Friday, January 31, 2014

IKEA Hack DIY / MODify: Easy Roller Blind Professional Photo Backdrop Set-Up


I consigned myself to paying well over $100 for "professional" photo backdrops when my mom suggested something that should have been obvious- why not use roller blinds/shades instead? We bought the two above while in Orlando's IKEA to retrieve my merchandise storing expedit unit and I love using them.

I pull them down when they're needed, then they go back up and out of the way when I'm done. As I've said before inspiration strikes at random and I needed fast access to my backdrops so I could get to work before the creative spark fizzles out.

There is a slight texture that can be smoothed on the white background by adjusting levels in Adobe Photoshop Elements and I need a ladder to access the gray backdrop but it's still much better than bringing out and setting backdrops, a stand and clips every time I need to take a photo. (Or taping poster board/pinning fabric to the wall as I was doing.) And it's cheap. Win/win! (Here's an inexpensive white roller blind you can order to get you started.)

White and Gray Photo Backdrops, Clips and Stands Online: $124.98+
Roller Blinds from IKEA: $30.00
Easy Use, Tidy Photo Station: Priceless

Past MODifies: Art Hanging / Record/Magazine Display / Fabric Photo Station

Do tell, what do you use to take photos? Always open to ideas and suggestions!
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Top 5 Retro Music Picks of 2013: Smooth & Simulating Creative Work Playlist

I don't know about you but my brain needs a break! When work gets rough, popping on groovy retro tunes provides an instant mood boost and rejuvenates creativity, and we Got Lucky in 2013 with some Beautiful neo-retro tunes to Lose Ourselves in Dance to- see what I did there--hear me out and listen to these new classic before you pelt me with rotten vegetables for that one:

1) Daft Punk, Get Lucky: How could I not love a straight-up classic disco song composed by ROBOTS?! The first few seconds I heard this song play I had a new favorite for life. As a longtime Daft Punk fan, I'm ecstatic they got so much mainstream exposure (and Grammy wins) for Random Access Memories. || Listen || Buy

2) Bruno Mars, Treasure: Irresistible throw-back to late seventies/early eighties funk/disco. Feeling down? Play this, it's your anti-depressant. The "intentionally bad" retro video/live performances to go with it are adorable, homage done right. (Compare to Prince's similar I Wanna Be Your Lover which I love more than I have space to articulate.) || Listen || Buy

3) Mariah Carey, Beautiful: A 1960s-style Motowney soulful love song. An apple pie all American classic. Listen and long for carefree summer drives, a languid country road stretched before you, illuminated by fireflies and moonlight. Beautiful, indeed! || Listen || Buy

4) Daft Punk, Lose Yourself to Dance: Another disco/funk song I can't stop listening to, it encapsulates the sheer joy of losing yourself to a passion. Funky yet light. I love lose myself in work to this. Random Access Memories puts a fresh spin on the early 80s transition from disco to the new. || Listen || Buy

I see what you did there, Daft Punk. AND I LOVE YOU FOREVER FOR IT. This album's branding delights.

5) Macklemore, Thrift Shop:  Since 2012 I've received dozens of messages from readers/friends/family about Thrift Shop ("I thought of you! It's You! You Must Listen!") and they were all very sweet gestures, but having it sent to me over-and-over for years embittered me. (You have to know the feeling? The question everyone asks you that you're tired of fielding?) A douchey hipster within screamed,
"I don't need no damn thrift rap song to validate my lifestyle! I know it's awesome. I have been like this my entire existence, my first trike was from a dumpster, I've been in and out of thrift shops since toddlerhood, my mother's mother thrifted, it's in my DNA!"  
Late 2013 I came to accept this bold rejection of materialism. A hip hop song about Thrift Shopping become a Billboard #1 song, and it's the first rap song that made it onto Billboard Top 100 without backing by a major record label! After a sharp economic decline The People of America are ready to embrace thrifting as an expression of individuality, an alternative to covering yourself in overpriced "brand names" to establish self worth and a personal style. Still not on my playlist but a song to respect and admire. Especially in the Hip Hop genre, rife with empty materialism and label-dropping. For anyone who doubts his talent, witness how good he is in the superior, triumphant Can't Hold Us! || Listen || Buy

Honorable Mentions: (1) Suit & Tie: I should love this, I appreciate the big band, Fred Astaire classy look but it doesn't move me. Too restrained? Still good. || Listen || Buy (2) No honorable mention for Blurred Lines as my slight guilty pleasure for that sexy stolen beat; instead I'll remember a Robin Thicke that used charm and not cockiness to Get You Alone.

