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The 2014 Thrift Core Projects List: Turning Business Musing into Action!

Is "I can do that!" your first thought when admiring contraptions, art pieces or businesses? Do you prefer learn by doing, skipping directions? Do you juggle multiple projects? Do you work out of order, hopping from one project to another throughout the day? If so, you're a fellow hands-on entrepreneur-brained learner, COMPELLED to try on as many hats as possible before shedding your mortal coil.

The problem is turning jumbled brain ramblings into concrete verbs and actions steps. My intent in 2014 is to test the waters and try new projects. If I don't like the creative process, I can stop. I just can't live another year without trying to reach some big dreams. Expect goal updates every Sunday, to inspire you and keep myself accountable!

Last Updated: April 2, 2014    January 1, 2015

PROJECT 1: Streamline Blog/Brand 

Step 1: New Banners Step 2: New PR Photos Step 3: Organize subpages Step 4: New Subpages Step 5: New Posting Schedule and make it Public  Step 6: Consistent look/message established Step 7: Master PR Spreadsheet Completed Step 8: Determine demographics Step 9: Ongoing, find printers to use/peeps to work with

PROJECT 2: Huge Vintage Clearance 

Step 1: Re-photograph worst photos idea cancelled, too time consuming for items I'm earning LESS on  Step 2: Re-Organize categories Step 3: Haul posts with sales Step 4: Promote the big sales Step 5: Advertise on Craigslist Step 6: Move clearance items to mall booth

PROJECT 3: Sales Goal, at least $36,000/$3K Month for 2014 // Ongoing

Step 1: Set daily sales goals Step 2: Detailed inventory Step 3: Move Etsy items to eBay. DIDN'T WORK Step 4: List my"nerd stuff" on eBay- Didn't do it all, but so far, not working Step 5: Make plans for easy money-producing lines Step 6: Advertise; research Step 7: Schedule more vintage hunting Step 8: Create plan to keep revenue consistent.

PROJECT 4: Better Antique Mall Booth 

Step 1: Analyze and document all sales, take note of sales trends. Step 2: Buy the wooden letters, paint and hang them Step 3: Make slogan sign Step 4: Find/make displays for lines

PROJECT 5: Indie Business Help eBook 

Step 1) Research Step 2) First Draft Step 3) Test/Proofread Process Step 4) Promote Step 5) Release

PROJECT 6: Ultimate Planner Project 

Step 1) Research Step 2) Make Pages Step 3) Print First Run Step 4) List Step 5) Promote

PROJECT 7: Storage Jar Project 

Step 1) Plan line Step 2) Produce Step 3) Look Book Step 4) List Step 5) Displays Step 6) In SOCO Step 7) Local (Grassroots, Greenman, etc.)
 Cancelled or on-hold

PROJECT 8: Magazine Writing Job 

Step 1: Research (library/online/ask people) Step 2: New Resume Step 3: Put magazine work desire on blog/Clist/Everywhere. Step 4: Add magazines/editor names to my master PR spreadsheet. Follow on twitter. Step 5: Create editorial proposals Step 6: E-mail at least 5 editors with personalized proposals. Step 7: Update linked-in Step 8: Network on linked-in

PROJECT 9: Blog Editorial Writing Job / Guest Posts 

Steps 1-8 same as above! Editorial Job: Step 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 Guest Posts: Step 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

PROJECT 10: Ceramics // Due: Feb 28th

Step 1: Illustrate line Step 2: E-mail artists Step 3: Post CList Ad Step 4: Work out price point Step 5: Streamline process Step 6: Create initial line. Step 7: Product photos Step 8: Look-Book Step 9: Write my post introducing the final product! Step 10: E-mail the media list  Hold

PROJECT 11: Drawn /Digital Art Print Line/ Toy Photo Prints / Mixed Media / Book Page Scans

ALL: Step 1) Draw/plan it Step 2) First line! Step 3) Look Book/Promote Step 4) On Etsy Step 5) Prints for SOCO/Art Shows Step 6) Make Displays

Drawn: Step 12/ 3/ 4 / 5/ 6 same as above Due: Feb 4th
Digital: Step 1/ 2/ 3// 5/ 6 same as above Due: Jan 21
Toy LineStep 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6 same as above Due: Feb 4th
Mixed Media: Step 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6 same as above Due: March 4th
Book Pages: Step 1) Organization plan Step 2) Scan Step 3) Cut Then Step 1/2/3/4/5/6 same as above! Due: Feb 4th

PROJECT 12: Mom's Side-Income 

Step 1) Home purge  Want to do even more here! Step 2) Make Work Spaces Step 3) Make biz plan/determine her projects Step 4) Help her promote

PROJECT 13: Volunteer Work: For Animals & The Needy 

Step 1: Research companies Step 2: Contact, offer services Step 3: Schedule and help! Step 4: Spread the word!  volunteering marketing services to a community center. Want to do more, though.

PROJECT 14: Herbs and Essential Oils 

Step 1: Research essential oils/herbs/healing properties Step 2: Order seeds Step 3: Plan our herb gardens Step 4: Get Planting Step 5: Harvest and dry the bounty Step 6: Essential oils experiment Step 7: package the bounty to give to friends/family in need Step 8: Profit? Sell bounty locally and nationally  ONGOING, now attending herbalism school

Personal Ongoing: 30 minute bike rides, apartment streamlining, weekly adventures  Even better, replaced bike rides with consistent work outs.

Back Burner Projects: brick and mortar shop, set-up separate "Shop" domain for shows if possible/time allows,  schedule art/anime shows if possible, web show, veggie garden, jewelry line (perhaps promote/sell good ones I like instead), organic skin care hygiene products line, artist/creativity magazine, learn how to work with wood, Learn how to knit/crochet, Published Book...

Suggestions? Wanna Collaborate? Say Hi? Tell me I'm Insane?  Send me an e mail or Instagram/Facebook/Twitter message

/ Comments Off on the weekend so I can clean my disaster-home, prep the week's post, stuff myself with fruits and veggies...see you tomorrow, I'm going to have huge assortment of quality vintage pieces of CLEARANCE for you!
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