Thursday, December 30, 2010

Are You Thrifting Next Year? Take the Thrift Pledge!


Are you taking thrift to the next level in 2011? Do you plan to continue thrifting, junking, and hunting? Take the Thrift Pledge with me! It's easy, just pledge to be more thrifty in 2011.

Add one of the Thrift Pledge Buttons to your blog by copying + pasting the code in the boxes.

What are YOU doing to be thrifty in 2011?

I'm taking my thrifting to the next level by 1) buying nothing new (with a few necessary exceptions) 2) not buying clothes 3) only buying the lowest deals from estate/yard sales.

Happy New Year! See You in 2011!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's Your Thrift Wish List for 2011?


A new year, a new opportunity to pen your thrift wish list! What do you hope to find while thrifting, junking, and hunting this year? My wish list stays much the same as what I wrote in November, but with a couple of changes.

My Current Thrift List for 2011 is:

  • Pot, found one for free
  • Chair, found one that will do
  • Mod Credenza
  • Mod Bedside Tables
  • Large Chalkboard
  • Vintage first aid kit and large tool box
  • Kitchen island
  • Large Teapot(s), for mad tea parties
  • Bowls, broke my last mod ones; sad.

I always hunt for inexpensive quirky art, practical vintage storage bits, and anything too bizarre to leave behind. Like the rest of you, I don't limit myself to the list. Instead, the list represents practical items I'd love to find and use.

What will you thrift for in 2011?

*By The Way: You're still tagged. What are your new years goals for 2011? Join the conversation.
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Organizing: My New Years Tradition

It's time to tie up 2010's loose ends. What short-term goals for the New Year can you accomplish this week? For me, it's organizing. I spent my entire three-day weekend cleaning, purging, and organizing. I'm going to keep going hard at it for the next three days.

 [This shot is after many hours of cleaning. I had pizza and wine to celebrate after the space was finally cleaned.]

Here's what works for me:

    - Work on one tiny section at a time. (Bookshelf, drawer, etc.)
    - Empty all of the space's contents into a box.

    - Place only the things you use regularly back into the area, and donate what's left in the box.

Last week I did what you should never do- empty everything out of every closet and work from there. I spent the whole weekend clearing out the chaos. It's a way to get things done in a weekend, but I spent nearly the whole weekend working on it! Not fun. It's easier and faster to focus on one small section at a time.

 [The living room/dining room/kitchen are spotless. Now about that bedroom...]

Anyone else organizing for the New Year? What are your tips?
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thrifty & Last-Second Holiday Gifting

So it's the night before The Night Before Christmas...yet you're still rushing to gift everyone? Don't worry, two nights is plenty of time to pull all-nighters making, preparing, or procuring holiday gifts. Here's some ideas:

They adversely affect the waistline, but it's tradition to take in enough calories to nurture love handles the size of logs; embrace it! Baking a huge batch of holiday treats is a great way to gift friends for a low price.

Nope, it's not too late to make something special for your friends and family for the holidays. Try the following websites for amazing last-second holiday crafting ideas:

I'd consider cash a last-ditch effort for friends and family. Kids and young teens who can't work for their own dough may appreciate it, but it's not as thoughtful as a membership, a gift card, or a gift certificate. Consider:

I'll be back on Monday with New Years themed Thrift Core content. (I'm so damn excited about having a day off tomorrow!) I hope everyone has a happy holiday! If you own a shop that offers gift certificates, I'd love it if you left that the shop in the comments to help last-minute shoppers!

More Thrift Core Holiday Guides:

Anyone else have some last-second gifting & wrapping to do? 
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wrapping It Up: Last-Second Gift Wrapping Ideas

No matter how much I plan, I always have a bit of last-second wrapping to deal with. Here's a last second gift wrapping idea for my fellow procrastinators.

Thrifty DIY Gift Boxes

Start by looking in your cupboard for product boxes. I'm sure you have some around the house somewhere.

From there, wrap and decorate to your heart's content. Poke holes in the sides of your box and string your rope, twine, or ribbon through. The possibilities are endless. Use left over wrapping paper and accessories it won't cost a thing.

More Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas:

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Your Ultimate Gifts for Thrifters Guide


Out of time, last second shoppers? It's better now that never. Since there's not much time to craft or shop for goods now, here's a few of my favorite online picks for our thrifty kind. Going with my Useful Gifts theme of the year I tried to select somewhat practical gifts.

Surely you've heard of Mod Cloth? This website's selection is catered to thrifters. Within you'll find everything thrifters seek: quirky/kitch items, vintage and vintage style bits, art/design books, and mod design.

A La Modern has an excellent selection of unique mid century modern designs. I'm impressed by their knowledge and dedication to preserving relics from this unique era of design. They specialize in vintage housewares and home decor.
1) Reuseable Dinosaur Fabric Stickers 2)Re-Usable Snack Baggies 3)Record Player Pin 4)Lovely Rain Print 5)Happy Clay, Short Tumbler  6)Remember this Album Notebook

Paper 'n Stitch is an online exhibition space for artists, crafters, and designers. Each artist is carefully hand selected every month. Quality is consistent, but merchandise definitely isn't limited. You'll find art, books and zines, ceramics, clothing, accessories, housewares, jewelry, paper goods, craft supplies, toys, kids, and vintage.

Magazines and Subscriptions

I heard of a service called Mag Hound that allows subscribers to choose any magazine of their choice each month. Sounds like a great gift to me.

I also recommend the following magazine subscriptions as gifts for thrifty friends:

Antique Trader // Makezine // Boho Magazine // ReadyMade  // Atomic Ranch  // Modernism  // Living, Etc. // Dwell  // Country Living

Shop Cute/Kawaii

I may have to start an "online shop review" feature, there's so many out there that I admire.

The Heyday Shop // Ismoyo's Vintage Playground // Little Odd Forrest //Cute Tape She Likes Cute

Unique Art and Prints

Thumbtack Press // Ashley G // Red Velvet Art // Sewing Stars // Inside a Black Apple // Miss Kika

 Just for fun, this is my current wish list. Ah, it's fun to dream...

1)Godzilla Art Tumbler  2) Little Robot and Rain Print 3)The Meal Deal Lunch Set (in black) 4) I'd Rather Be Thrifting 5)Help Me Hope Brown Travel Mug 6)Zojirushi Gold Water Dispenser 7)Mushroom Wristlet 8)Virtue of Patience Lunch Bag 9)Zojirushi Rice Cooker

More Thrift Core Holiday Guides:
What's on Your Holiday Wish List?
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Thrift Share: Holiday Thrifting

This weekend's thrift hunt was a bust. I found a Calvin and Hobbes comic book, biology book, and a book on "why cats paint". I decided to spare you banal shots of books and instead share some thrifted christmas gifts I'm giving out this year.

A stack of thrifted interior design books for my sister-in-law, who just bought a new house with my brother this year.

A little casita for my mom, she collects these things. She definitely won't mind the small chip.

Cutting board for my friend who loves cute kitchen assessories like this one.

Small Japanese bunny bowls for another friend who's been coveting my simular rabbit teacups.

This small Japanese-style bowl was the perfect thing for my friend, this is his favorite shade of green.

He's also getting a small Buddha and dragon figure, he collects little guys like these ones.

Plushies! These two and other simular ones for my nieces and friends. The ones for my neices were already wrapped up when I took these pictures.

Two robot pillows for my nephews, I love making these little robots. They are incredibly comfortable pillows despite appearances.

What did you find this weekend?
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Thrift Reads: A Gift Guide for Thrifters


Use The Epic Thrifter's Reads Gift Guide to gift your fellow thrifty friends, or print it out and post it on the fridge. (Hint, hint to all who lives with you!)

1) The Find*   Decorate with thrifted finds
The Big Ass Book of Crafts  Craft bible
Apartment Therapy   Real Homes, Real Thrifty Ideas
Hand Made Modern  DIY Modern Design
American Junk   Diary of a Junker
Home Cheap Home   Hands-Down Favorite design book
Collector's Style   Arrange your thrifted collections

* If you order The Find, let Stan know and he will send you a personalized bookplate!
[Here's his Twitter and Blog]

1) ReadyMade   DIY culture, sustainability. My favorite  
2) Atomic Ranch  Gorgeous mod interiors
3) Modernism   All Things Mod
4) Living, Etc.   Stylish thrifty living
5) Dwell   Modern living eye porn
Country Living  Thrifty Decor Staple

What Thrifty Reads do YOU Recommend?
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thrifty Giftwrapping Ideas: Share Yours!

