Friday, April 29, 2016

Reviewing Pattern, Etsy's New and Easy Way to Set Up A Stand-Alone Online Shop

Do you have an Etsy shop, but struggle to create your own stand-alone website to further brand yourself? Or, are you on eBay or another website but want an Etsy shop and a stand-alone website? Whether the limitation is skill, money, or time, there's a new platform that solves all those issues. Etsy's new Pattern service allows you to use the listings on Etsy to quickly and easily create your own stand-alone website. Because I'm so busy lately that I'm working nearly every waking hour (which is a habit I have to stop, more that later) I decided to give Pattern's 30-day free trial a go. Not paid or asked by Etsy to do this, just a busy entrepreneur who's wanted an improved stand-alone website for my organic body care company for months. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider:


+ Puts your stand-alone website/shop and Etsy shop in one place for easy tracking and management
+ For the most part, very easy and fast to set-up
+ Inexpensive at $15/month, the standard Etsy transaction fee of (3.5%) applies to each purchase
+ Lets you design a trial version of your site before you start
+ 30-day free trial before you decide to buy
+ Allows you to link to social media websites
+ Fast Loading
+ Looks and works just as well on mobile devices
+ You can connect you domain name to the site, completing the illusion of a stand-alone website
+ Easy option if you lack coding skills to build your own website
+ Fast option if you don't have time to work on your own stand-alone site at the moment
+ Very fast and easy to set up
+ You can link your social media to it
+ Has build-in analytics to track sales
+ Has an inbox build-in so you can track mail, analytics and sales in one easy stop

Pattern propagates the shop icon from your Etsy shop. Changing mine to a more branded version really helped the design. Another little nit-pick, it re-sizes your icon and makes it look rougher than the original.


- Only 5 themes and they look dated, looks like a basic builder made if you're code savy
- Designs not as beautifully made as ones on website builders like SquareSpace, very plain
- Doesn't allow you to brand yourself very well, only a small icon allowed- logo in text!
- Limited fonts to chose from
- No inner-linking, links will take you back to the Etsy listing
- No PayPal allowed at checkout, credit cards only
- Potential duplicate content issues, minor concern since Google's algorhythm considers e-commerce
- Checkout requires an Etsy sign-up, which hurts the "illusion" of a stand-alone website
- "Powered by Etsy" at the bottom can't be removed
- No attached blogging ability to add more content or handy "updates" for your brand
- Huge branding limitations: can't add banner, limited in front choices
- You have to generate your own traffic to Pattern, unlike your Etsy shop
- You can't access the code to change the design or improve the SEO
- Their walk-through for setting up a domain name had some incorrect terminology for GoDaddy, made me unsure if I set up the domain right so I had to call. Defeats the purpose of having an "easy" walk-through. But I'm glad they had one for all the top domain providers, helpful, though flawed.

So how do you know Pattern's right for you? Here are some suggestions...

1. You want something that looks like a stand-alone website for your Etsy shop
2. You need a low budget solution to having your own e-commerce website
3. You need something very easy and user-friendly to set-up because you lack site-building skills
4. An e-commerce site at $15/month is affordable for you
5. You can make sites but you're too busy and need a quick e-commerce site solution for now
6. You love the idea of having your e-commerce website connected to Etsy so it's a one-stop shop
7. You don't have an e-commerce site yet and could benefit from having the traffic of the Etsy shop (You will have both a regular Etsy shop and Pattern shop when you sign up for Pattern, it's where the data is pulled from to create it.)

Word of Caution: Don't buy your domain name through Pattern or it will be hard to transfer it if you move on, it's better to keep your domain name and your website builder separate.

All of that said, Pattern is new technology. I'm confident Etsy will improve it by leaps and bounds over the years. It has faults, but it's a good beginner solution for the busy entrepreneur. Because Etsy won't generate traffic for your stand-alone Pattern website like it will for your Etsy shop, it's a good solution for anyone that has a dedicated following from social media OR, if you're like me, it's good for people who sell products locally or at markets and you need a landing page for customers that isn't just an Etsy site, which can look less professional. You're not locked into a contract so you can cancel if it's not working for you or when you're ready to move up to a better solution that you can optimize with SEO.

Update: I've called GoDaddy twice, still having domain name set-up questions. Looks like you can only do a re-direct which looks unprofessional. Another con, but I'm going to keep looking into it. Will follow-up.

