Monday, April 30, 2012

Thrift Haul: Triumphant "Return" to Hardcore Thrifting


My triumphant return to thrifting was successful. I hit up the flea market and a few thrift stores to yield a spectacular haul of delicious vintage wares! I even found a few things I'd been lusting on for years. But don't worry, everything here is for sale. Just e-mail me if you'd like to purchase anything pictured.

These green-topped bar stools were my first furniture purchase in a long while. I may paint the legs silver or bright orange...or try to sell them as is. They've been helpful at the home since I don't have enough seating for everyone at parties.

 This portable coffee set was a fine find for the coffee fiend. It comes with an adapter that plugs into your car so you have a coffee fix on-the-go!

Bazooka Bubble Gum bucket! I got it for pocket change at the pound store, kept trying to put it back but my love of bold colors and graphic design won out in the end.

This is the third thermos of this kind I've purchased, and the vintage drink mixer satisfies my barware fetish nicely.

Sweet and summery, I've been trying avoid most vintage artwork these days but scooped up this fruit still-life anyway.

More lovely stackable mugs in a pleasant orange color. Loving the squirrel planter, it's already in Southern Crossing and planted with succulents!

I love the lines and pattern of these air-tight jars. I was on the prowl for more of these anyway to store my bulk food stock. I had to pair them with the Super Mario Brothers Bob-omb, they remind me of 80s arcade vintage fun.

And Bomb-omb is back to show off another nifty bar novelty. The clubs are drink stirrers and the caddy comes with a bottle opener. I can imagine Don Draper receiving this one for a gift...and promptly stabbing someone in the eye with the sharp part for his sick kicks. And Don Draper will get away with it because police won't arrest such a sexy man! I like this toy.

Robot comics! Oh, happy day. I'm definitely going to scan and print many of these pages for crafting projects.

They are filled with bold robot glory, there's a treasure on every page.

This coin bank elephant is playful and covered with a soft, downy felt. I love its eyes, so whimsical.

This Barbie-Doll pink book stood out in a bin at the pound store. I love all the fun crafty ideas and the radiant retro glory of it all.

The inside is stuffed with wonderful photos and illustrations. If only I had time to scan each one. Speaking of books...

I found a delicious set of children's books and coloring books, some from back in the 30s! They're in excellent shape, I love the colors on the covers. I may have to do a follow up post with details on each one, if I got into it now this post would stretch into infinity.

I must show off the inside of the Mrs. Henny Ben book, though. A book I've lusted for since I flipped through it at a pricey antique store. The large textured pages are shockingly vibrant, and the fluid thoroughly 30s style recalls our favorite classic American cartoons.

My cup obsession continues. This is quite an incomplete set, but the shapes and colors sold me.

I love to make picnic basket sets and stick them in the shop, so I scooped up this large picnic basket for a song.

And I'm really enamored by the faux wood grain goodness of this metal basket. It's filled up with goodies and stuffed in the shop, but if it doesn't sell soon I might have to keep it for displaying robot toys. Or use it to pot-up a robot filled succulent still life...

I rarely buy accessories, but this hat! It was too dapper to leave behind.

Now, now, Mr. Owl. Don't be modest. You're one Dapper, sexy beast.

With this new addition I have seven mushroom jars in-stock now! I'm not having luck selling them but I'll scoop them up every time! Love 'em.

As you can tell from these moody photos my apartment is filled with the blinding light of 10,000 bright shining suns! It's interesting experimenting with different ways to take photos in here as I settle in.

Welp, back to work with me, as you can tell from yesterday's goal list I have a busy work week ahead of me! Remember, if you see anything you like in these haul posts you can e-mail me and I'll make a good deal for you!

So Tell Me: What did you find this weekend?

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Goals 17 & 18: Work, work, harder than ever!

You may have noticed that I didn't post a Sunday Goals post last week. There's a simple explanation for that, internet in my entire area was down I was abducted by Autobot leader Optimus Prime to help him fight against the evil Deceptacons! True Story! But now that I'm back from Cybertron, it's time to get back to work!

Even Yuko is here to watch me work and make funny faces on me. Go, go Team Thrift Core!

Actually, considering I've been on another planet for so long my to-do list is the same as the last sunday goal list, here's what I plan to accomplish:

1. Finish unpacking every single box.
2. Organize all of the stuff I've yet to sell into Craigslist/Shop/Etsy categories.
3. Complete 3 table DIYs I had in mind. (Back burner for the moment...)
4. Complete 2 Chalkboard DIYs I had in mind.
5. Set up my home office and general home settling-in fun.

Try to...

6. Photograph everything that's going on to Etsy
7. List everything on Etsy
8. Photograph and list may of the things I'm getting rid of and list them on Craigslist.
9. Branding work and brainstorming
10. Getting ahead on blog posts
11. Switch out everything in my antique store booths and revamp them.

Work, work, work! Now that I'm mostly unpacked I'm motivated to hit it! What Are Your Goals This Week?

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Thrift Core Status Report: Behind the Scenes at Headquarters

Can you believe it's nearly May!? It feels like this year just started yet it's already so close to being half-over. I'm hard at work settling in here at my new apartment, plotting to open a shop, and get caught-up on everything else!

I have exciting recipes, DIYs, thrifting/blog tips, funny bits and much more scheduled for May. I'll have a few fun radio and other special interviews to share with you, too! It's a great time to Advertise on Thrift Core. No banner? No prob, I'll make one for you. And you can grill me on marketing tips or anything else :) Just contact me if you have any question.

For now, I must rush back to unpacking, taking photos, and tagging things for a big Antique Store re-haul. See you soon for Sunday Goals and I'll be back on Monday with a huge haul of sexy thrift finds!
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vintage Knick-Knack Painting Tips for the Impatient Crafter


Painting vintage knick-knacks and other thrifted finds is a hot new trend. I typically like the original vintage colors, but a fresh coat of paint revitalizes a find. It comes in handy if you want to cover chips or for selling an item that's been sitting on the shelves for too long.

Here are tips for painting vintage knick-knacks for the impatient bastard crafter!:

1. Use spray paint. Pick any brand, but use a primer.

Any brand of spray paint you use will do the trick, just make sure you apply a nice solid white base coat to help the colors pop and prevent and bleed-through of the original color.

2. I skip the sanding, so should you!

What can I say, I'm an impatient crafter. I'm not going to sit around sanding knick-knacks for hours. Primer usually does the trick.

3. Be mindful of the colors you choose.

Some colors like yellow and light green can be a nightmare. They apply thinly and take multiple coats to come out right. If you're impatient like me, choose bold vibrant colors which are usually a thicker consistency.

Painting vintage is less daunting than it may seem. It's cheap, fun, and easy. What I love about painting thrifted finds is that there's no guilty if you mess it up, you can't "make mistakes" with cheap or free finds! Experiment with your thrift finds and see what works for you!

How do you paint your vintage finds? What do you like better, painted or un-painted scores?
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vintique Homes Giveaway: Sexy Vintage Dinosaur Books!


Jeremiah of the awesome dinosaur toy and classy vintage filled shop Vintique Homes is offering another giveaway that's after my own dark, crispy little heart. I have a science book fetish, and this Life Special Edition for Young Readers, The World We Live In is perfection. 

This book is jam-packed with gorgeous illustrations to entice young minds- or children at heart. It's sturdy, hard cover, and the perfect edition to a book, science, or dinosaur lover's collection! You know you want it....

To Enter This Delicious Book Giveaway:

1. If You have Twitter, Follow vintiquehomes
2. Otherwise, visit the Vintique Homes Etsy shop and tell me what your favorite item in the shop is in the comments of this post!
3. Leave Your E-mail in the comment so I can contact you if you win.

For Extra Entries: Leave a separate comment for each action you perform so they count as extra entries. Don't forget to include that e-mail address!

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Snail Giveaway Winner: Rob of the awesome blog knitxcore is the winner of my Snail Giveaway! I've e-mailed you to gather your address!