I can only hope the tides of pop music are 'a changin' for the better with the latest reinventions of sounds of the past to get us moving! Thanks 2013, you weren't all bad after all. Here's a playlist of my top 5 for ya.

So let's talk music: Got any work playlists to share? What were your favorite songs from 2013? Do recommend any songs you'd think I'd like with my strong disco/soul/funk/Motown/retro music tastes? Always looking for more!
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Indie Business Help, Advertising for February 2014 and More Thrift Core Updates

And just like that the first month of the new year is practically over. How'd you do on your resolutions? Rainy weather put a damper on my daily bike rides, I need to invest in a jump rope, but I'm happy I jumpstarted moving again. The exercise is a huge energy boost. Already also seeing a difference on the Monthly Experiments front. Wait 'til you see the photos!

Advertise: There's space for advertisers on the side bar for February 2014, an excellent month to get exposure for your business. Looking back at the numbers February is the 2nd best sales month next to December for all the Valentines gifting and of course, spending those tax returns. E-mail me and/or check out my advertising page for more details and my credentials. I'd love to help you promote your business.

Biz Services: I also offer product photography, web marketing, banner design and business consulting services. Don't let another year slip by, get your small business moving!

Affiliates: I really appreciate your reading and support into 2014. I wanted to remind everyone that I do have affiliate links to items I really love and appreciate on Amazon (my Amazon Store, still fixing it up) and for my much-loved and often-used Vitamix blender. If you buy a product through these affiliate links I earn a small commission. If you were going to buy them anyway, please do go through the links on my website to help support my tiny indie operation. E-mail me if you'd like me to be an affiliate.

Brick & Mortar Plans: There are no guarantees and nothing official on this yet but I am looking for retail space again, I feel like I've expanded past working in my apartment. I'm considering booting up a KickStarter (or any type of fundraiser) to help with this and hope I could get your support on this project. I'd love for this shop to host craft nights, art shows and really stimulate and inspire the community.

/ Comments Off while I possibly escape to the flea market before some immanent-looking rainfall and continue planning and scheming. Need services? Have much-needed support to offer (brick and mortar owning tips, I need 'em!)  e-mail or Instagram/Facebook/Twitter message.
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Halmoni Vintage: Tips for Starting Your Own Brick & Mortar and Living the Dream

I talked with Natasha, owner of Oakland California vintage clothing boutique Halmoni Vintage about her thrifting travels across the continental (and beyond!) USA travels. I can't believe it didn't strike me until later to write about her glorious shop! I love the look and mission behind it and admire a girl going after her dreams.

1) Please tell us a little about yourself Natasha, who are you and what do you do?  
I am the owner of Halmoni, a vintage boutique in Oakland, CA that focuses on statement pieces and body positivity. I am a fat woman of color who loves expressing myself through clothing and I want to bring visibility to people who also love vintage and look like me. 

2) As a fellow curvy woman of color I absolutely love that mission. We can't have enough body love/acceptance out there, ever. How long have you been thrifting? 
I have been thrifting since I was about 12 years old. My best friend growing up had an older sister who would let us tag along when she went on thrifting adventures to all the hidden spots in the boogie down Bronx where I'm from. 

3) How long have been collecting vintage? 
I have been collecting vintage items since high school. When I did go thrifting, I would always see items that just couldn’t be left behind and I had to take them. I considered myself the “search and rescue” team of all things vintage.

4) When did you open Halmoni vintage and what was your mission with the shop? 
Halmoni opened July of 2011. My mission with the shop is to have a non-pretentious vintage boutique that focuses on body positivity and making community. There are certain situations when some people think, “Oh, am I cool enough to go into that shop? Will there be anything in there for me?” and my answer to those questions is always an enthusiastic: “HELL YES!”

5) Love that mission too, I always strive for the same approachability in everything I do. There can be a lot of uncomfortable cliquey exclusivity in creative communities. What were the biggest challenges you faced starting out with your shop? 
One of the biggest challenges I faced was switching from worker bee to queen bee with this being my first venture as an entrepreneur. I had to learn to not only be a shop owner but also a stylist, graphic designer and bookkeeper, just to name a few of the hats I wear. 

The lovely and stylish Natasha in head-to-toe vintage duds.

6) What's your favorite and least favorite element of running your own vintage shop? 
I like that I get to help people in more ways than just fashion. For example, I hold clothing swaps focused on body empowerment and through that I’ve been able to help people with body acceptance and nurturing their curiosity of vintage. My not so favorite element would be the bookkeeping. But that’s not so bad because I am doing my dream job. 

7) I dread doing my taxes here soon, stopping being creative to do paperwork suuucks. What are your creative influences/inspirations? 
Children are definitely an inspiration because they are so free with everything especially with the way they dress. I am also inspired by my memories of growing up in NYC but now meshing that with living in Cali. 

Love this personal touch on the vintage jewelry backings.

8) I see a distinct creative flair and love for indie art in your business. Any favorite artists you'd like to give a shout out to? 
Dave Young Kim is an Oakland based muralist that everyone needs to know! 

9) How has your community accepted your shop? Is there an appreciation for vintage in your area? 
The community is my number one fan! The street where the shop is located at used to be made up of mostly empty storefronts so, I like to think that Halmoni has helped with the renaissance that is happening in the neighborhood and in Oakland. Also, there is an appreciation for the shop because it is a part of memory lane for lots of people who live in the area. 

10) What are the top 3 tips you'd give to someone who wants to start their own brick and mortar vintage shop?
1) Believe in yourself and don’t beat yourself up over little mistakes. 
2) Hire a bookkeeper. 
3) It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be good.

Thanks so much Natasha for sharing your story and for the support (hope you love the Unicorn swag you've ordered!) I love the three tips above, so very true all three. Check out the Halmoni Vintage site and Facebook/Twitter.

What would your dream vintage shop/cafe/brick & mortar be like? I'm actually about to start the business plan for my dream one again. I see lots of local art, vintage housewares abound, beautiful...
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Monday, January 27, 2014

Thrift Haul: Mid Century Modern Furniture, Shelves, Records, and Apartment Decor


Yesterday I participated in a vintage sale that did really well, I'll definitely have to write more about it and conspire to do more of them, I really missed selling vintage in-the-field and interacting with customers! The bohemian on-the-go-Thrift Core boutique ideas are a-brewin'. Anywho, behold the lovely finds I've scored at the sale and at the flea market this Wednesday.

Behold my gorgeous industrial side table. I love it as a printing table for now, would make a great bar. It's going to Craigslist soon. Of course, e-mail me if you're local (or beyond) and want to buy anything in this post.

I bought this gorgeous Mid Century Modern record rack from Carla (wanted to buy much more from here, she always has great stuff) it's headed to Etsy soon, will update with the listing soon.

After the sale a vendor gave me this beautiful green chest that's going to Craigslist and Southern Crossing soon. It's light and lovely.  I got some other freebies I'll have to share in future posts soon! Thanks everyone!

I always do well with curio shelves, I was going to put him on Etsy but shipping big items is a bitch, it may go to Southern Crossing today.

And I found this lovely skinny-leg mod bookshelf table at a curios yard/estate sale combo. It doesn't match my hey wakefield one (which goes to my vanity, more on that soon) but it makes my bedroom so much more cozy. Now there's even more to read as I toss and turn at night! Working on Ender's Game, it's excellent.

There they are together with the blinding morning sunbeam searing a proverbial hole through the windows. I'm going to build matching ones (DIY to come) and will scatter the little ones around the house while the wait for a buyer. Books, I need them everywhere!

I shared this gorgeous tin collection Saturday but had to share another photo. I took a risk on this set but damn, they're so beautiful I wouldn't find having this beautiful collection around to inspire me in the meantime.

