Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Murder City Thrift Adventure


The Thrifting comic is by my friend, the amazing Birdie of "The Haiku Life". It depicts the Thrift Adventure unofficially dubbed the "The Murder City Thrift Adventure" which took place this past Saturday. Just like the comic says, I really haven't read the Harry Potter series, nor seen the movies. I'll stay under my cozy rock.

The Thrift Mecca: Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Florida has over a dozen or more thrift stores. My friend Birdie and I hit about six of them on February 20. Here's the highlight reel:

 Nice expression, and the tail is a little damn disturbing.

Lovely colored glassware giving off a rainbow shine in the sun.

This almost went home with me, but at $8.00 the inside was way too oxidized for me to make this useful. I love the graphic design, though!


This is the back! Imagine how bad the inside looks!


I've wanted to stop at this little shop for a while and finally got the chance this Saturday. They had a nice record collection, too many for me to browse thoroughly. 

A very interesting painting that I resisted in the Salvation Army on Beach Blvd.  

 An inviting space to sit and read. I wasted a good 15 minutes in one of these chairs reading different books.

I ended up with Some Elf Quest graphic novels, various books, one video game, a couple of cups, and a couple of movies. All for around $17.00 total. It was fun to thrift until we were spent and then get beer and sandwiches. More Thrift Adventures are needed in the future!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Damn These Detailed Little Japanese Erasers

I love my friends, but they're instigators. Supporting all of my bad habits and cackling along the way. My friend and fellow small-detailed-Japanese-food-eraser-collector Michelle dragged me to Target last night where I couldn't resist these three eraser sets in the Easter-crap section.

At $1.19 each they are significantly cheaper than the ones I purchased at a local supplier of small cute Japanese things, Morning Glory- although far less detailed and with fewer accessories. (Detailed ones featured in this post.)

The first set features Sushi and a very small Onigiri. It's a damn shame that I'll have to damage the fun graphic design on the packing to get my paws on the erase goodness.

The second set features a burner, a frying pan, a plate, two burners, and a plate of what looks like some kind of dim sum dumpling. This one reminds me of the detailed set I purchased from Morning Glory.

The third is a little odd because it features what looks like a bento box. The dish on the left side could be Loco Moco, and on the right is a bed of rice with a mysteriously blue umeboshi on the side.

It's very unusual that these erasers featuring Japanese dishes would be in the Easter section of decidedly Western Target, but I won't question the good fortune much further.

The Erasers are made by Fashion Angel Enterprises (manufacturers of random products for "Tweens") and you can even order them online here if you call the provided toll free number.

I feel a little ridiculous for making these kinds of completely unnecessary purchases, but these little bits of rendered food bring a ray of light into my work day.

You mind be pondering why the hell I need so many erasers; certainly not for their intended purpose! I've been slowly gluing these detailed food erasers into dollar store shadow boxes (tutorial on that can be found here). They'll continue to inspire hunger and food lust in my new kitchen.

My Dream Horror House Part 3

Indulge me while I relish the dark settings of two more Hell House Rooms before my wandering mind and blog posts go back to more conventional subject matter. For thrifty horror fans, