Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Indie Business Riddle: Which Route to Take, Quantity or Quality? Choose Well.

Inspiration strikes as you look through online shops. "I can do that!" You proclaim as you carve out a cozy niche to hawk your wares. You photograph, list... and wait. Refresh the page. Blink. Rub your eyes. Refresh again. Rinse and Repeat for three days straight. If there were not bites on your freshly hooked merchandise-bait you may have made the common mistake of not listing enough merchandise. HOW MANY should you list, you ask...

All the items forever! Unless you have a strong PR campaign directing the buyers to your store and/or a strong buyer base built-up to allow you to release your items in small, curated batches as a "line" for others to purchase you need as may need hundreds of pieces of merchandise in your online shop!

Likewise, a craftsman, artist, or knowledgeable reseller can sell a smaller amount of items by focusing on keywords, valuable vintage items and demographics, but I think even this type of focused seller can benefit from having lots of items and diversity available.

Here's some advice from long-time online sellers on the subject:

"I think it depends on what you have to sell and the demand for it."  
-Sew Inspired, Blog
"From what I've read regarding etsy... you should list at least 300 items to make sure you're driving enough traffic. Also, you should not do "batch" listings. You should list something everyday. If you do batch listings most of your items just end up unseen. And your keywords are exactly that - KEY! Don't just use the same words from your title.
That's my advice from almost 4 years on etsy (with 2 shops) and 7 (or 8?) on eBay."
-Melissa, Blog
 "It really depends. For the type of items I like to sell on eBay I can COUNT on making a profit of $1 a month per listing OR MORE. My worst months it is still the same. 250 listings= I can count on clearing $250. Most months it is more than that. I will work on getting my number up to 500 by the end of the year and will really be focusing on this shop more in the coming months. "
-Adrienne, Shop

Each item you list is another way for a shopper to find your shop, think of each one as a low-priced ad. Each item listing has the potential to get eyeballs and potential customers. The more, the better.

Look at your online shop. If sales are not where you want them, list more items. Do it. That is my professional opinion.

This is a numbers game, if you want to earn a lot more you need to get more out there. I'm working on getting $5K worth of merchandise into the world right now!

What do you think? Do you have a certain number of items you like to keep in your online shops whether it's eBay or Etsy, vintage or not? Let's discuss in the comments.
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Monday, April 28, 2014

Freshly Curated: A Small Batch of Vintage Goodness from a Small Local Flea Market- The Eyes, My God.


Looks like it's an accidental horror haul this week! Exhausted after an almost no-sleep night I took it easy at the flea market, only investigating a smaller one near my mom's house with mom and my niece in tow. I resisted a lot of my usual suspects and came home with:

I REFUSE to drink anything from this creepy-ass clown mug, holy hell! Two ways to look at it- clearly it's supposed to be his eyes closed laughing with mirth revealing the make-up from lid to brown bone or something? Look at it another way and there are two eyes staring back at you. Huge, slitted, soulless. For sale if you're a clown lover! It's by Otagiri, Japan.

I've sold a set of two of this groovy little 1960s shelves so I couldn't resist another one. I won't mind it looking at me as I work in the meantime, I hung it right above my computer.

My mom found this doll for me at the flea market, not my usual style but I like the colors. Not sure where it's from, anyone have info on this piece?

These Made in Japan adorable dog salt and pepper shakers had to come with me. Love the mod starbust pattern and the original cork stoppers and intact...

The eyes though, no soul, they have no soul! They remind me Rosemary's quote at the end of Rosemary's Baby, "THE god...what have you done to his EYES you MANIACS!!!" I need to glue new gemstone eyes (their original eyes) in there.

And then we have "sheets of death." My mom (she's been doing a lot of thrifting lately, you see) took a box of donations to the nearest Catholic Church thrift store. The nun was examining these sheets asking if they were "sheets of death." Mom helpfully explains that it's "Jack the Pumpkin King." The nun says nothing. My mom explains it's from a movie. "Oh the things kids will get into these days..." the nun trails off.

They're a bit too literal for me if that makes sense, even though Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies of all time. They're for sale if anyone would like them, I have the entire set and it's super lovely.

E-mail me if you'd like to buy anything you see above, it's all for sale!