Have you tried Pattern by Etsy? Any tips? What do you think of this new feature? I recommend it despite it's faults IF you just want a faster "easier" stand-alone "looking" website connected to Etsy. BUT there are way better web-builders out there for similar prices that are a much better option for e-commerce, it should definitely be a temporary solution.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Riverside's Historic Home Tours: Art-Filled, Creative, Cozy & Modern Casa Inspiration


I love it when the historic home tours roll back around here in Jacksonville. Select residents open their homes for the public to view and you leisurely bike your way from house-to-house via the map you receive. It's a wonderful way to spend a weekend afternoon, particularly for a vintage and decor nerd. This is a combination of several different homes in one post, but I'm tempted to do a tour of each house because each one was amazing in its own way!

Home 1

It was my first time being in interior-designer curated personal homes with up-to-the-minute styles and amenities. It's another thing to be immersed in that type of space versus seeing them in magazines.

Home 1

But the personal flourishes and collections are my favorite part.

Home 2

Nearly every square inch of this Attorney-by-Day Artist-by-Night's home was covered in personal collections, vintage finds, and local artwork. It was amazing to behold and one of the most packed homes, visitors felt like they were inside an art gallery and the exterior looked like something out of a fairy tale. He did an amazing job renovating the spacious house.

Home 3

There were many dream kitchens and incredible showers - often spacious, some with my coveted double shower head scenario. Everything balanced and clean.

Home 4 

Seeing it all inspired me to work harder and get more involved in the local art and creative community again. I'll be heading out for the next tour of homes in the Historic Springfield area on May 21st, can't wait to break out of my camera and explore again!
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tribute to a Favorite Artist. Not a Woman, Not a Man, Something That You'll Never Understand. Prince.

When my mom called to tell me the bad news of Prince's passing I thought she'd fallen victim to an internet hoax. Prince? I could believe the death of the other artist who ties as my favorite, Michael Jackson, because his addiction was a public secret, but Prince? I thought his perfect unlined face and healthy frame would outlive me right into his 190s. The world's lost one of it's premiere icons, a shining example of the importance of being true to yourself and to your art.

My prized Prince record collection hung up in the bedroom, where Prince records belong.

I was born two years after the release of Prince's epochal super-hit, Purple Rain, yet via cultural osmosis and my super-fan parent's influence, I can't remember a time I wasn't playing the hell out of his records and cassettes. I watched his music videos over and over. I got to grow with the music and understand it more and more over the years; relating to the pain of Computer Blue or The Beautiful Ones as a heartbroken teen or getting into a chill artist's work-groove while making things to smooth songs like Joy in Repetition as a self-employed young adult. His music wasn't "safe" for kids, but I loved every controversial inch of it in my single-digits. His showmanship transcended the need for understanding. You could enjoy him for the electricity and emotion he bought to his performance and vocals.

I pondered the reaction to Prince's passing, not being able to help but compare it to my equal favorite, Michael. There are no Prince imitators dancing in the streets outside of Apollo theatre like there was for Michael, but it's not because he had less impact as an artist. It's because of the type of artist that he was. Michael wasn't just an icon, he was a brand. As evidenced in this adorable commercial, every kid could (and most DID) DIY themselves into THE image of Cool of the era with a white glove, cool thrift store jacket and constant work perfecting his sophisticated "Moonwalk" and footwork.

But no one imitates Prince.

Because no one CAN imitate Prince. (As anyone who's ever humiliated themselves trying to hit the high notes in When Doves Cry or Little Red Corvette in a karaoke bar can attest.)

Prince's biggest contribution to the world was his singularity. He was extraordinarily talented, playing 27 instruments, often doing all the instrumentation on his music, and possessing a famously wide vocal range of E2-B6 (just below Mariah Carey's F2-G7). He was able to hit the highest note out of all the famous male musicians and most of the women, only beat by Christina Aguilera (#2) and Mariah (#1) and he was prolific, producing 39 studio albums and 139 music videos. Bigger than his instrument proficiency number and impressive vocal range was his carriage. Standing 5'2" with a 10 foot stage presence, sly Mona Lisa smile on full lips with a quiet confidence. With his outrageous outfits and raw, emotional performance style, NO ONE can do Prince like Prince. He straddled lines, defied genres and labels; feminine & masculine, rock 'n roll & soul, shy & extroverted, controlled & wild. No artist expressed like Prince. Can you imagine 2016's reaction to then 22-year-old Prince belting out his Dirty Mind album lyrics on stage wearing just his high heeled boots, a black speedo, trench coat and bandana the way he did to a packed stadium of screaming fans in 1980? His passing is a reminder of how bland, colorless, unchallenging, and heteronormative the music world is left in his absence.

