Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Goals Week Week Ten: Getting Back to Work!

Last Week's Goals: 1. Buy mini plastic storage bins, label, and store all supplies within. 2. Go through remaining stock and deep purge for another yard sale. 3. Spend two days hardcore apartment hunting. 4. File taxes and file paperwork. 5. Apartment deep-clean and streamlining.

I've been crafting, creating merchandise, and working on many behind-the-scenes projects- the house cleaning plans fell by the way side, but I'm getting back to it! This week I'm going back to tracking what I do every hour to work more effectively.

Goals February 19 to February 26:

1. Apartment Hunt! Aaaah!
2. Holy Shit, taxes!
3. Entire house mess in one out-of-the-way space.
4. Sort some of the house mess every day bit by bit.
5. Finish packing all jewelry.

Weeklies: ebook planning, brick & mortar business plan, grant search, DIYs, children's book line, jewelery making, blog refining, listing items for ebay and craigslist.

Tell me your goals, join the party!

What have you got planned for the week? Let's share and keep each other on-track!
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  1. I am hoping to declutter a bit. I need to get my home back into the groove. Too many things are distracting me. I also listed some long time ago bought things I have never used onto EBAY.

  2. Love all of the stuff you're working on! My goals have changed since I wrote my entry. Now all I want is to get past the stomach virus. Yay fun. :)

  3. Post loot piles to Etsy and Cleeeaaaan.....story of my life. If you're still looking for a place, my lil ol lady neighbor has a guest house she rents! On a wooded acre and cheaper than most apartments. We are hell bent on finding a good tennant for her :)

    1. Aw, I love the offer, but I'm looking for a space in Riverside. I love it over here!

  4. Weekly goals for me include some decorative touches to the new booth, a fun sewing project and planning for my garage sale this Saturday pending the weather report. I'm ready to clear the garage out a bit and make room for a new vintge stash. Every week goals include working out 4x (at least) and dropping a few more pounds as I focus on incorporating a healthier eating lifestyle.

  5. Great Goals Van! Cleaning / Organizing are perpetually on my to do list.

  6. I'm hoping to start a business...(it's been a looong journey)Monday, I have to call back real estate agent on a lease space. Then call vendors. Then look at budget again.

  7. Holy shit, taxes is right! Yeeeek!

  8. LOL to the taxes. So relieved we have ours done!

    I've been pretty damn productive lately, especially with my number one goal, which was to log more miles running. (Training for a 5k in late spring). I've put in over twenty miles in the last two weeks and it feels so awesome...

    The bane of my existence, and thorn in my side, though,remains. SCHOOL. Ugh. Midterms; still have one left. BOO.

    I'm hoping tomorrow, my first day of spring break, will be another productive day of cleaning some shiyat out of my house. I have no time for reselling, but I'm starting to look like a candidate for the show "Hoarders"...

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