Did you find anything interesting this weekend? To tell of your thrifting/finding adventures in the comments.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Miami Vice 2: Art Deco Architecture Decay on Miami's South Beach Strip


Don't you love the refresh mind and creative energy that comes with exploring new surroundings? I'm looking through old photos, this time sharing more shots of decaying art deco beauty in Miami's South Beach. I'm planning more trips to explore art museums, architecture, and culture. Travel really is good for the soul, even if it's for a few days. (Also see: Miami Vice 1)

Do you have any kitschy travel planned? I'd love to hear them! I'd love to check out all the sights in Weird Florida and move on to the rest of the US from there...of course sharing unseen/published spaces along the way!
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Busy-Brained Entrepreneur Life-Updates, Confessions, and Thoughts for Improvement


I've got to admit I'm in the midst of some confusing, busy times...but they're incredibly stimulating and rewarding as well. I thought I'd pause for an honest post on the Good and Bad at the moment. Photo above a random shot of me crafting/hanging crap before packing orders and rushing out for a kitchen shift before coming home late in the evening to write early into the morning. Note the eyes- so tired. The background; messy. Gah! 

Good 1) I've Still Got It: Success Applying For Marketing and Writing Gigs

I submitted my resume and writing samples out and already have some freelance marketing and writing gigs lined up. I'm so excited to stretch the marketing muscles again and set clients up with PR, social media, and content marketing strategies. A recent quote from a potential new hire means a lot coming from an entrepreneur of his caliber; WalMart is one of his clients:

I'm Impressed. Like, you have me wowed. And I've lived in Austin & San Francisco so I'm comparing you with the talent over there.

Good 2) I Started My Back-To-School Process and Qualify For Grants

Thanks all for your honest feedback on my last to college or not discussion. I'm attempting a school come-back! My grants look very promising and I'm excited to continue to get through school for free or close to it.

Now to decide between journalism and photojournalism- so hard to choose between two loves! It's like robots and dinosaurs--- don't make me choose!  Leaning toward photojournalism.

I feel happy to have a direction and path with it and sincerely want to use the knowledge I'll gain from it to make connections and land positions that will help as many people as possible. I want to work harder on woman's/animal right, whole living, and of course, creative/art causes. I want to make a big impact!

Good 3) Making Friends, Going Out, Exploring, Letting Go

I've been making new friends, getting outside as much as possible again and exploring new things: vital for the future of a writer/creator and just good for the soul in general. I've also let go on perfection on bit - not striving to complete as much, not worrying if a blog post isn't done on time or perfect (more on that below) and other work-related things I tend to punish myself by staying inside for if they're not completed. I have many trips, festivals, work-out classes, and bike rides planned already!


Bad 1) Hard to Check in on my Antique Mall Booth

It's just torture to try to get to my antique mall booth to switch it out with all the other balls I'm juggling. I also lost my price tag stamp and I'm waiting for on the new one to be shipped in from the UK. The energy runs out there but I'm trying to get back on this, it's a personal goal of mine to brand out my upcoming new booth and make it as fully stocked and beautiful as possible. Actually, my Etsy shop could use some loving too.

Bad 2) My List Isn't Anywhere Near Complete

I only have a few days left to make a dent in my 15 Crazy Goals list, time to get cracking today and tomorrow, ah!

Bad 3) Decision Paralysis Continues to Plague Me

I want to 1) Be way ahead on blog posts 2) have my sponsored banner/business cards finished 3) Have planned guest posts completed 5) Change the "Thrift Core" business/blog name...

but decision paralysis neurosis bullcrap is making it so incredibly difficult. I want it all to look good, read right and receive good feedback and it's really holding me back. Sometimes I want to turn off comments because I compare posts that have a lot to posts that have fewer and less comments can sometimes make me feel like I didn't succeed with my post, but I leave them on to encourage me to strive harder with my content.

There are always going to be ups-and-downs and we strive to improve our lives. Confusion, anxiety, paralysis, nervousness, fear, insecurity, being a broke bohemian (formerly decently-paid writer) barely being paid for hours put in- I'm experiencing a lot! Yet two nights ago I had a vivid dream that all the insecurities were shed, I was in New York City confidently strutting into my dream writing job in a sleek urban high rise. I'll continue to channel dream-me's confidence, it's been working wonders thus far.

Tag, you're it: What are three good and three bad things going on in your life? Would love for us to vent in the comments. And of course, would love any suggestions on improving my neurosis, too. Would you like a once a week and/or once a week business-behind-the-scenes update posts?
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Vintage Walls of Curiosities: Your Exotic... and Erotic Trinket Display Muses

Beautiful woman, stylish men, sexy dens and shelves stocked with exotic trifles- for erotic trifles; these advertisements selling the swinging sixties bachelor life are my main muse at the moment. Discovered in a batch of commercial furnishing magazines from the late 1960s and early 1970s. The styling combines careful minimalism with collector's style, it's warm and inviting. Stimulating and inspiring.

