Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Frugal DIY: Natural Pet Odor and All Purpose Spray For Your Pissant


My Yuko is a marshmallow fluff beauty of a cat blessed with dramatic almond-eyes and a curiously photogenic kitten-face. The pleasing exterior hides the heart... of a pisser! My roommate Marianne and I dubbed her the pissant when she randomly violated a couch and some area rugs. Bad kitty,  you normally never stray from your box! Luckily a reader sent me an easy, all-natural remedy for pet odors:

I use this spray on everything. I combine 25 drops of my fave essential oil, 2 cups of water, 1 cup of peroxide, and 1 cup of vinegar into a spray bottle. I use it on the hardwood, the furniture, mirrors, anywhere. (Maybe not supposed to wash hardwood with peroxide but I do anyway.) I have four dogs so I have six bottles posted around the house for easy clean up. Love the stuff and I like finding cute bottles and making up gift batches. My favorite oils to use are eucalyptus and citron because they are the cheapest and still smell super.
 -Delaney, awesome Thrift Core reader, animal activist and puppy caretaker

I mixed my batch of odor remover/cleanser and it worked wonders on the violated areas and makes an excellent all-purpose cleanser, too. Give it a try around your house! Just add one cup peroxide, two cups water, one cup vinegar, 25 drops of essential oil, shake and spray!

Yuko, like most cats, is a crotchety sociopathic pissant (I have her sleep in my room every night now, that stopped accidents) but it's all worth it when you get to wake up to that! Yuko is the most hilariously awkward and clumsy cat I've ever known. I guess I'll keep her!

Any natural pet remedies to share? Do you have a pissant of your own?
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Thrift Haul: Mid Century Modern Clocks, Lamps, and More From The Market

Flea markets are more than a smorgasbord of vintage hunting opportunity for me. There's a fascinating culture that goes with it, and each vendor's set-up is as mesmerizing as the retro and pop culture scores I excavate. With low prices, fun sellers, sunshine, fresh air, and fresh fruit to pick up along the way, I wouldn't miss thrift stores if flea markets became my only way to get merchandise. Last weekend I scored all the mod in this post for $7.00 from a favorite flea stop:

I added everything in today's post to my Southern Crossing mall booth and it might all be gone, but do e-mail me if you'd like anything you see. I was glad to get a nice hoard for less to stock up the mall since most of what I've got in stock is Etsy bound!

I tried to leave this sunny mod serving plate behind, but bought it home despite the damage. Love the geometric shapes.

My boyfriend found this groovy frog plaque in a box for a song, perfect for the bibliophile or frog obsessed among us.

And since we're on a plaque kick, this is the third plaque of this kind I've found. Always charming!

And I'm a sucker for this style of retro cartoony style kitchen plaque, love the random incongruous characters we have mixed in here and the splash of blue for color.

I managed to keep my cup lust to a minimum, bringing home this beautiful fox (is that a fox?) German-style beer stein.

I've seen many others like it but not one with an animal for a handle.

I also scored a mod table, magazine rack, and a retro sewing box. Loving all three of the glorious goodies.

The pattern on the table top is beautiful, it's quite faded so I was selling the table for $12.00 if anyone local wants to scoop it up. It may have already sold in Southern Crossing over the weekend. Selling the sewing box and magazine rack for $9.00 each.

And woah, big eye art. This one is too saccharine for my tastes but I can never resist retro art in this style. Selling her for $12.00 if anyone's interested, it's a big piece!

This adorable Hey Diddle Diddle kid's lamp is the first of its kind I've found without any of the character's arms or legs missing. Had to have it, though this type of lamp sells slow for me. Selling it for $9.00.

Here's a closer look at the atomic shaped magazine rack, if no one buys this beauty of $9.00 I may end up using it to host my hoarder's ransom of craft  magazines.

I'm on a huge lamp kick these days and the flea market delivered! I'd keep all three if I could but they've gotta go! Selling the two on the ends for $9.00 and the beautiful one in the middle (my favorite!) for $12.00.

