Friday, July 10, 2015

Funny-Cute Signs in Okinawa, Japan: Animals, Injury Prevention, Dinosaurs, Chibis

When I travel I love to capture the little differences. The way meals are laid out, the flora and fauna, the roads, the street signs. I've been around the U.S and some of Europe, and Japan still has the most expressive signage I've ever seen! I took photos of as much as I could, here's just a few favorites.

Walking along the beach, JR and I pass this beauty! I'm fish obsessed, this sign is glorious!


Just love that horse's face in the second panel. The kid riding in the first is hilarious, too.

Bad, swift shot of an expressive rip-tide sign on the beach!

A hilarious mongoose. 

Outside of the lion's den, for obvious reasons. My favorite!

American Pizzaman!

I visited in November. I love this white board drawing in a Sushi restaurant.

Damn the blur, this was a super dark bar and shot with a high ISO. But! Funny!

On a bar counter. Support a good cause?

Plan C the contraceptive? 

Adorable pre-school signs.

Warning, Habu Snake!

Ant construction worker, and those animals in the car! Cuteness!

From the airport in Okinawa! Elevator door.

The last thing I'd buy in Japan, this mediocre airport bento box filled with touristy traditional Okinawan feed.

Saving the best for last, we passed this dinosaur on a fence on the way to JR's apartment, near my last day I took a photo of it with my zoom as we drove by. 

Does any travel publication want to hire me to travel the world and capture quirky sights?! I promise, I can take better photos! These were rushed as I tried to be a good friend and not hold up JR too much, but I'm glad I have these photographic reminders of the amazing trip. Every photo brings me right back to every stop of that adventure across the globe. I'll be back for your, Japan. Who wants to take me in? :D

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