And I forgot to showcase these records before! These have been on my to-find list for a while and one of my favorite flea market vendors (another that knows me as "Camera Girl", I need to film these flea market trips someday, you'd get a kick out of it) had these glorious records in a pile of rubble!

I had an "Off The Wall" case but not the actual record, it's my absolute favorite by Michael Jackson, his lilting ethereal voice goes so well with soulful R&B tracks. And Songs in the Key of Life!? So Damn Good. So hard to pick a favorite from it and nearly every  American alive is familiar with at least one track from it. Especially I Wish which was sampled for the equally catchy Wild Wild West theme song.

Welp, now it's time for an epic clean-up! I was too tired to put loads of merchandise away last night. E-mail me if you see anything you'd like to buy!

Linked to: [Nifty Thrifty] [Thrifter|Maker|Fixer] [Sir Thrift a Lot]
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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Typeface Muse: My New Japanese Tin Collection + Big Vintage Sale Tomorrow

Tables glittering with exotic wares sat before a regal historic home (now apartments) yesterday, beckoning as I passed. This is a recurring event where estate sale vendors clearance less-valuable wares, this time someone's collections from Japan were in the mix. These Japanese tins were spread out by the curb, unassuming and mixed in with gaudy M&Ms Christmas tins. Of COURSE I bought the whole lot. I Regret Nothing.

Revolve Vintage & Modern Sale: I'll be bringing my gorgeous new tins and much more vintage swag to a vintage sale tomorrow, Sunday January 26th in front of Revolve Vintage & Modern! If you're local I hope you'll stop by, I'll be selling loads of wares at low prices! I'll be there from 9AM to 2PM.

Address: 4201 St. Johns Ave Jacksonville, FL 32210  Call: (904) 232-8924

Send me an e mail or Instagram/Facebook/Twitter message if you have an questions.
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Branding Behind-the-Scenes: Price Tags, Biz Cards, and my Pedantic Creation Process


Consistent, strong branding is critical. Good design uses less for more impact; every pixel, word, and line tells a story. I'm always curating behind-the-scenes, editing to make my story obvious. It's too easy to do for my clients as the third party streamlining their thoughts but clearing out my own tangled brain-matter is like trying to take solid hold of a greased-up water snake toy. Underwater. During a Tsunami. I thought I'd share my behind-the-scenes branding-mess process and start a discussion on what attracts you to certain brands and designs.

I still love my newer large novelty-sized custom-stamp price tags (creation process here) but needed more diversity in size for smaller items. The big tags overwhelm small items and too many together look crowded on a shelf.

I decided to use three diminutive stamps I found in a random craft store while visiting Japan on 1"x 1" tags. They look perfect in my antique mall booths, adding variety while showcasing the playful nature of the brand. No one locally can have stamps like these, love their solidarity.

I'm also taking a re-taking branding photos to use on shipping labels, thank-you cards, icons, web banners, linking buttons, business cards and more behind the scenes. This one was staged for my business cards and items seen were arranged various times before I chose this composition.

The various photos staged and re-staged as seen in my memory card. When boyfriend watches me take and re-take photos with slight adjustments he says I have OCD and ADD and need adderall...

Seems too busy though, I'm thinking maybe text-only cards would be best? I want to include robots and dinosaurs in my branding because it's so uniquely me but it's hard to use them without making it look tacky, like a a confused toy store.

Edit: Here are my initial card designs, all too busy and the balance of the text is all off. Below is my latest "finished design".

So Let's Discuss, what attracts you to a certain brand or design? I'm attracted to sincerity, humor and honesty and very consistent, clean branding that doesn't neglect texture and diversity. I'll be editing the apartment today, taking photos for my upcoming eBook, aaaah, 'tis a beautiful thing!
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

5 Actions Steps for Transforming Your Health. Tips that helped me lose weight and keep it off.

Good health is 80% diet, 20% exercise, what we eat is paramount. Which is beautiful because eating trumps moving. I shared my weight loss/health change story but to recap; I lost 30lbs and gained improved energy, mental clarity, immune system function, skin/hair/nails by stuffing myself with anti-oxidizing, delicious, nutrient-dense fruits, veggies and leafy greens daily. The action steps below make it second-nature. Try them to make healthy changes simple.