Video of one of Prince's first TV appearances above, click through to view if you're reading via e-mail. He was 19-years-old, wearing a tiger striped speedo and vest with thigh-high high heeled boots. Who's Man to showcase himself to the whole world on a television premiere like a half-naked sex kitty? Prince, that's who.

"I'm not a woman, I'm not a man, I'm something that you'll never understand. I'll never beat you, I'll never lie, and if you're evil I'll forgive you by and by." - I Would Die for You, Prince

"  She said, "Are you gay?"
Kinda took me by surprise
I didn't know what to do
I just looked her in her eyes
And I said, "No, are you?"
She's just a crazy, crazy crazy
Little mixed up dame.
She's just a victim of society
And all it's games.
Now where I come from
We don't let society
Tell us how it's supposed to be
Our clothes, our hair
We don't care
It's all about being there"

- Uptown, Prince

His visual style fused romanticism, Edwardian dandiness, early 80s punk, raw sexuality and the trippy 60s but he was undeniably heterosexual even in his frilliest blouses. That's the power of Prince. Mystical, androgynous, aloof, a true artist. Always evolving.

I thank Prince for creating a world where individuality could be celebrated. I thank him for influencing me from childhood to adulthood, for imparting lessons on artistic expression and singularity by boldly being himself. In a world of conformity to perceived gender ideals, Prince took the "negatives" of being Androgynous, Sensitive, Awkward and Weird and made them Beautiful. Us weirdos of the world are forever grateful.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Public Secret For Being a Successful and Industrious Business Owner. 2 Words.


You want to improve our income, output, outreach and style, it's the whole reason you're a creative entrepreneur or writer.  (Or one in the making.) There's a public secret for owning a business or blog that's productive and lucrative. It's something I've read over and over in various self-improvement and business success books alike. I've received it as advice by business coaches, co-workers, friends, fellow business owners and mentors. It's cliche and corny, you've heard it more than one Disney movie, but it truly works. Fighting against this success secret kept me in development hell and various stages of creative paralysis for months and months, but the moment I fully and wildly embraced it I experienced a whirlwind of momentum and success. I can't keep up with the demand for the new products I'm making, we recently celebrated our most successful market showing to date and my enthusiasm for formulating and designing hasn't waned. The secret is summed up in two words:

 Be. Yourself. Yes, being 100% true to yourself is what's going to make you successful as a business owner or blogger. My god, that's schmaltzy. There's even a Disney song collaboration with Stevie Wonder and 90s boy band about it. Listen to it while you read this and set the tone, if you will.

Let's stay on the corny Disney train. You've seen Disney's Aladdin I assume? I'm surprised I didn't watch it until the feeble tape snapped because the VCR and Sega Genesis were my babysitters and I watched it One Thousand and One Nights in a row, but I digress. In the movie, Aladdin thinks Princess Jasmine could never want him because she's royalty and he's a penniless pauper. His macho posturing to attract her pushes her away because he didn't know she already loved him for being exactly who he was; dreamy, earnest, and kind-hearted. She cut through his bullshit "tough guy" act as "Prince Ali" in a millisecond. Likewise, your customers will see straight through your bullshit if you're not authentic in your writing or branding. When you're being yourself there's a natural flow to your work. When you "flow" easily you'll LOVE what you do and it shows, it's infectious. You'll attract your ideal customer and reader when you just share "you"- after all, there isn't another one of you and never will be.

