Hi! I'm Vanessa Alvarado. Let Me Tell You About This Blog...

Middle School Yearbook Photo. Science Club. Forever a pensive, inquisitive nerd. No shame.

I'm an expat copywriter and marketer from the gray world of cubicles turned full-time freelancer/bohemian lifestyle writer. I started writing this blog (until very recently, Thriftcore.com or "Thrift Core") as a space where I could use my real voice and write about all things creative and sustainable. Eventually, I was able to run my blog and attached business full-time. The office lifestyle (and really, the Average American lifestyle) made me mentally and physically unhealthy, when I left the office job I suddenly had time to explore the creative outlets and natural healing techniques I'd always been passionate about. I've improved a lot, and I'm still working to return my body to its healthiest state. I share my journey here at VanessaAlvarado.com, and offer guides and services to help others create their dream and live happy, healthy lives outside the status quo! I'm a happy work-a-holic living the dream and I want to help others feel the same way. Life would be boring if weren't always constantly learning, exploring, and growing.

Random Facts: (1) I'm nearly done with my Master Herbalism degree and I'll be finishing the degree in digital media I started on years ago next. (2) I've made dozens of random, nerdy (often anime/video game related, all now defunct) websites since 1997. (3) I landed a career as a marketer/copywriter without a college degree, which is unusual. I love going to school for the enrichment, but I like to let people know that you don't have to have it to get your dream job. (4) I'll always be enrolled classes of some sort. This use to distress me, but I've come to terms with the fact that we live to learn. (8) I'm a big movie nerd/lover with a special affinity for the horror genre and all animation. (9) Huge Michael Jackson and Prince fan. (Huge. I know way too much information about MJ. Love his music.)

(5) I spent 4 years of my childhood in Naples Italy and still miss it. I've spent nearly all of my life otherwise in Jacksonville, Florida. (With short time spent in Charleston South Carolina and Norfolk Virginia. Yep, Navy family.) (6) I have two older brothers (twins). My mom is Mexican and my Dad is Puerto Rican. (7) My love of dinosaurs, cephalopods and robots knows no bounds.

My grandparent's house in Ponce, Puerto. Built by, and still fully maintained by, my grandfather. My love of the simple life, sustainability, gardening and creativity start with my cultural roots in Mexico and Puerto Rico. Being a resourceful maker is in my DNA.

Passions: Just a few things that influence everything I write around these parts...

Art/Design, Kitsch, Copywriting, Webdesign, Blogging, Herbalism, Veganism, Gardening, Interior Design, Mid Century Modern, Kitsch, ALL Animation, Comic Books, Classic Cinema, ALL Cinema, Video Games, Marine Biology, Ecology, Horror Genre, Burlesque, Film Noir, B Movies, World History/Culture, Kawaii Japanese Aesthetic, Japan in General- huge Japanophile here, felines, hell- the whole animal kingdom. Rather fond of them.

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Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions. You can chat with me on Twitter and Facebook. I also have an FAQ with information you may find useful.
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