I will announce the contest winner here on the blog on April 24, 2012! So check back then. Vintique Home is a Thrift Core Sponsor. Please drop me a line if you're interested in becoming a Thrift Core Sponsor!
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Thrift Haul: A Family of Owl and More Vintage Goodness

I made my triumphant return to the flea market on a wet and rainy Sunday. Most of my usual vendors were "rained out," but I managed to bring home a quality haul of vintage regardless. It was definitely worth the treks through muddy earth!

My favorite find is the vintage lunch bag. It came with two thermoses and a lunch box. I found it at an estate sale where it was one of the few affordable scores.

I love the masculine vibe of the set and the anchor pattern on each thermos. I'm selling the whole set for $15.00 today, e-mail me if you'd like it!

These vintage Florida souvenir plates were an interesting score. A couple are a little rusted, but that kind of rustic character tends to turn around quickly at the antique store. We'll see soon enough!

Yuko wants ALL of the owls! I love this "family" of little owl trivets. These are perfect for tea or coffee with friends; there's enough to provide each friend with a little table-protecting owl trivet for their cups and the big owl could be used for the pot!

I'm making this owl set today's "daily deal" and setting the price at $15.00 for the whole family. Please e-mail me if interested in them.

It's been a while since I did it big and hit up many thrifts to score ample finds. I think after my office is completely unpacked I'll have to schedule a big-time hunt with some reseller pals! But until then, back to work unpacking with me...

So Tell Me: What did you find this weekend?

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Thrifters Around the World: Bianca's Thrifting Adventures in Tasmania!


I've been a fan of Bianca's fun cute artsy-vintage blog Goodnight Little Spoon since I found it three years ago at work looking for photos of Legos for a project! Bianca's an Australian expatriate thrifter with tons of cute vintage, so I had to ask her about what it's like to thrift in Tasmania. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Bianca.

Hi there. I am a 22-year old contemporary arts student currently residing in lovely Launceston, Tasmania. I love making collages, thrifting, vintage clothes, riding my bike, playing with my cats and blogging. I'd like to become a primary school teacher but in the mean time I am your friendly supermarket checkout girl.

When and why did you start thrifting?

My mum always inspired a sense of the three R's in me (reuse, recycle, reduce) as a child. She was a single parent and we were poor, and although it didn't really occur to me at the time, almost all of our furniture, clothes and toys were thrifted or second-hand. She has a knack for finding great second-hand items repurposing things. Our favourite 'opshop' was a huge warehouse type place, run by one old lady and it used to feel like the place where all the treasures lived. There has always been a normalcy and necessity to op-shopping for me. When I was about three or four, my mum would buy amazing old second-hand children's dresses, give them a bit of a spruce, and while the other children wore pilly tracksuits to pre-school, I'd be in beautiful vintage gowns. I still thrift avidly. The feeling after having thrifted that perfect item far rivals the feeling of buying anything new. Thrifting is my feel-good thing to do. I always feel better after a day out opshopping even if I come home empty handed.

What do you think makes thrifting in Australia different than thrifting in the United States or other places in the world?

I'm yet to dip my toes into international thrifting - watch out!

What are the names for "thrifting" in Australia? Any special nick names?

I think it's pretty standard to call it 'op-shopping' in Australia. Or perhaps 'second hand shopping'. Thrifting is a fun term for it, though it's not widely used here.

You've lived in both Newcastle Australia and Tasmania, are there any differences in the thrifting/second hand/art culture in these areas?

Both have their high points and low points when it comes to thrifting. Both are great hives of creativity with amazing art scenes. Newcastle is not too far from the state capital, Sydney and often has it's opshops trawled over by Sydney-siders for reselling in their (pricey) Sydney vintage shops. Many bargains are still to be had there though. Opshops in Tasmania are always full of people, but I don't think 'vintage' has taken off here the way it has on the mainland, so there are some real treasures to be found. Prices for second hand items on the mainland were probably a tad higher.

Is there a stigma against second-hand shopping in Newcastle or Tasmania? Is it seen as something dirty or something for low-income families?