That's not to say all of this is easy; I still struggle with it. It doesn't mean you stop trying to make quality work because quality is also king with your business. But my creative flow burst through it's proverbial dam when I stop killing myself trying to make the "perfect" thing and finally embraced myself. I tried to pigeonhole myself into strict "genre" or "style" but I can't because that's not me. I used the eclectic photo of my new brand's current look above because now it reflects "me," now that I've stopped struggling to make it right and just let it be I'm working like crazy and happy to do it! I'm a weird clinical herbalist that collects robots and dinosaurs. I take cartoon, horror movie and video game trivia way too seriously. I love violent movies and I'm helping a friend start a community garden non-profit. But that's completely me and revealing all of that is how I initially grew an audience in the first place. And that audience enabled me to leave corporate world to pursue the dream of being self-employed.

My mind is literally wired to be idiosyncratic (INFP + Scanner) and flipping that "flaw" into a benefit put more money in my bank account. Similarly, Aladdin embracing the perceived "flaw" that is his endearingly adorkable self got him laid. (Just sayin'.) So be yourself. Just let go. Stop trying to be the "other" bloggers and business owners and not just because when everyone's copying each other on Instagram or in the local and online marketplace the world looks ubiquitous and grotesquely boring. Be yourself because it will bring you money, success, happiness & health.  Even if you meditate and confront your "true self" like Atreyu in Neverending Story and you're looking at your reflection of your inner essence and you see a giant asshole; be yourself. I promise, people will like that. Be. Yourself! And get laid make money!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

6 Simple Changes For Improved Health and Energy This Spring - for the Lazy Entrepreneur


I run eco-friendly businesses for entrepreneurs I admire, run an organic body care line, and blog. I work out (sometimes...), teach tea blending, smoothies/juicing and gourmet raw vegan cooking classes. I'm writing highly-requested detailed nutrition classes for Florida Holisitic School of Health and more online courses. I live and breath healthy living and continue to learn the clinical side of nutrition every day, so you'd think I'm an active gun-ho Type-A person, but I'm not. I'm lazy. I have to actively fight my natural inert state. I'm happiest when I'm sitting on my ass writing, reading, or crafting something. I don't even like to stand too long unless it's for my art markets or in nature. My spirit animal is a sloth. I accept this now. But I've recently made some small changes that help me combat the inner-sloth, I hope they help you this spring!

1. I wrote down every single thing I ate for a few days

I eat clean (vegan, nearly all whole plant foods) so I thought writing down everything single thing I ate would be useless and redundant, but this was a game changer! Try it, you may be surprised how fast things add up! I only had to do this for a week to get an idea for how to portion myself in the future for active days vs. inactive days.

2. I start the day with four cups of water.

Everyone's water needs will vary per individual. I need lots of water or I feel the difference and regret it. (I'm in hot, humid Florida and don't use my car's AC + ride my bike a lot for starters.)  Starting my day with four cups is a helpful boost. How easy can it get for a lazy person? Wake up, drink, be healthier. Win/win.

3. I've made myself catch up on sleep.

I struggle with sleep and used to stay up extra late working keep working. This gets you NO WHERE because your cognitive function is crap the next day. Now I make myself sleep in no matter what and I'm looking and feeling much better for it. All the cells in your body repair when you're sleeping, remembering that helps me let go of work and get the extra zzz's.

4. Cooking ahead of time as much as possible.

I cook in big batches ahead of time as much as possible. I can just stop and whip something up with pre-cooked ingredients instead of stopping to make food in the middle of doing something, halting productivity.

5. I'm using my bento boxes again.

I pulled my bento boxes out of mom's attic (along with other kawaii-collectibles) to sell them but I've ended up using them! They're excellent for portion control and small and portable to take anywhere.

Bonus, Add More Greens and Plants: Wherever possible I like to add more whole plants to the diet. A big green salad for lunch (like my recent fav) and a couple of smoothies for snacks help.

6. More Fitness Classes and Fun Exercise + Make it Fast

Weight lifting alone gets boring. Classes like yoga (SO good for your body's joints/lymphatic system), dance, and spin really help you break a sweat better than you can alone because a professional is leading you. Plus, there's that extra peer pressure element, I'm more likely to do well when being watched than when left to my own devices, we all are. There's always hiking, bike riding, gardening, swimming and other active-rest activities that don't feel like exercise at all.  Break a sweat and do your reps fast so you can get back to the best thing in life...sitting on your ass making stuff. My god, that beats gym-torture hands-down. Hell is a treadmill on high speed that you won't let you off for all eternity. Or an eternal plank.

(The best part, working out hard just three days a week is enough for good health! Yes, more excuses to stay out of there!)