Went for a bike ride, then ate this whole pineapple. Yum. Note the Yuko-Photo-Bomb.

1) Change Your Mindset. This is a POSITIVE lifestyle adjustment.
Negativity derails progress. Think, "I get to stuff myself to the brim with fruits, veggies, and fun new healthy recipes," rather than "I can't eat this" or "I HAVE to lose weight." I promise the whole food recipe potential is unlimited. Look at the beautiful raw vegan chocolate I get to pack-up at eat at my one-day-a-week raw vegan kitchen job. Yum.

2) Emphasize Whole, Unprocessed Food
You don't have to be a pedantic mostly-raw vegan like me to be healthy; we're extremists. (I love it, though. Works for me, personally.) You don't have to be vegan or vegetarian, but the vast majority of what you eat should be whole, unprocessed food. As little as possible from boxes. If you're eating meat, eggs, or dairy try to ensure it's sustainably harvested because the alternative is pumped full of steroids, antibiotics and other junk our body has to work harder to process, resulting in sluggish performance and looks. Also, fruits and veggies should far surpass protein intake, stuff in those leafy greens!

3) Pantry Purge and Replace
If possible, get rid of all temptations (I know not always possible with family or roomies but do your best) and replace it with impulse foods you can eat. Fill the pantry with impulse food you can and love to eat so failure isn't an option. Always keep the house stuffed with food or the junk food of the world will call your name...

4) Cook Ahead
Cook batches of food ahead of time healthy option is always there waiting for you. I like to make big batches of vegetable soup, quinoa, rice and other components of meals in bulk.

5) Upgrade to Healthier Versions of Your Favorites
We already have our eating habits in place, start slow and replace a meal you like with a healthier version. I've mentioned I was a hamburger addict, I replaced hamburgers with veggie burgers on a whole grain bun when I craved it as I was starting out. Now I never want either. Replace breakfast with a big fruit smoothie and/or dinner with a big delicious salad but continue to eat a favorite lunch for example. Again, the key is to enjoy the replacement meal just as much.

Tip, Always Be Ready: Having work stations (I have blending and tea stations) always ready-to-go will make adapting healthy habits easier. Update your tools one at a time when you can. My Vitamix was worth every penny I absolutely loving using it every day to squeeze in as many fruits and veggies as possible. If you order here you get free shipping. (And you help support this blog via the affiliate link, too ;)

I know for a fact that switching to a mostly whole unprocessed food diet was the most positive life change I've ever made, I love to share all I know and help others get healthier and happier.  Good luck on your journey. Feel free to leave questions in the comments or e-mail me. I also added health food/raw veganism questions to my FAQ page here. Questions about how I eat are now among the top things I'm asked about when I'm encountered in the wild, glad these posts are making an impact and helping people make positive life changes. It's still a fresh new year, let's get healthy! I'll continue to share favorite healthy treats throughout the year.

/Comments Off on today's post so I can focus on writing my indie biz eBook and Planner (please e-mail me any and all indie biz question you have, would really help me write the book and great posts into the future). More detailed organization posts coming soon. Send me an e mail or Instagram/Facebook/Twitter message if you wanna chat.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What I Didn't Buy at the Flea Market: Tempting Mugs, Robots, Knick Knacks...

With my antique mall booth stuffed to the brim (another expansion hopefully coming soon!) and my vintage stock finally dwindling a bit and organized I'm wary of bringing in new finds. My rules: no more wall hangings, mugs, beer steins, knick knacks that aren't of the incredible unique big-eye sell-fast variety, try to stick to true mid century modern, nothing that's not unique and incredible. Of course, I keep breaking my rules, but there's progress! Here's what I left behind this past frosty Sunday morning:

A beautiful beer stein! In green! I have the strangest vintage beer stein/mug fetish, totally unjustifiable. These souvenir types are especially risky so I exercised all my will power to leave behind another slow selling dust collector.

Unicorns! Unicorns actually sell really well for me and these have neon-spray-paint potential but I'm still iffy about that process. Exercised more will power to leave 'em. Go away! Out of sight knick knacks, sick of storing you!!!

