Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Goals Week 14: Launching, Up & Away, Get 'Em!

 One of my favorite booths at the Ramona flea market from today. Ed rocks, he's funny.

 1.) Install Windows 7 and Back up all files- no excuses. Do eeet. 2.) List all the itmes I set aside to get rid of on Craigslist. 3.) Mop, Sweep, Dust, and Scrub the house! Clean, clean! 4.) List everything in the house on Etsy/Craigslist- move it! 5.) Get back to working on a different task every hour all day to stay productive. 6.) Prep for the big group yard sale in front of Treasure House this Saturday.

It's April Fools Day and I can't help but inform you that my electronics situation has pulled the ultimate prank. I have a Black Angel of Death that follows me. I have the worst luck, so many machines have died on me. I've most likely lost thousands of words, photos from around the world, and hours of work. If posting on Thrift Core seems rushed and disjointed, that's why: I've lost dozens (hundreds?) of photos and many hours of blog post prep and I'm struggling to play catch-up and re-do lots of ideas. What hurts the most is losing photos from Japan and my various wacky travels... but what can I do but move forward and take hundreds more photos and have many more adventures?

I think I'll start with pie. I must conclude this post quickly to indulge in a raw food pie I spent two hours making. Pie makes everything better. Always.

Goals for April 1 to April 8:

1. Take hundreds of pictures and get that Etsy shop up THIS WEEK. No excuses.
2. Down to 2 apartments. Pick the winner, do necessary prep for the move.
3. ALL the crap I want gone (that's not already donated) on Craigslist.
4. Revamp the antique store booths and stuff in as much merch as possible.
5. Eat more pie? No more pie? Okay, organize my craft & reselling supplies. 

So What Are YOU  Up to This Week?

Okay, I lied, just finished eating the pie before finishing this post. Concluding the live broadcast, now I've gotta take pictures and clean...
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  1. Oh wow, that's horrible about your computer. The same thing happened to me the year before last and I was so upset. Do yourself a favor and get yourself an external hard drive. They're not too expensive and if you set them to automatically do a backup say, once a fuss, no muss. And yum! pie!

    1. I did. The external hard drive died, too! Told ya, the Black Angel of Bad Electronic luck follows me.

      Might start to invest in monthly cloud storage online, but with my luck the server would crash...

  2. Sorry to hear about your tech problems, no nice way to say it - that sucks-. But you have a positive out look. And pie... Things will fall into place before you know it. Looking forward to hearing about which apartment you pick! Good luck with your goals this week!!!

    1. Thanks Wendy! I plan to do a final house tour of this pad to say "goodbye" properly!

  3. oh boy losing computer data blows! it seems like you've been able to keep your wits about you which is admirable :) Just gotta keep on keeping on.

    Good luck with your goals this week!

    1. What else can you do? :P It's a harsh life lesson to be as organized as possible into the future...

  4. Dang...depressing. So the computer AND the hard drive died at the same time? How so? That is terrible. If it had been just your laptop I was going to suggest getting an enclosure tool and saving the HD for sure. I recover data, repair computers and maintenance them as part of my job for the last 13's the flipside to being the music teacher, I'm also the tech. and webmaster.

    I wouldn't reformat or get rid of either yet...there could still be hope. Did you have a mishap upgrading to Windows 7? Feel free to email me, Van, I might be able to help. Right now I can imagine you are trying very hard to not blog a huge,
    "EFFFFFFFF the world!!!!!"

    Lol. Hugs.

    1. Aw, thank you! I shall definitely e-mail you with details. I'm going to take the hard drive to a friend a couple of towns over to look at since, like you said, all hope may not be lost just yet.

      Yep, like you said, a mishap upgrading to Windows 7. Hard drive and external hard drive mysteriously died at the same time?

  5. Van,
    Sorry to hear about your woes...I am lucky that my 24 y/o son takes care of all my electronics for a long distance way! And I'm really looking forward to seeing your new apartment...I've really enjoyed looking at how you've arranged the space you have now...looks like it would be hard to leave there!
    Goals for the week:
    Start blog - check!
    Comment on other peoples blogs that I've been reading/lurking on for months...check!
    Thanks for all your hard work and words of encouragement. You are a Thrift and Blogging inspiration!

    1. I love having personal IT people. I have a few. Even with a few my bad luck prevailed. I'm going to start baking up files online as well from here forward.

      Thanks for commenting and not lurking Crystal. I appreciate the kind words! :)

      Next week I'm posting a house tour to say goodbye to my old space. Farewell Thrift Core headquarters, I'll miss you!

  6. Pie would put me in a better mood ;)Don't cry eat pie!!!!- that's a great mantra {and a T-shirt}

  7. Sorry to hear about all your tech troubles, Van. Geez, when it rains it pours, doesn't it! Hope you can recover everything! And I'm really looking forward to seeing your new place. :-)

  8. Thank you, Lori. I hope so, too! There's a glimmer of hope, however small.

    I can't wait to show off the new place when I'm all settled in. It's FANCY. :)

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