I like to keep things simple when it comes to gift wrapping. This year I used brown paper bags and inexpensive postal wrapping paper (dollar general) for a clean look. From there I embellished with paper and fabric scarps, thrifted ribbon, magazine cuts outs, and other bits.

Thrifty Wrapping Paper Ideas
Consider some of these thrifty options for wrapping gifts.


- Newspaper
- Colorful pages from magazines
- Retail catalogs (urban outfitters and anthropologie make good ones)
- Children's book pages
- Music Note Pages
- Copy paper
- School Notes
- Maps
- Old Calendar Pages


-Fabric scraps
-Old sweaters
-Vintage/Colorful scarves

One Word: Furoshiki

Beautiful Japanese wrapping method using fabric: Video//Techniques//Quick Guide.


-Vintage tins
-Vintage purses and clutches
-Vintage hat boxes
- Picnic baskets
- Totes and satchels

 [Ah, the thrifty possibilities...]

How do YOU Wrap Gifts for the Holidays?
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is it Okay to Buy Gifts From the Thrift Store?

Personal finance blog Get Rich Slowly asked readers: Is it okay to buy a Christmas gift from a thrift store? For us thrifters the answer is a resounding "YES", but it's it's easy to forget that consumers still stigmatize second-hand shopping as something tacky or dirty.

Brace yourself, here's some reactions from the thrifting non-believers:

“Eww. No.”

"I think I would be slightly offended by a thrift store gift..."

One word. Bedbugs. They’re back in a big way. I do not get anything from thrift, vintage stores that can’t be properly sanitized. Purses fall into that catagory so I wouldn’t be happy with a used handbag no matter how nice.

i guess i’m spoiled but i would be horrified if someone gave me used thrift-shop purses and would probably spend the rest of the day crying (i get a little too upset over poorly-chosen gifts sometimes). my first thought would be if money is that tight that you’re gift shopping in thrift stores instead of proper stores, why couldn’t you have gotten something less expensive but new?

I've given second-hand gifts to thrift store haters (like the ones above) to rave reviews using the rules below. Many still have no idea these gifts were from the thrift store. Good thing they don't read this blog!

Thrift Store Gifting Rules:

Everyone has a different philosophy on what is okay or not okay to buy second-hand for themselves and for gifts. My rules are simple and practical.

  • Useful Treasures: Only buy what will really be treasured and/or used. Be creative.

  • Avoid chipped/damaged items: Friends/Family might not appreciate chipped plates.

  • Presentation: Clean up your gift and present it well, small details make a huge difference. 

Must Read: The Elegant Thrifter's regular Gift of Thrift posts are creative and inspiring.

Is it okay to buy gifts from the thrift store? Where do you draw the line?
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Thrift Share: The Holiday Hunt Continues

[Retro Mushrooms Plaque, $1.50]

I'm still hunting for vintage holiday bits and items from my thrift list. My favorite find of is the retro mushroom plaque above, it inspires me to make some mushroom art.

[Blue Balls, Christmas Ornaments, $1.00]

I wanted some blue ball (tee-hee) Christmas ornaments for color contrast on my tree.

[Black Heels, $3.00]

I had to replace work shoes again. I'm probably too rough on mine, good thing they're affordable.

 [Black Wedge Heels, $3.00]

They're both a bit banal but they get the job done.

[Records, $0.25 cents each]

I finally went to the Quiggly House thrift store (where I found the records above and VHS tapes below). I wrote about it in my first post and my 7 Things I Love About Thrifting post; I thought it was closed, but local readers commented and e-mailed to let me know it lives!  

Never visit this thrift store during peak Orange Park traffic hours during the Holiday season! That was painful.

[VHS Tapes, $0.50 cents each]

My weird VHS tape grows by the day. Beakman's World was still shrink wrapped! Can't wait to watch it!

[Books, $0.75 cents each]

I try not to buy books (I need to read all the ones I own first) but couldn't resist these two. 

What did YOU find this weekend?
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