I found another starburst Pyrex coffee pot, a beautiful small blue planter or dish (Made in Japan) sticker on the bottom and another lovely squirrel jar. The jar was intact but I broke the bottom when I got home, dammit! Selling the top for $3.00 if anyone would like it, would still make an another display? Garden decor, perhaps?

And I scored some more lovely needlepoint art work, love these things!

I love the Native American style pattern on the vase, the floral arrangement is very late 70s early 80s, I remember being fascinated by vases and arrangements that lingered around from this era when I was a young child in the late 80s.

And buttons of course! They were inside of the sewing box, I'll probably try to sell them as a lot on Etsy. You can buy them from me for $6.00 total if you need some buttons for art or crafting.

My favorite find was this glorious atomic style clock! Worse for wear, a bit faded and dirty, but those numbers! Glorious, I tell you! If you want a beautiful project piece with character (need a new clock kit installed) you can buy this beau from me for $9.00. As you can see, everything's priced to move with this haul. Gotta get 'em moving, lots to do!

By The Way: Making Ads and Designs for You!

This month has been fruitfully filled with helping clients set up their blogs, online marketing campaigns, and online stores. It's so rewarding, I love helping people get started on reaching their dreams. Here's my latest finished design:

Awesome. Exactly what I was looking for. The colors and font are perfect... those colors give the relax beach vibe I want to convey to customers. Also clean and classic. 
Thanks :)

-Donna, Jersey Shore Cottage

I still have ad space available for August, 2013, each ad comes with a free ad design! Send me an e-mail if you'd like to advertise on Thrift Core in August or if you'd like to work with me setting up any part of your web presence. I take product photos, build blogs, make branded packages and do marketing consulting.

Find anything amazing at the thrifts this weekend?! Do share your finds and posts in the comments.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

26 Before 27: Dreaming Big Before a Landmark Year. What Are Your Life Goals?

Psychological research reports the following top fears: self-consciousness, not being successful, the future, looking foolish, public speaking and making mistakes. Paradoxically, making mistakes, planning the future, making an ass out of yourself, and getting very uncomfortable is essential for reaching your life's dreams.

Confession time:  I have been complacent as hell all year!

I've been working on Thrift Core for 3-4 years, my income is stable and due to healthy lifestyle changes my expenses dropped. I work daily, but it's easier now; routine. I haven't grown and innovated like I should. My big wake-up call is the event occurring on October 16th, my 27th birthday!

I am crossing the threshold into my late twenties and it's a landmark year. Age is just a number and there's no deadline for accomplishing anything in life, I sincerely believe that. Yet there's a lot I must achieve before thirty. It's go-time, no more complacency! I'm putting my 26 Before 27 list out there to hold myself accountable and to inspire you to do the same. There's no better time to get started on avoiding your statistically likely fear of not being a success by working on being one RIGHT NOW:

1. Too negative lately. I will actively make a habit of replacing all negative thoughts with positive ones!
2.  Get all of my personal life together ASAP! Everything organized, finish all non-work goals I neglect.
3. Stick to a ruthless daily work schedule and accomplish shit daily so I can have DAYS OFF! Yay! Miss those!
4. Do something fun on every day off, something new! Explore. Photos. Things!
5. Learn to Swim really well, eventually want to try to surf! I love the beach!
6. Work on my book every work day.
7. Contact at least 5 publishers. Let's get the rejection letters rolling!
8. Visit 10 New Places in my own City. (In my own neighborhood, even!)
9. Visit 10 New Places outside my City.
10. Complete 3 drawings a week, 36 total! Project 36 Drawings Starts NOW!
11. Get rid of 100 or more possessions. Too. Much. Crap!
12. Get 2 weeks ahead on blog content.
13. Increase blog content quality, try my hardest on every single post. Edit! Ruthlessly!
14. Revamped Antique Mall Booth to pimped Thrift Core perfection.
15. Start my Jacksonville, Florida thrifty Apartment and Home Tour Series.
16. Start my Thrift Core YouTube video series.
17. Start my own thrifty and thrifted apartment before/after series. Perhaps interior design jobs one day!
18. Go to at least one art show or gallery per week for a total of at LEAST 12! Back to art! I miss it!
19. Make 2 crafts/DIYS per week and document the process.
20. Attempt to collaborate with 10 people/businesses I wouldn't have thought to try. Outside the box!
21. Contact my long list of magazines I'd like to work with or publish something in. Life dream!
22. Finish my first eBook! (Starting a web biz, reselling, blogging, marketing, whole living...hmm!)
23. Take at least 50 photos for my Etsy photo art print page I want to start.
24. Scan 50 book pages for the Etsy book page I've been collecting on for years.
25. Get myself moving every single day, start the long daily walk and/or bike ride habit again!
26. Vacation. Even if it's a mini-one, go somewhere, take some extended time off.