"Oh, the Tribal Masks? Acquired on my last African Safari..along with 'Darlene' here and this dandy ruffled shirt. She's just a mannequin, but I don't mind."

These installations epitomize cozy. They're a warm mug of tea on a rainy day, an afternoon with a pile of your magazines in an over-stuffed book store. Organized wunderkammer clutter feels personal and safe, I'm excited to bring this vibe to my expanded antique mall booth and different corners of my apartment.

Actual Ad Copy: The Whaling Wall... it houses the collection of nautical objects d'art, belonging to Captain H.J. (He's the swinging scion of a notable shipbuilding family that dates back to the great whaling days of yore. Most of the items in his collection are quite old and costly.... Except for Stehanie. She's not old.) It fulfills all (or, at least most of) the good captain's needs...includes a planning guide to help you get your clients started on collecting their own objects d'art. Both old and young

More Scandalous Ad Copy. Who Wrote This, Rodger Sterling?: (Mr. Wu is the young swinger-about-town and heir apparent to a chain of elegant Chinese bistros. He's also a noted collector of Chinese objects d' art. And a connoisseur of delicious Chinese dishes. Like the one draped over his left shoulder.)
I enjoy the hilarious implication that successful bachelors only collect and display objects d' art to attract tasty young dishes, but beyond that I enjoy what a home with meaningful objects on display says about the owner at-a-glance. Ample wood paneling doesn't hurt, either. Hey, I've got a house loaded with stuff, where's my arm candy? Oh, can't have one because I don't have sleek installations by System Cado? Well, damn...

You know you want these sexy shelves, every thrifter/collector needs them! It's a lifelong hunter's dream to find/make my own like 'em...
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to Eat Raw Vegan on the Cheap: Discount Shopping Tips + Closing Reminder

I wanted to wrap up this Raw Vegan re-cap series with a quick chat about adding more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds to your diet on the cheap-- and why it's worth the extra expense versus eating processed food to save money. We're not discount machines,  you are worth the extra expense for quality food! And it tastes better too, win/win. You can eat healthy for less, here are some suggestions for saving:

Clockwise: greens and herbs from my garden, bulk discounts at a nearby farmer's market, veggies and freebies from my kitchen job, and cutting delicious veggies at the kitchen job. Instagram shots.

Gardening: Join a community garden, a community shared agriculture group (CSA) or check out your local farmer's market.

Buy in Bulk: Buy in Bulk as often as possible for the bulk discounts, freeze any excess if you fear fruits or veggies going rancid.

Buy Frozen: A great way to save on bulk fruits, veggies, and berries. You can stock up for your smoothies or other dishes and keep it all fresh.

Volunteer: Some community gardens, farms, kitchens and more will offer food in exchange for money. Stamp a "Will Work for Food" sign on me, I'm very easily food motivated!

Work Discount: I get a discount on meals and bulk grocery items at my part time kitchen job. If you're in the market for a new part of full time job, perhaps consider one with a farmer's market, CSA, natural grocery store or anywhere that can translate to food savings? FOOD for thought, ho ho ho, my puns are amazing...

Skip Organic: Organic is preferable of course, but don't sweat it if you can't. It's better to have non-organic fruits and veggies than none at all!

Skip "Superfoods": I love to experiment with them but they're not necessary, save money and skip them if necessary.

Food Vulture: Whenever someone offers free veggies (excess from their garden, food the kitchen was going to throw out, perhaps) I swoop in for the kill. No shame. I always find a way to use and eat it.

Feel free to e-mail if you have any other suggestions for eating on the cheap- or questions on being raw vegan, vegan, vegetarian, or just healthier at all. It's not easy for me to continue this series because from a business/blogging perspective I see my blog visits and comments take a big hit. My favorite part of blogging is the interaction and feedback with readers so it sucks to feel like I'm proselytizing on a deserted island sometimes.

I know the majority of readers skip these posts, but on the flip side I've had people stop me on while I'm out and about to tell me my posts have made them healthier and incorporate more freshness into their lives and their children's lives. (And of course, some grateful e-mails, too!) I'm glad to spread the hippie influence. I wanted to finish this series to answer the common questions and have a nice backdrop for reference for when/if I decide to continue sharing recipes.

