Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thrift Core 2014: Whole Living, Thrifting, Frugality, Art, Indie Business, Robots...

I am overflowing with article ideas for Thrift Core and so excited to crank them out and write abundantly into 2014. I'm adding new topics and series into the editorial schedule and finally "letting go" so the real me shine through with some embarrassing revelations and personal stories.

I'll also share more sales numbers, personal lists, and progress on specific goals this year; it keeps me accountable, gives a real behind-the-scenes on the indie biz/reseller lifestyle most media neglects, and helps others in my shoes realize they're not alone! Here's the current schedule:

MON:Thrift Hauls
TUE :Open
WED:What I Didn't Buy Wednesday
THU :Open
FRI   :DIY Friday
SAT :Favorites / Experiments / Random
SUN :Goals List

ONGOING PROJECTS (These will be the Tuesday and Thursday posts)

1) Creator Spotlight: C
reator's workspaces, processes, and inspirations. E-mail if you want a feature!
2) Mid Century Modern Designer History: Mod design history one item/designer at a time.
3) A-Muse: History on things/people that inspire. Creative starts, playlists and collections.
4) Project Follow-Ups: Follow-ups on reselling and art projects sporadically.
5) Creative Person Brain Info and Food: Exploring the creative brain to increase productivity.
6) Weekly/Monthly Favorites: Favorite blogs, songs, projects, people, movies & randomness.
7) Thrifting/Flea Markets/ Yard Sales/ Second Hand: Posts shall continue!
8) Monthly Experiments: Whole Living/Frugality theories, experiments, and their results.
9) Frugality, Vegan and Whole Living Posts: Living cheap and healthy. Recipes & DIYS.
10) Home Tours: Creative folk's cozy roosts. Showcasing real and attainable homes.
11) Adventures: Recaps of kitschy, science and nature spots I visit throughout the year.
12) Local: Local things, people, going-ons. Satisfies my local art magazine writing urges!
13) Books: Listing the best learnings as I work through my personal library. (Finally!)
14) Growing: Community gardens, my gardens, growing experiments.
15) Before/Afters: Before and Afters on homes and more! (Curated Corners, too.)

I aim to go to the next level with each post and thoroughly research and also let go and let the real me shine through when it's time to have fun. Comments will be off nearly every weekend but I look forward to reading and replying to your feedback during the week. The conversation this blog starts is my favorite part of the job!

I hope you'll stop by every single day of 2014 to read my progress with tackling long-time personal goals this year! For long-time readers and curious newbies alike, thank you for reading along. Again, send an e-mail if you have guest post ideas or want to be features as a home owner/artist/etc. I'm excited to collaborate more this year! Don't be shy.
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