Friday, April 27, 2012

Thrift Core Status Report: Behind the Scenes at Headquarters

Can you believe it's nearly May!? It feels like this year just started yet it's already so close to being half-over. I'm hard at work settling in here at my new apartment, plotting to open a shop, and get caught-up on everything else!

I have exciting recipes, DIYs, thrifting/blog tips, funny bits and much more scheduled for May. I'll have a few fun radio and other special interviews to share with you, too! It's a great time to Advertise on Thrift Core. No banner? No prob, I'll make one for you. And you can grill me on marketing tips or anything else :) Just contact me if you have any question.

For now, I must rush back to unpacking, taking photos, and tagging things for a big Antique Store re-haul. See you soon for Sunday Goals and I'll be back on Monday with a huge haul of sexy thrift finds!
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