/Comments Off

The Raw Vegan 101 Series: 
Part 1) What is it and Why is it Good for You? + Another Raw Info Post
Part 2) My Raw Routines and Tips to Stick to It
Part 3) 
Essential Raw Vegan Tools, Books, and Resources 
Part 4) Pantry Staples for Creating any Dish you Crave Rawfully
Part 5) Adding More Raw Healthfulness to Your Diet On-The-Cheap (You are here)
Extra) Straightening Out Misconceptions and My True Mission

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Friday, April 18, 2014

MODify: Make Your Own Easy Game Board Shelves 3 Ways, DIY Simple Shelving

Let's go back to a popular first world childhood dilemma. You're bored with pals, enjoying that luxurious free time you had no idea would be scant in adult years, and decide to bust out the board games to alleviate boredom. Lo and behold, you can't play because half the pieces are missing. Gremlins take them in the night, I tell you, because I have never had all of my game pieces remain intact. (Save for my precious Transformers Monopoly, naturally.) So what to do with the beautiful game boards now that you can't play? Turn them into sexy shelves!

There are three ways to approach this. 1) Attach your L Brackets to the wall, then balance your game boards on top. NOT very professional but it does work and doesn't damage potentially valuable old boards.

2) Attach your L brackets to the wall (opposite way that they're attached in the photos, "upside down") and glue your boards to the brackets! Choose a strong adhesive like E600 or hot glue. You can also use strong double-sided tape (3M makes double-sided tape that won't hurt the walls, I have it pictured in the last photo, the green/white roll) to attach them.

3) Instead of just placing your boards atop the L brackets you can nail the top of the boards to the wall, attach them to the wall with double sided tape, or use a picture hanging kit on the backs of the boards. You can attach the base to the L brackets with more glue or even attach a piece of wood for more stability.

Whatever method you choose, I'd make sure to stage these with lighter-items only! No breakables. This is not the spot to perch your bowling ball collection, clearly. I made my shelves from G.I. Joe and Mad Magazine game boards I found at the flea market last weekend. The project cost $6.00 total! (The L brackets were .25 cents each on clearance at IKEA.) It really balances out the other corner of my "office" space for the moment (until I install a wall-o-shelves, can't wait) and goes with my playful home aesthetic. Fun times, now to make a million more!

Dig through your closets to find game boards with missing pieces or keep an eye out for them, they're always popping up at flea markets and thrift stores!
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pantry Staples: Spices and Condiments for Creating any Dish you Crave Healthfully

I've been cooking mostly healthy vegan and "raw" for 2.5 to 3 years at home and for over a year professionally in a raw vegan kitchen* and I've learned a bout how keeping your pantry stocked for making any dish you crave along the way. This is a great guide for anyone just trying to incorporate more home cooking into their life, too. Print and use it as a shopping list next time you're out. I like to buy herbs in bulk from places like Whole Foods and Native Sun (local) but Mountain Rose Herbs has excellent selection and quality herbs and spices as well.

An earnest peek at some pantry staples in-use in my kitchen right now. Spices above mixed with my roomie's meat marinates. Not a discriminative household! All kinds of cooking going on in here.

* Make sure all the nuts and seeds you use are raw, untoasted, and unprocessed. We like to soak them for at least a couple hours to remove the enzyme inhibitors, start the germination process and make them easier to blend and work with but it's not necessary, 

Nuts: Buy 'em in bulk by the pound at Whole Foods if you have one near your or order in bulk to save money. I don't keep all of the nuts below in my fridge myself, I just buy in bulk as needed and store them in glass jars in my fridge until they're needed. You can freeze them to keep them safe as well.

* Almonds, * Brazil nuts, * Cashews, * Shredded Coconut, * Pecans, * Sunflowers Seeds, * Walnuts, * Pine Nuts

Seeds: Again, easy to buy these by-the-pound in bulk as needed from a health food store near you. I'll comparison shop online and see what websites offer the best deals on delivering bulk nuts, seeds, and spices. I want to work with people to provide national discount bulk nuts, seed, herb and spice shipment options- you game for that? E-mail me! I can't prove we should do it without proving the need.

* Chia, * Buckwheat groats, * Hemp Seeds/Nuts, * Pumpkin Seeds, * Quinoa, * Sesame Seeds, * Sunflower Seeds, * Wild Rice

Dried Fruit: Many delicious raw deserts will call for dried fruit- and they're wonderful to snack on when you're traveling. You can also buy and order these in bulk.