Not that I've noticed actually. Opshops are pretty abundant in Australia and are filled with people from all walks of life. I don't think I've actually ever met anyone who had a bad word to say about opshops!

Are there any flea markets in Tasmania? What are they like?

Nearby to where I live the biggest and best market would be the Evandale Markets. Lots of clothes, books and second hand homewares can be found there and they have a great indoor section full of handpicked vintage goodies. I love to pore over the papergoods in there - postcards, old ration books, retro magazines, etc. There are other smaller markets nearby that get very junk-y - the kind of stuff that opshops probably wouldn't take in. In the South of the state, in Hobart, are the Saturday Salamanca Markets which you need at least 3 hours to properly peruse - they are amazing. I love a good second-hand market and Tasmania's offerings are pretty good.


Is there a large thrift and craft culture in Tasmania?

I think so. Tasmania is full of crafty, interesting, thrifty folk and most of the people I go to university with thrift on at least a monthly basis.

What are thrift stores like in Tasmania?

Thrift stores in Tasmania are really interesting to me because it is an island state and I like to see what has made it over to the island over the ages and what was really popular. Opshops are a really interesting cross section of local culture and to me they're kind of like little museums for the unwanted and unappreciated. In Tasmania, I don't think vintage has peaked in the same way that it has on the mainland, so I have found some amazing things I definitely wouldn't have elsewhere, just based on the fact that I'm the only one looking for them! One awesome thing about Tasmanian opshops is that the Savlos here do 20% off every Wednesday for students.

Where is your favorite place in the World to Thrift?

Well, my favourite place to thrift in Tasmania is the Youngtown Mission Shop. It has an extensive section of antiques and collectibles sorted by colour. I often just go there to window shop! My other favourite, for the same reasons, in Newcastle, is the Centennial Centre - a huge warehouse space full of 20-something little vintage clothes and homeware stalls. It's dreamy, believe me!

What's your favorite thing to collect from thrift stores?

Framed art, interesting fabrics and linen, papergoods, good records and clothing accessories.

I love your collages, art pieces, and mail art. Do your supplies, materials, and even inspirations come from thrift stores/op-shops/second-hand shops?

They definitely do. I collect magazines, playing cards, photos, postcards, stickers, record covers and books from thrift stores for my collaging and mail art. I find things that are far more unique and interesting than if I bought them brand new. Also, I just feel inspired by thrift stores in general. I like to think about the histories of the objects within - the lives they've had, the stories attached to them. I love finding inscriptions in old books and old photographs for that reason.

You find amazing vintage dresses, where do you hunt for them, and what are you tips for finding them?

Clothes shopping at opshops can be labour intensive with little reward - but I have had some big wins. I find that if I browse the aisles with colour and pattern in mind, I tend to find things that aren't necessarily prefect, but that can be altered or turned into something new. Opshops here have 'retro/fancy dress' sections, which rarely contain the goodies - they're usually hidden deep on the racks. I am lucky to have some great vintage clothes stores in Launceston (Cinty's and Nanna's) which take the hassle out of poring through opshop racks, but I still like to go hunting. I think the main tip I'd give for any kind of opshopping is to make a list of the kinds of things you'd like to find, and look in the sections you might find them in. Be really thorough, give yourself at least half an hour for each store. I am of the mind that there's always something hiding in there for me, I just need to unearth it!

* * *

  If you would like to be featured in Thrifters Around the World, shoot me an e-mail.  I would love to interview you and chat about thrifting where you live.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The New Thrift Core Headquarters: A Peek at my new Apartment


I guilted over my choice to select this large two bedroom apartment for days. I got an amazing deal, but I was looking for the cheapest, smallest place possible as per my thriftiest year ever goals.

In the end, this larger apartment is the thriftier choice! I'm writing off a portion of the rent because I'm using so much of the apartment as work space. With the deductions (see my reseller tax tips) I'm paying less than I did before for a more functional living and working space! I'm already sleeping better now that I'm not constantly tripping over boxes of art supplies and merchandise! This new apartment is good for my soul!

I'll show you the other half of the apartment soon! I'd love to know about where you work and live! Spill!
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