Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's Almost April...What the?

Yep, I blinked and March was gone. It's already time to let you know I'm accepting sponsors for the month of April! I love helping my sponsors increase traffic and find new ways to market their websites, and I'd love to help you too! Simply e-mail me if you're interested. You can check out my advertising page for more information.

By The Way: Don't have a advertising banner? Don't worry, I'll make you one!

Here's are some recent happy testimonials:

"I am so excited that you kick started me into this & am so happy I jumped into sponsorship with you." -Moe, Five Sixteenths

-"You are wonderful!!  Thank you so much for the banner.  :)" -Nelle of Nell's Vintage House

"Feeeed me more please. Now." -Yuko the cat

Consider the last one a lame April Fools joke. The rest are real though, just e-mail any of my sponsors. They'll vouch for me. :)
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