*Cacao powder and nibs, * carob powder, * cranberries, * dates, * mangoes, * raisins, * sun-dried tomatoes

Oils: You can also buy oils in bulk (bring your own glass jars) at some health food stores. These add creaminess and flavor to a lot of healthy recipes. Sesame is a must for a lot of Asian dishes. Store your cold-pressed oils in the fridge to keep them from spoiling.

* Coconut oil, * olive oil (extra-virgin, cold-pressed if possible), * Sesame oil

Sea Vegetables (optional): We rarely use these in our kitchen but sea veggies are full of minerals and iodine and if you enjoy sea food (like I did!) they're delicious. Bonus points for being crazy low-calorie and thyroid/metabolism regulating. These veggies are bought dried, soaking them in water reconstitutes them. I love kelp noodles for pad thai and asian noodle dishes, nori for wraps, and we use irish moss as a thickener.

* Kelp noodles, * nori sheets (can be raw or toasted- toasted is much easier to find), * wakame, * irish moss

Sweeteners: I prefer stevia (preferably green powdered but use the white powder as well), it's zero calorie and doesn't register in your body as sugar at all. It should be the only sugar alternative versus the unhealthy aspartame filled Sweet N Low style varieties. The syrups below are natural and lower-glycemic, but the best sugar for us is straight from ripe fruit.

* Agave Syrup, * Brown Rice Syrup, * Maple Syrup (B grade), * Stevia Powder (pref. green unprocessed powder. You'll likely have to order it online.)

Spices: This is what really transforms a raw, vegan, or healthful dish into a dish resembling flavors you remember from your favorite foods. I assure you, you can make any dish you crave "more healthy" and still flavorful if you're using the right spices. These are my go-tos.

Middle Eastern/Mediterranean: Sala, Cumin, Paprika, Curry Powder
Mexican: Chili Powder, Chipotle Powder, Cayenne
Italian: Oregano, Rosemary, Ground Black Pepper, Sage, Basil, Thyme
Savory: Onion Powder, Ground Black Pepper, Himalayan pink sea salt
Deserts: Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Vanilla (powder, alcohol-free extract, and beans), Ginger & Stevia Powder, Cocao and/or Carob Powder

Herbs: Fresh herbs aren't necessary but they can really make a difference in a dish. These are my go-to favorites. Use these as a guide for planting some herb seeds perhaps? I love picking herbs right from the garden and adding them to dishes.

Italian: Flat Leaf Parsley, Basil, Sage, Oregano
Middle Eastern: Curly Parsley, Spearmint, Cilantro/Culantro
Mexican: Cilantro, Oregano
Other Favorites: Chives, Green Onion

Condiments: These keep indefinitely in your fridge. I personally will cut the amount of salt in a recipe when I make it these days but it's nice to have nama shoyu or Bragg Liquid Aminos on-hand for flavor. Nama Shoyu is simply a raw, unpasturized soy sauce and Bragg Liquid Aminos is gluten-free, salty and similar to soy sauce but with a slightly different flavor. Try both and see what works for you. Miso is a fermented, cultured, salty food that adds soupy or "asian" flavor to a lot of dishes. Nutritional yeast is cheesy, delicious and full of B Vitamins.

* Apple cider vinegar, * bragg liquid aminos, * miso (unpasturized, preferably white), * nama shoyu, * nutritional yeast.

*I Used Ani's Raw Food Essentials and my experience working as a raw vegan chef as my guide. Great book!

* The raw vegan kitchen I work in part time, by the way is Shakti Life Kitchen. We deliver our food to almost every health food store in town, we're not a restaurant. Check out the deli of Native Sun and Grassroots to try the amazingly delicious food! You can also order dishes for delivery to your door. They're only local, sorry the tease! Just answering a frequently asked question. I can't share recipes from the kitchen, either but they do have a lot of delicious ones on their website. Nope, not paid to share any of this.

* Final Note, again, I'm not a stickler for being fully raw or organic. I just like to share ideas and information that help people live healthier. I had good results and want others to as well.

The Raw Vegan 101 Series: 
Part 1) What is it and Why is it Good for You?
 + Another Raw Info Post
Part 2) My Raw Routines and Tips to Stick to It
Part 3) 
Essential Raw Vegan Tools, Books, and Resources 
Part 4) Pantry Staples for Creating any Dish you Crave Rawfully (You are Here)
Part 5) Adding More Raw Healthfulness to Your Diet On-The-Cheap (April 22)

Extra) Straightening Out Misconceptions and My True Mission

Got any pantry staples/tips to share? I didn't include it but I do eat popcorn when I'm busy, not ideal but high in fiber, at least. Would a discount bulk nut/spice/health food staple service be something you'd use? Let me know, you gotta speak up if you want it.
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What I Didn't Buy at The Flea Market: A Human Skull, Anyone? Yes Indeed.