As always: Take small steps, make it fun, and make it work for you. Swap out favorites for healthy ones you enjoy and treat yourself along the way. I'm going to order some vegan protein powder for my smoothies soon, for instance. Writing everything down was humbling for me, no matter where you're at, it's good to evaluate and see if what you're doing is in line with your goals.

Doing anything special for health this spring? Any favorite recipes or tips? Would love to read them.
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Monday, April 11, 2016

Creative's Collections: My Colorful Vejigante Puerto Rican Carnival Mask Collection


A well cared for and curated collection will often express a lot about the owner. Why is it important to a creative person? Why does it inspire them? Where did it come from and how long did it take to acquire it? What's the history of each item and the personal history of the item to the owner? These are the questions that make examining collections fascinating for me.

I can't wait to share more collections of creatives. For now I thought I'd share one that will be with me for life. My veijigante collection is personal, cultural, and just so happens to fit my design aesthetics very purely. Nearly every time we visit Puerto Rico I'd come back with a new Vejigante mask from our favorite souvenir shop in downtown Ponce, Puerto Rico. The masks vary in their design complexity. There are masks large enough to wear on your head, covered in colorful horns, but these are appropriately pricey and hard to ship. My first first Vejigante was my large toothed orange one, selected by my parents on their solo trip to Puerto Rico. They picked my style perfectly! Orange is my favorite color and sharped-toothed beasts are a favorite of mine! A tiny black Vejigante magnet (not pictured) on my refrigerator keeps it festive year-round.

I happen to have two of the beautiful shiny black fish-face vejigante pictured above hanging in my house because one was a gift for AJ that now hangs above his nightstand. I bought it for him before we were official, I found myself missing him and wanted to keep him something personal and special, even though I was unsure about our status. When I returned we confirmed a relationship and not long after he moved in with his mask! Now I think of the sweet origin of our relationship whenever I look at it. (It also makes me think of the PTSD from exploring those gorgeous emerald mountains. I'm horribly afraid of heights! Every time I closed my eyes I was back in the lush green foliage where the coqui still sing. It was both peaceful and terrifying.)

Vejigante have a rich, varied history. Originating from Spainaird festivals and made in the image of folkloric demons, African and indigenous Taino cultures morphed the mask into it's current unique Puerto Rican identity. Made from paper mache, the large ones, not pictured here, are still worn at festivals like Ponce Carnival and Fiesta de Santiago Apostol. Ponce, where my father's family lives, is known for the unique artisan crafted masks. Their handmade looks gives each one a special singularity. What better collection for an eclectic creative soul that loves world culture, travel, monsters, and colorful kitsch galore?

What's your favorite collection and its personal history or you? If you have a collection you'd like to share on the blog I'd LOVE to see it. Send it over!
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Friday, April 8, 2016

My Favorite Quick Lunch: Creamy 2 Ingredient and 2 Step Cucumber Guacamole

If you're looking to add something quick and fresh to your lunch or snack break, this cucumber guacamole will satisfy. It only has two ingredients but it's surprisingly filling, perfect for anyone who's trying to "spring clean" their bodies. The water-rich cucumber detoxes and helps me keep water-levels up with frequent bike rides in hot, humid Florida and the avocado beautifies and nourishes.

All you have to do to make this is dice your large cucumber. Then you mash your avocado into the cucumber. I do this with my hands until every bit of cucumber is coated with avocado. If you're trying to make this lower in fat, half the avocado will cover everything beautifully as well. The crunchy cucumber pairs perfectly with the green avocado.

You can add a squeeze of lime, cumin, smoked paprika or even curry powder and a pinch of salt to this and it will taste delicious, but it tastes delicious just as it is with your simple plants and no additives. If I'm trying to make a heartier meal I'll add some greens and slices of seitan or tempeh.

I love easy meals for this when times are too crazy-busy! I hope this helps you when you need to whip up something healthy and delicious quickly.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Business Reminder: Schedule Every Single Thing You Have To Do and Stick To It!


This is a reminder that may be a "no duh" common sense tip, but dammit, I find myself having to keep coming back to this one and stick to it! Every Wednesday this month I want to touch business tips related to organization, success, and spring cleaning, and had to start with the most important one many small business owners neglect. Setting a schedule a sticking to it will make you more money, keep you successful, keep you sane, and help your business thrive!