And so I'm not just brow-beating myself, here's some accomplishments I've achieved by 26:  Won a city-wide essay contest to earn my first PC, have made dozens of websites, self-taught myself HTML and graphic design in middle & high school, landed a pro writing job/marketing job at 21 with no college degree, published writer (ghost writing, but still!), transitioned from bad diet to raw veganism, survived several strict detoxes that previously seemed impossible, achieved profitable self-employment, have collaborated with VERY talented artists, have had art in galleries- shows- and purchased to display inside people's homes (!), established a brand/blog that reaches and inspires thousands globally- and viewers like YOU- THANK YOU for following along. I love that you're here.

What are your goals for the next 3 months? Don't be shy, share in the comments! What are your 26 goals for the next 3 months?! (12 weeks, 84 days!) By the way, would it help if I showed an update of these goals every Sunday and invited you to share your own? Life Goal Sundays!?
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Thrift Haul: Playing With Smalls, A Tiny Bathroom and Kitchen Addiction


I'll never grow up, I'm an eternal toy-lover. This weekend I found several sets of smalls. I paid more for these Tomy Made in Japan sets than I normally would, but I promised myself that I'd snatch them up again if I found them at an okay price. It's been fun staging them ever since:

I love the detail, this toilet lid opens and the toilet paper dispenser spins like the real thing, the faucets swivel, the drawers and cabinets open, and the basins are complete with detailed drains.

I love how the mirrors of this vanity open to reveal storage shelves you could likely line with various tiny depictions of mouthwash, toothpaste and bathroom potions.

But no bathroom is complete without a dinosaur! Ah, he just sets the scene perfectly.

And this mod kitchen set, too beautiful. Love the yellow cabinet and how you can see the planks of wood making the counter tops. The dishwasher opens to reveal a top rack for stocking dishes. But you know what this kitchen needs?!

GOD DAMN DINOSAURS, that's what! BAM! Your wish my command! It could use the missing drawer too but I always wasted my wish on the dinosaur. The beauty of the pieces hypnotized me into buying them despite three missing spots. The chair on the left looks dino chomped if you look hard enough.

And we also need a place to sit, take out a chair. Don't mind the dinosaur behind you.

The mini kitchen is chilling in my kitchen.

The bathroom is right at home in the bathroom, but of course.

Meanwhile, my roomie and I staged a relaxing scene with pirates and booze! I'm always looking out for minis to stage dioramas, take photos, and use in product photography. They're glorious for the designer's soul to behold and fine display in any home that lacks children like mine, no shame! It's been done before but I want to put my spin on a whole new toy-photo-art series too, and just challenge myself with what can be creatively portrayed with toys as a medium. Forgive today's indulgent toy haul, rest assured there's a smorgasbord of vintage to behold next week!

Giveaway Alert! I'm hosting an awesome giveaway below, please check it out and give it some love! You can win a free vintage set. And of course, everything in today's post is for sale. Send me an e-mail if you'd like to buy something you see.

Find anything amazing at the thrifts this weekend?! Do share your finds and posts in the comments.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Vintage Giveaway with Stella and Stanley, Win This Retro Rooster Tea Set


And now for something completely different! I missed hosting giveaways! Today Stella and Stanley's Antiques and Collectibles are offering the retro rooster Flour, Tea, Coffee, and Sugar canisters. I absolutely love these because they remind me of my favorite 1930s cartoons.

