Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Real Doll: A Sketchy Holiday Celebration

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School is hands-down my favorite local art event. It brings back memories of doodling boobs and obscenities in the side margins of my school tests, but instead of getting sent to the principles office I win fabulous kitschy prizes. Is this heaven?
The Dr. Sketchy's crew outdid themselves this time. I loved the vintage toys (Raggedy Anne! Sock Monkey!) hand-crafted details, bits of greenery, and confetti on the floor. It was an outlandish color blitz from the set down to the lovely models.

The poses were imaginative and the models did an amazing job holding still even in awkward poses. It was like they just danced out of your erotic sugar-coated dream (you don't have those?)

Next time I write a Dr. Sketchy's review I'll unleash one of the sordid tales from my "Deranged Art Gets me In Trouble" vault. Oh, there's plenty...

A resplendent technicolor candy land.

So how can YOU get in on some of this hand-crafted, inspirational, artistic goodness?

Come Out, Jacksonville: If you live in Jacksonville, Florida Dr. Sketchy's is hosting another event at The Sinclair downtown on December 21, 2010 at 7PM. Admission is $6.00. [Website]

If you don't live in Jacksonville, check out The Official Website and try to find one near you. Dr. Sketchy's is a worldwide operation, tenaciously seeking global domination with sexy babes and burlesque!

Mesh Magazine: I'm excited to be a new contributor to local Art and Music magazine, Mesh Magazine. Today I'll post in detail about our local chapter of Dr. Sketchy's, so check that out when you get a chance, art fans!

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  1. You are a real treat! We're so glad you enjoy Dr. Sketchy's JAX!

  2. This looks pretty wild, both sugar and spice.

  3. Kim: Definitely!

    Edward: I will sharpen my pencils in hopeful anticipation of the next event!

  4. sugar and spice indeed! the colours are amazing. is it an annual event? i think you should be covering more arts and crafts events (well, you know, if you want to) ... such a great way to spread the word and do something you seem to really enjoy.

  5. Fantastic photos! Looks like such fun! :)

    I'm stopping by from i made it so's friday archive dive "favourite post". (I know, I'm a week overdue!) I hope you'll do the same! You can find mine @

    Sofia's Ideas


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