't let myself explore it. I don't let my work hours end. It's a huge problem with me. I know from research it's not productive, people are more productive in short, concentrated bursts. If there's something I need to work on into the new year, it's setting strict work hours and spending much more time outdoors.

On our walk I saw these adorable hand-painted Beasley reproductions on cardboard, handmade and Halloween is the perfect combination. Along the way we were looking for commercially zoned homes for sale, or interesting ones in general. If you have any leads in Riverside/San Marco/Avondale let me know.

And I'll close the business behind-the-scenes of randomness with a shot of beautiful orange. In Buddhism orange is the color illumination and the highest state of perfection of the soul. (Which is why it's the color of our signature Transcendence roll-on) It's my favorite color and I love that it's everywhere this season.

What's been going on in your world behind-the-scenes? I need to fit in some room for haunted houses and Halloween fun over here! I of course, have some more Halloween posts coming before the month's end.
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Friday, October 14, 2016

Halloween Freebies: Zero Dollar Movies, Playlists, Art, Printables and More

I have scoured all the internets, sucking all the sweet delicious Halloween out for you! 
Actually, I'm just fortunate enough that my day job lets me play music and/or YouTube videos in the background while I work all day! It's crazy the amount of audio and video I work through. And since horror is my comfort in the night, my sweet snug security blanket, I've got a lot of that to recommend for your Halloween watching and listening.

Halloween ClipArt Some free Halloween public domain images and clipart for your Halloween printing and crafting needs.

The Graphics Fairy Has a gorgeous selection of charming vintage Halloween images for free usage. Vintage anatomy posters and lovely illustrations galore. Tons of FREE Public Domain Horror Movies!

Alice Sweet Alice: I recommended this in my first horror movie round-up and now you can watch it all for free online! (Starts about 1:25 min in, they digitally changed the logo from the original beautiful hand-drawn one but it's otherwise intact.)

I discussed the film briefly on my first annual Halloween movie recommendation list. My parents had the VHS and the cover alone was SO scary I had to hide it. I'm not alone here! Berge's (Joblo, famous horror movie reviewer) review of the movie mentions a girl he met and how the film impacted her so much as a child that she couldn't look at the box art! As an adult I can appreciate the  delicious Giallo-like atmosphere. The movies is all at once sad, sincere, and powerful. (And even a little funny with dashes of the darkest, blackest of humor.) A "slasher" with a deeper message and symbolism. All my fellow bitter former-catholics will understand what this bloody movie is saying about the suffocating powers of Catholic guilt. The low budget adds to it. Just watch it, let me know how you like it. It's free!  [/end non-sequitor rant]

Corpse Husband: A channel that reads "real" it-happened-to-me stories submitted by readers. Excellent background listening for the season! There are several others like his but this is my favorite channel. The one with creepy audio recordings was so disturbing I stopped it to wait until I had company and daylight to listen to the rest.

Abandoned: As a former vintage seller and someone who spends a LOT of time marketing and thinking about marketing, I am obsessed with abandoned spaces and businesses. I love the explore them, unravel their story. What events in history led to the abandonment? The textures are gorgeous, nature reclaiming the old buildings is stunning, everything about it is fascinating. This series exhaustively researches abandoned retail and theme parks, a fascinating watch.

NostalgiaWeen: The Nostalgia Critic has been making comical reviews of horror movies for years. You can watch his newest ones on his main channel. Always brightens up the season for me, ur, even more!

Jordan Underneath: Beautifully shot, high-quality horror video game (and some horror movie and cartoon) reviews. Even if you don't play games, the deeper thoughts on the art direction, symbolism or motifs of each game and cinematic way he shoots things makes them entertaining.

Halloween: The Inside Story: Halloween is an incredible debut film made on a shoestring by a preternaturally talented film student, a then unknown who'd go on to be a titan in the horror genre. Mixing Hithcock's suspense with then-new tracking camera technology, it's a perennial classic for a reason! This behind-the-scenes in-depth documentary on the film was fascinating! It was amazing to learn everything (a lot of serendipity in this one) that went into making one of my favorite horror films as incredible as it is.

History Channel The Ready Story of Halloween A cute, fluffy documentary on the history of Halloween. Doesn't go in-depth but does a good job of getting you in the spirit.

The Horror Den A Bunch of free, cheesy 90s thrillers and horror movies. I love these!

Webtoon's Horror Zone Webtoons has a horror zone up for the season and the comics are CREEPY, they even have a warning for people with heart problems not to watch! Expect some subtle movements in the panels in the comics for maximum fear factor!

Silly Bonus: 19 Seconds of the Best Batman Reaction Ever, I just cried laughing watching + Haunted History of Halloween + Hidden Killers in Victorian Homes, aah, horror for real! And the part II to that series, just as scary

/Comments Off  I'll be "off" for my Birthday but I'll be back next week with some fun posts.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Amazing Jacksonville Florida Mid Century Modern Building and Fall Exploration

This Sunday the Hurricane aftermath left half of the Ramona flea market closed. I (somewhat surprisingly) left without buying anything and decided to check out the amazing mysterious mid century modern building at the end of Ramona blvd, this time the fence was left open so I could "sneak"  in and skulk around the building.

My guesses about it were right, it's a rental hall known as the Ramona Pavilion Ballroom, mostly rented out for weddings. I love every bit of this amazing building, wouldn't it especially be perfect for a 60s or 70s themed wedding?

The roof, the windows, everything about the building is gorgeous. It's the era of architecture I've been drawn to for a long time now, dark, lots of natural wood and materials, with geometric flair. It almost looks like a pagoda.

Sneaking around back there's lots of open grass and trees, the roof looking just as lovely from behind.