To Enter: "Like" their Facebook page and leave a comment that includes your e-mail so I can contact you if you win!

For Extra Entries To Win You Can: (Leave a separate comment for each action performed.)

1. Follow Stella and Stanely's on Pinterest
2. Follow Stella and Stanely's Blog
3. Follow Thrift Core on Blog Lovin'
4. Follow Thrift Core on Facebook
5. Follow Thrift Core on Twitter
6. Follow Thrift Core on Instagram

If you're in Orlando, Florida visit Stella and Stanley's antique mall booth at College Park Antique Market, 4321 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, Florida 32804. They're also located at Adjectives Vintage Market 1215 E. Altamonte Dr. (SR 436) Altamonte Springs, FL.

I'll randomly pick a commenter and  announce the winner of this Giveaway Friday July  26th. Stella and Stanley is a Thrift Core sponsor. If you need help designing your blog, starting an online store, or promoting yourself send me an e-mail. I'd love to help! Read more about sponsoring or buy an ad here.
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

30 Cheap Bastard Ways I Love Being a Frugal Cheapskate: How Do You Save?

Each year I challenge myself to be as frugal as possible. It's a fun way to stretch creativity while saving money and I never feel deprived. After three years of participating in a Buy Nothing New  pledge I've learned a few things about being a cheap bastard. Here are 30 things I do often to be frugal with my estimated annual savings for each.

The TV Stand, flat screen  and PlayStation 3 were FREE cast offs from friends and family that didn't want them. I love creating unexpected gallery walls with things I love, like my Micheal Jackson and Prince records!

1.) Re-Use Glass Jars for leftovers & lunch. (Lunch savings.) Saves: $2,000
2.) Freeze bulk fruit. (With re-used freezer bags from frozen fruit.) $200
3.) Grow Herbs and Veggies. $900
4.) Split Rent and Utilities with my awesome roomie.  $6,480
5.) Curbside and Craigslist Hunt for FREE furniture. $300
6.) Thrift for clothing, furniture, merchandise, & misc. needs. $1,000+
7.) Carpool and bike as often as possible. $960
8.) Make my own home cleansers. $150
9.) Buy Organic Produce in Bulk. $960+
10.) Buy frozen fruit in bulk for smoothies. $1,200 
11.) Call service providers see if I qualify for deals periodically. $780
12.) Plan meals ahead of time. $600
13.) Use all-in-ones for head to toe washing and conditioning. $252
14.) Always ask friends/family if they have something before I buy. $850
15.) Borrow items as needed instead of renting or buying them. $300
16.) Save veggies scraps to compost for free garden fertilizer. $300
17.) Rarely go out to eat, to bars, or drinking. Rarely drink. $3,600 
18.) Get creative and try to make what I may need before I buy it. $300
19.) Buy packing and needed business supplies in bulk when necessary. $260
20.) Gather packing supplies from businesses for free. $1,080
21.) AVOID retail, and its associated impulse buys! $240
22.) Volunteer at a community garden for produce payment. And learning! $600
23.) Work in a raw vegan kitchen for learning & produce discount.  $600
24.) Avoid coffee, tea, and most vitamins, supplements, and "super foods". $600
25.) E-mail companies for samples before I buy. $250
26.) Not shy about returns if something really doesn't work. $200
27.) Keep Hygiene/beauty supplies to a bare minimum. $360
28.) Never buy books or movies. Using netflix and the library. $120
29.) Save grocery bags for trash and freezer bags. $12.00 
30.) No extra bills like cable. No problem. Don't miss it! $600 -$1,000+

I love to save lots and increase my income so I can spend my money on more important things, like traveling. random adventures, and delicious health food! With the way I save by being an unrepentant cheapskate I can afford the occasional splurge, too. Being cheap can give you the good life if you let it!