I'm not letting myself collect anymore toys for the moment so I didn't even dig. Witness the requisite nude Barbie doll pile. People these days, I kept my dolls so pristine they're still looking like new in my parent's attic. Treat your toys nice, kids! You're turning me into my mom. Do you think money grows on trees?!

My "ceramics guy" (I'm a regular, often-known as "The Girl with the Camera" and frequently asked if these photos will end up on TV or my "next book"... I wish) was there as usual but I've already got so many planters from him to sell. And cookie jars and decanters sit too damn long.

I found an adorable matt brown version of the same exact cookie jar that sat forever before it sold at one of my antique mall booths for less than I would have liked.

And right next to him was my favorite "toy guy", Nick. His den must be wall-to-wall pop culture toy galore, he always brings out new goodies and lets me photograph his set-ups like a crazy person. He enjoyed the old toy collages I used to make.

M.A.S.K toys and Transformers aplenty, lots of goodness this time around! Look at the huge Metroplex! Want!

Wait and who's this!? Rodimus Prime!? I liked Hot Rod better but damn I still want a Hot Rod of Rodimus of my own. One of my favorite Transformers.

That's what he said, I heard it...

I really want the MASK van and this glorious Retro Go-Bot! Isn't he glorious! Too bad he was $20.00. Boo. My hunt continues. I will dream of this Go Bot tonight no doubt.

My "other" toy guy has an equally neat set-up with toys organized by type.

I enjoy the sight of these pill-guys grouped together.

And Transformers kept following me and haunting me. I want you all to live with me my beauties. I loved the juxtaposition of "battle scarred" Unicorn next to pristine Unicorn. He lost the battle of time and rough play with kids.

More Robots! Power Rangers HO! I still have that same red guy in the top left there to sell on eBay. It's HILARIOUS to scare your pets with them. Give it a try if you find one, I'll have to upload a video of Yuko being terrorized by it. I'm evil.

I really wanted these cute wall hangings and maybe should have took 'em home? What do you think? The only wall hangings I bought home cost pocket change so I could justify them sitting around for a while, but these ones had selling potential to me.

And a mug, of course! What the hell is with me and my mug fetish?! Loved this crab one.

Turtle Pile! The neon turtle coin bank was hyper close to joining my shop but had a small chip at one of the mouths. Boo!

This table set was absolutely incredible! Wouldn't mind putting that one in my apartment. Didn't even ask about the price, furniture is too slow moving for me to bother. I only have my apartment for storage, no room for anything to sit. And I hate lugging it around. Up and down stairs in and out of trucks, bah hum bug.

I also enjoyed this small child-sized 1960s groovy rocking chair. It's seen better says but the fabric is far-out.

Holy Smexy Trailer, Batman! Stopped to take some shots, and when I came back there was another surprise...

It belonged to my "sign guy", I met him at a yard sale where I learned he does that installations at our local Urban Outfitters. I may collaborate with him on building shop installations if my brick and mortar ever happens! He told me his trailer's going to be transformed into an on-the-go coffee truck! He's agreed to let me document the process so stay-tuned for posts on that.

He had a great set-up and loads of quality goods. I bought the epic robot lamp in Monday's post from him and some nice wall hangings I'll show next week, ran out of time to photograph them this time.

He had a lot of temptations going on there! Eek!

I wanted almost everything on this table, Io love canisters and cups but kitchenware sits forever for me.

I'm on the prowl for a record player just like this one, this one didn't work and had water damage so I had to leave it. The hunt continues!

Also tempted by this vintage Lite-Brite with all the lights included! Sexy! The packaging alone is beautiful.

And one final glorious sight, it took a while to get a great shot of this squirming puppy. Those eyes! One of my favorite elements of flea market/yard sale hunting are the critters you'll see. I've seen a pet MONKEY, Lizards, Giant Birds and dog galore. A regular brings around sister-dogs that look like Coyotes that I want to steal...but this one! It's so cute! It's like an anime mascot; it's a Pokemon! (Actually a Siberian Husky mix.)

Anything you've regretted leaving behind lately? What would have tempted you in this post? Sound off!
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