The day was appropriately sultry and grimy the first time I got to thoroughly examine a real human skull; who's flesh once covered these bones the world may never know. The flea market vendor claims to be a medical assistant and explained that the sell of human skulls is legal if they're used for medical use only. He bought the one above for $200 from his teacher and is attempting to sell it for more (likely $600ish) on eBay.

The seller, in his cargo cut-off army camouflage pants, wife-beater, tats and thick south-eastern accent doesn't look anything like the picture of a medical assistant but when out in my colorful sundresses (hunting uniform) I don't look like a person with action figure collections that can nearly recite the 1986 "Transformers the Movie" either. You never know.

Instead of questioning further I relished an opportunity to examine the remains; turned it, felt the heft and texture, made a mental apology to whatever special person this was (one that never imagined his skull would end up here in front of your eyes- hopefully not a murderer), snap photos, and leave with a renewed appreciation for the unique wunderkammer wonderland that is Florida thrifting.

You never know what you're going to find.
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Thrift Haul: Flea Market Temptations. Owls and other Groovy 1970s Knick Knacks.


I'm still trying to resist much hunting while I work on everything else on my epic list but the weather is so deliciously warm again I'm finding any excuse to be outside for as long as possible...damn you flea markets! So overwhelming, so much good stuff to attempt to leave behind! This was one of my first big hauls in a while:

First, a creepy clown! I'm a fan of them only for their kitsch and horror movie value. Clowns still freak me out. Just a tad. Would not like this face creeping out from under my bed to say the least. -------->>> On Etsy

This adorable little poodle earring holder also had to come with me, I was assured its vintage but it's so new-looking it looks modern. -------->>> On Etsy

This similar bear. Found them at the flea market with a little lot of vintage jewelry. They're adorable as a pair, may need to list them as such. -------->>> On Etsy

Hello owl! Had to scoop up this dramatic eye-lashed owl. Adorable guy to hang around. -------->>> On Etsy

This adorable kokeshi doll-style kimono wearing pin was from the same vendor who had the earring stands. I shall definitely enjoy this one until it's purchased. Damn all the photos in today's post are not of the caliber I'd like at all! I rushed them before I ran out of daylight. Some will get re-shoots. -------->>> On Etsy
And damn this whale ash tray. I went back and forth on it, tried to leave this beauty behind but my love of aquatic creatures wouldn't let me. Makes a fun conversation piece. -------->>> On Etsy
Owls don't sell as well as they used to but oh well, maybe I was feeling nostalgic for this style of owl? I used to scoop them up often. -------->>> On Etsy
I bought these with the intention of perhaps eventually painting but I dunno, I like these in their original form. Will wait on that. -------->>> On Etsy

I've bought and sold a couple of spice cabinets like these before, never one with the full set of awesome spice jars inside! -------->>> On Etsy
And hm...about this Scorpion guy. Certainly the type of horribly gaudy thing I try to avoid now-a-days but the  price was right and it was so strange.... -------->>> On Etsy

The same vendor had this kitschy mushroom clock for a steal. Everything in this post was a steal, that's why I try to avoid the flea markets these days! Too hard to leave the less-than-perfect stuff behind when it's dirt cheap. -------->>> On Etsy

And this radio, another thing I tried to leave behind. (Theme of this post.) Probably the best find of the day since I'm trying to stick to items from this era. -------->>> On Etsy

I also tried to walk away from this gorgeous, light (I only buy light easy-to-move pieces, I do this alone and want furniture-moving to be easy) mod side table but when he went down on the price I had to scoop it up. If you're local let me know if you'd like it, it'll be going to my Southern Crossing antique mall space soon.

The coolest part- a drawer doesn't pull out, instead the top lifts up. Very sexy piece! Sorry for the swiftly written post, it was half-finished by 2AM and finished-up by 9AM. Right now I have an hour left to tackle some items on my to-do list before rushing to a called-in vegan kitchen shift. Busy! But I enjoy staying kinetic.

Buy It. You Know You Want it.... All of these items will be listed online (or ebay or Etsy) soon (will update with links) if you'd like to buy anything you see PLEASE do e-mail me! Get it all away from me! Halp!

Did you find anything interesting this weekend? To tell of your thrifting/finding adventures in the comments.

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