What are ways you love to save? Got any frugal tips to share? Don't be shy, share your frugal tips!
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thrifty DIY: Mid Century Modern Style Groovy Strung-Up Lamp Shade


It's hard to find the grooviest mid century modern style 1950s and 60s lamp shades outside of expensive antique malls and estate sales. I'm always hunting to build up a collection to sell and display in the apartment and haven't had luck so I decided to make my own! It was down and dirty crafting that took hours but it was worth it. Just kidding, takes minutes. Let's do it:

1) I found a beautiful barrel shaped lamp shade and mod-looking (possibly actually 1960s?) lamp at different thrift stores. Using my tap measuring tape I marked a dot with my pencil every two inches.

2) Use a hole punch (I used a small-gauged one) to punch a hole at every mark.

3) String black twine through the holes and tie them together at the ends. I used my roommate's black deer skin twine (she uses it to make bracelets) for the finished product.

I like how this new lamp adds some subtle vintage flair and balance to the composition of the space. (Have I ever mentioned how pedantic I am about stuff like that? I'm crazy.) I'll  be stringing up and playing with more lamp DIYs in the future to satisfy my creepy lamp fetish. I paid $6 total for this craft, better than shelling out $60+ for the lamps I've craved lately!

Been working on any thrifted-item DIYs lately? Or DIYs in general? I'm trying to get back to my roots and craft/make art as much as possible!
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Monday, July 15, 2013

Thrift Haul: Thursday Thrift Adventure to Secret Stores and Retro Scores


I had a fruitful thrifting adventure with a book reseller pal this week. We hit up a lot of secret clandestine spots I hadn't seen before and yielded excellent scores. Here's the loot:

People think I have a clown fetish the way I bring home creepy clown art. I don't, I just love the horror movie uncanny valley creepiness factor. This one fits the bill, why the hell is he pouring fluid on those flowers with such a sinister expression?! This what you want watching over your child in his sleep? CREEPS!

The Easter Island head tiki-style mug is being added to my collection of glossy close-but-not-quite reproductions (which I'll probably sell. eventually.) I just love the St. Augustine vintage souvenir beer stein, St. Augustine is my favorite Florida playground and I love to visit the small nostalgic bit of Europe in American as often as possible.

A lamp shade like this one has been on the wish list, got this one for a song!

It was too big for this lovely lamp, with a beautiful earthy mix of cornflower and sky blue, teal, and sandy hues. I added it to my Southern Crossing booth this weekend. I'm still looking for matching lamps to keep in the bedroom. And nightstands to put them on!

I paid more than I normally would for this piece, just loved the juxtaposition of nautical and tropical scenes, not normally shown together. Though a ship like this sailing into the tropics wouldn't be anachronistic at all. It's pirates in the Caribbean! This needs to be hung above a color tiki bar set up. You can take it off my hands for $50.00.

The large shade instead went to this fine lamp, I love the mod style shape. It's probably a reproduction of some kind, the base is ceramic and painted to look like wood. It's beautiful paired with my robot friend. You can take it from my living room for $20.00.

I already have one of these but dammit, I love merry mushroom jars. I added this one to the antique mall booth, you can have him for $15.00 if you want 'em. I've heard of a lot of people using them to store cat and dog food.

I loved these gorgeous vintage calendars! Love the wood details around the calendar on the winter deer scene and the nautical bits on the ship calendar. Beautiful! I've had a surprising amount of luck selling these at the antique mall, you could have these two for $12.00 each.

My boyfriend found this gorgeous green 1970s style (or reproduction? Hard to tell if it's authentic or not) chair. I have it in Southern Crossing, if you're local you could have it for $12.00.

She's a beau, she is. I appreciate the streamlined shape and color. I'd keep it but it's not quite the right fit for me. I'm hunting for things to make the apartment more homey and cohesive these days.

And as always The Yuko enjoys the paper and bags all the finds were wrapped up in when she's not investigating the finds themselves!

E-mail me if you're interested in anything you see! It's all for sale!

Find anything amazing at the thrifts this weekend?! Do share your finds and posts in the comments.

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