I tend to stick with my schedule for a long stretch of time and then neglect to write them out eventually once I feel like I've "got the hang" of things and without fail I always end up scattered and crazy. A quick and easy way to make sure your schedule is getting things done for you is to:

1.) Make your goals for the year
2) Divide that into goals for each month
3) Then write what you need to do to accomplish the monthly goals
4) Then write those into your calendar as action steps to accomplish
5) If you're a blogger, you can also write in your posts for the months to come

It sounds too-easy and common sense but many people don't do this. I didn't do it for a while until recently, I had to get back on it!

I write in pencil so I can change things because things will always come up, but this keeps me busy and making big progress with my businesses. (If you're looking for a good planner my 2016 Workbook walks you through the process of discovering your true goals and scheduling them for the year.

You ready!? DO IT. Write down EVERY single thing you need to do then do the hardest part, actually cross those bitches off of your to-do list! You're going to feel amazing, you'll see your business move forward exponentially and you'll be happy, productive and successful.

What do you do to keep organized? Any planner or apps to recommended?
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Monday, April 4, 2016

DIY Re-Usable Beeswax Wraps: For Packed Lunch, Leftovers & Preserving Produce.


These re-usable beeswax wraps are the handy kitchen tool you didn't know you needed! The blend of anti-microbial and anti-viral essential oils and beeswax help the wraps keep your produce, leftovers, and packed lunches fresh and safe. These wraps will also save you money (and save the environment) from saran wrap and aluminum foil purchases. Here's how you can make some of your own.

Ingredients & Supplies:

- 2-5 oz of Beeswax, depending on how many you're making
- Bay Essential Oil
- Cotton Fabric or a Mostly Cotton Polyester Blend
- A clean, cheap new paint brush you'll use only for beeswax crafts ever-after!
- Aluminum Foil
- Oven

I liked Bay Essential Oil because it's from an edible plant and it's extremely anti-viral. You can also use Thyme, Cypress, or Pine.


I've tried making these several ways. My initial idea was to dip the fabric into the beeswax but unless you have a large crockpot or double boiler you use for this purpose only it's not practical, the wax will harden immediately once removed from the heat.

Dipping a brush in the warm wax doesn't work well either. It hardens to the brush before you can even spread it! Here's the best method for even application of beeswax.

Step 1: I used two large sheets of aluminum foil to melt my beeswax into the cloth. Once you get wax on any of your baking sheets you may never get it out (without a heat gun and/or a lot of patience with a paint scraper) so you probably want to do the same!

Step 2: Heat the oven to the lowest setting, mine was 170. You want it low to preserve the antimicrobial properties of your beeswax and your essential oil. Bay essential oil doesn't evaporate until 200 Degrees Fahrenheit, anything over and you'll lose the medicinal properties of your oil. Check the flash point of the essential oil of your choice.

Step 3: Grate Your Beeswax and stir a few drops of essential oils on the grated wax.

Step 4: Place your fabric pieces in the oven on top of the tin foil and sprinkle your grated wax evenly on top. Leave it to melt for a few minutes, then open the oven and use your paint brush to ensure an even spread. You want the fabric to be evenly soaked through with beeswax.

Step 5: Hang wraps to dry, they dry quickly. You may need to do 2-3 layers particularly on the bigger sheets which are harder to cover evenly. You know your wraps have enough wax when they cling easily to any of the cups/bowls/produce/etc. that you're covering.

Forgive my loose threads on these, my pinking shears are missing. 

I made mine in a wide variety of sizes: small ones for cut produce like above, big ones for wrapping bundles of herbs or covering big bowls or pans and medium ones for my mugs and bowls. You can even trace your existing bowls and cups to ensure you get the desired size and shape. By the by, if you want some of these but don't want to spend the time and effort to make them let me know and I'll hook you up with a local artisan who makes these with artisan crafted fabrics. Nope, not paid to promote anyone here, just helping out a local business owner- and maybe you if you'd rather just buy the damn things. We all have those things we'd rather just buy!

I hope this post inspires you to make your own or think creatively about produce/leftover protection. I have a bunch of Spring Cleaning / Organizing / Green Living posts planned for all of April, come on back every other weekday to check them out for DIYS and inspiration!
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