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15 Practical Feng Shui Tips for Attracting Wealth and Productivity to Your Business

You want to be productive, wealthy, and happy, it's only natural. Applying Feng Shui principles to your life is one way to make achieving all of these things easier. It can be as somple or as complex as you want it to be. There are Eastern vs. Western practitioners, bagua maps, color recommendations, elements, and rules for how to place your furniture or layout your floor plan. From my reading, the fundamental Feng Shui rules are practical and rooted in known brain and psychological study. (Like the brain's reticular activating system, which I wrote about here.) This ancient wisdom has been passed down and practiced for a reason!

I'm going to update as I apply Feng Shui elements to different areas of my life. For now, here are my favorite 15 practical tips for attracting wealth and productivity to your business:

1. Go Slow

Apply new Feng Shui rules at a slow, steady pace. Don't try to do it all at once. Go at a steady pace while you work because you often mess up with you're too rushed. I know this is hard for my fellow Type-As, but realizing reaching your ultimate goals is going to take years is helpful. Slow changes help you to better observe results, too.

2. Declutter

Clutter is the #1 killer of concentration. It's stressful just to look at it! Do regular clutter sweeps, keep a box to add duplicate items/stuff you no longer want to, and donate the items regularly. Tackle bigger projects until all of the clutter is gone.

3. Own Less, Buy Less

Don't fill your home with junk willy-nilly, buy only what you'll need and use or what you'll absolutely love for years to come. Make purchases about quality, not quantity.

4. Keep Only the Best, None of the Rest

Get rid of duplicates, only keep what you absolutely adore. Get rid of anything you don't use and only feel so-so about.

5. Fix The OBVIOUS Problems First

We often ignore the big problems- wobbly furniture, an entryway you can't walk through, leaks, etc. They add stress over time in the background, hurting work flow. Fix these big issues ASAP.

6. Move Your Desk to a "Power" Position

Try to position your desk so that it points towards the room's door or a window. Your back should face a wall, never your front. It makes sense that you shouldn't face a wall while working if possible when you really think about it! How depressing is that?  Face the door or window so you can see who's coming. Your desk should be accessible on all sides. If anything; make sure your desk area isn't claustrophobic. You need to be able to stand up and stretch your arms and legs easily! If you must face a wall, hang a beautiful picture of a landscape or something that makes you happy to look at. (In my cubicle, I hung colorful octopus fabric I special-ordered.)

7. Keep Your Desk Clear and Alluring

Keep your desk completely clean and clutter free. Make it alluring by placing a beautiful item or items on it, and maybe make it fragrant with an essential oil diffuser or scented candle. (I like to keep an aromatherapy spray on the desk and/or wipe it down with a few drops of essential oil. I'll write more about Aromatherapy soon!)

8. Clear Your Work Purse and/or Briefcase of Clutter

You may have to do this at the end of the day every day, since of course, purse/briefcase clutter just happens. It feels good to start the day with a fresh, organize work bag/briefcase with everything in its place.

9.  Be Grateful For What You Have Now

This one is huge for attracting wealth. You're already vastly wealthy in different areas: you're smart, dedicated to improving (since you're here reading this!), and creative. Start the day writing a list of everything you're grateful for if it helps.

10. Make All of Your Work Supplies 100% Quickly/Easily Accessible

This way when the mood strikes or work or make something you set to work fast and easily. It drains your energy/focus and generally pisses you the hell off when you can't find a supply you need to get started. (I know all my fellow crafters have been there!)

11. Use Your Intuition: If a Space Feels "Wrong"- Work at It

Your intuition is rarely wrong. Feel out a space and work at it until you're 100% satisfied. The photo above with my "apothecary" sign is one of the few spaces I'm "done" with. Everything else is slowly going to be adjusted until I'm happy with it.

12. Keep Your Work Space Attractive

You'll want to work more if your space is attractive. Productivity and wealth obviously follow.

13. Add A Live Plant and/or a Water Element to Your Work Space

We need plants and water to live, evolutionarily, we are drawn to green spaces and bodies of water. They innately make us content and happy. Add a small plant to your desk, if you're a plant killer, try something easily like bamboo. Consider a small desktop fountain. (See my guide for keeping houseplants alive here.)

14. Have an Inviting, Calming Sleep/Resting Place

You need a respite from work chaos. A sexy, relaxing bedroom will encourage you to get the sleep you need to tackle another day.

15. Keep Reminders of Your Ultimate Goals In Your Workspace

This goes back to RAS. Keeping your goals on your mind keeps you working toward them. Have mood boards, photos of places you want to visit or photos of family to remind you why you want to make money. I put a few coins on a tray on my desk to remind me to focus on profit, something I move away from far too often!

* * * * *

Good Luck applying these tips to your home and work life. I've noticed excellent results from these additions and changes already, and I'm excited to keep applying Feng Shui rules and writing about them. I have to work on the giant hallway and closet mess next. Like I said, one step at a time...

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