Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wrapping It Up: Last-Second Gift Wrapping Ideas

No matter how much I plan, I always have a bit of last-second wrapping to deal with. Here's a last second gift wrapping idea for my fellow procrastinators.

Thrifty DIY Gift Boxes

Start by looking in your cupboard for product boxes. I'm sure you have some around the house somewhere.

From there, wrap and decorate to your heart's content. Poke holes in the sides of your box and string your rope, twine, or ribbon through. The possibilities are endless. Use left over wrapping paper and accessories it won't cost a thing.

More Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas:

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  1. Thank you Van for including my link! I really like your idea with the initials on brown paper.

  2. You can go anywhere with these, that's the fun part :D I wanted color but decided to go with the brown bag theme I established.


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