Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Indie Business Help, Advertising for February 2014 and More Thrift Core Updates

And just like that the first month of the new year is practically over. How'd you do on your resolutions? Rainy weather put a damper on my daily bike rides, I need to invest in a jump rope, but I'm happy I jumpstarted moving again. The exercise is a huge energy boost. Already also seeing a difference on the Monthly Experiments front. Wait 'til you see the photos!

Advertise: There's space for advertisers on the side bar for February 2014, an excellent month to get exposure for your business. Looking back at the numbers February is the 2nd best sales month next to December for all the Valentines gifting and of course, spending those tax returns. E-mail me and/or check out my advertising page for more details and my credentials. I'd love to help you promote your business.

Biz Services: I also offer product photography, web marketing, banner design and business consulting services. Don't let another year slip by, get your small business moving!

Affiliates: I really appreciate your reading and support into 2014. I wanted to remind everyone that I do have affiliate links to items I really love and appreciate on Amazon (my Amazon Store, still fixing it up) and for my much-loved and often-used Vitamix blender. If you buy a product through these affiliate links I earn a small commission. If you were going to buy them anyway, please do go through the links on my website to help support my tiny indie operation. E-mail me if you'd like me to be an affiliate.

Brick & Mortar Plans: There are no guarantees and nothing official on this yet but I am looking for retail space again, I feel like I've expanded past working in my apartment. I'm considering booting up a KickStarter (or any type of fundraiser) to help with this and hope I could get your support on this project. I'd love for this shop to host craft nights, art shows and really stimulate and inspire the community.

/ Comments Off while I possibly escape to the flea market before some immanent-looking rainfall and continue planning and scheming. Need services? Have much-needed support to offer (brick and mortar owning tips, I need 'em!)  e-mail or Instagram/Facebook/Twitter message.
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