In the distance behind the building, some houses I didn't trespass on. Lovely even from afar.

To the right of the building there's a path that leads to a little lake for weddings. I sat in front of the lake for a little while peacefully, sweating under the early October still-feels-like-summer Florida sun. (Our first hint of cool breeze came yesterday!)

There's loads of space around the pavilion, grass, trees, I picked some gorgeous goldenrod to take home and put in a vase, leaving most for the bees, of course.

Jacksonville has bits of mod tucked around, it's fascinating to behold and explore. I know it's the dream of most vintage and/or architecture lovers, but wouldn't it be fun to just travel the U.S photographing kitschy roadside attractions and unique mod buildings? I know I'll get there one day, but it's gratifying to explore the mod and kitsch in my own city and state in the meantime.
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Friday, October 7, 2016

Quick and Easy Classic Retro Beistle Halloween Banner Idea: Vintage Kitsch


Like every Halloween and kitsch lover I adore classic Beistle Halloween decorations. Unfortunately, I've never encountered real ones for sale "in the wild." This year I made a quick little banner with some of the iconic Halloween cut-outs and it's been just the right festive touch for my living room.

To Make This I Used...

Colored Hemp Cord (I used this one by Darice)
My HP Envy 4520 Printer/Scanner
Small Round Hand Punch (I use this one from Michael's) the smaller holes look more polished

You can use stock images, public domain images or design your own images for the banners. I ordered these Beistle reproductions from eBay then scanned them and printed them on fabric for longevity. 

One day I aspire to a huge collection of authentic retro Halloween with Beistle galore but until I find at thrifts, creating my own and a few reproductions will have to do in the meantime.

After carefully cutting them out I...taped them to the jute with packing tape. I will eventually sew the printed fabric to sturdy felt and attach them more permanently to the jute, haha, but it's market season and I was in a hurry to finish this. I took this out to outdoor markets and it held up to near-hurricane winds and rains! 

Speaking of Hurricanes...if you're in the South Eastern U.S with me, take care and be careful while Hurricane Matthew blows through! We've got a friend from an evacuated area over and we're hunkered down with horror movies and work, enjoying the electricity while we have it! (If there are no posts or slow e-mail replies here forward it's the Hurricane, hopefully everything will be back to normal Monday)
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Monday, October 3, 2016

Halloween Decoration Thrift Haul: Blow Molds, Lights, Ghosts, and Pumpkins Galore

Yuko screens her green side-eye from the radioactive glow of the ominous pumpkin blow mold. The orange light illuminates the sidewalk below. It makes me rapturously gleeful. 

After my year of purging I had only one Halloween decoration left! Save for the semi-creepy (severity depends on the viewer) local art that adorns my walls year-round. Procuring a collection of retro Halloween goods was a priority, and I was able to indulge it and stock-up now that thrift stores are taking their Halloween goods out of hiding!

I believe we owned the exact huge pumpkin blow mold above, we had a couple of them and a lot of other old decorations but they disappeared mysteriously. I remember the pumpkin string lights (still have one set from childhood), the pumpkin blow molds and a black wicker witch we'd hang by the door being my favorite decorations. Taking out Halloween decorations each year still fills me with childish glee. I'm like a denizen of Halloween Town, I countdown the days until the next Halloween season.

This ghost cloth game with me at fifty scents. And this matching ghost pillow door hanger thing at the same price had to come along as well. I shall call him Minnie the Moocher. Animation and jazz nerds chime in if you get the reference. Hedi Hedi Hedi Ho...

This black cat pumpkin reminded me of an owl I once had and sold. I think that's why I'm so excited for Halloween decor this year, now I get to keep it, not sell it!

This adorable ghosts with flickering candle-light mimicking lights were given to me at the flea market.

It had a matching stacked skull variety. I've had them plugged in since late September, the first bits of Halloween to slowly creep into this apartment.

And why not bring home a fifty scent pumpkin basket? I'll think of something to fill it with. Napkins for Halloween party guests? Organic homemade chapsticks at a local art market? The souls of the undead? Extra buckshot to combat the zombie apocalypse hoards? 

These eyeball string light lanterns were free along with the "candles".

I especially like the kitschy lights made of that brittle easily-cracked plastic.

So rare to find these specimens enact, it's the Halloween decor collector's equivalent of unearthing a chest of gold doubloons at the beach with a child's plastic toy shovel. *

I use these mini hay stacks and the fake pumpkin to decorate my table at local markets. They're actually from the dollar store, the hay make a mess every time. When it comes to Halloween I abandon practicality, like a mom enduring an all-day theme park excursion in 5 inch stilettos. Besides, tiny things, I'm powerless - to - resist - them.

I'm going to use these adorable 90s bags to bag the goodies for a class.

 I'm teaching on making all-natural mouthwash, deodorant, toothpaste and dry shampoo. I haven't really marketed that but if you're local and want to attend e-mail me for more info :)

I'll be using these adorable ghost treats bags to bag purchases at local markets and probably mail orders from the online shop too. Although I want to keep each one for myself, because when it comes to Halloween I want to hoard every scrap of it so I can keep its magic nostalgia powers and live forever. That's how it works, right? The tears of all the children upset when the season ends acclimate in every Halloween item infusing it with immortality, so the legend goes.

I'll follow-up with some decorations I've been making too, and at my rate of lucky finding these kitschy creations, maybe with another haul of decorations before the season's up. Although I almost want to lock myself indoors before I buy many decorations that I can start charging admission to my haunted house apartment. Make yourself a vegan pumpkin spice latte, pull up your favorite profanity-laced odes to the season, and start watching those horror movies non-stop. It's Halloween time! Bitches.

*may be hyperbole
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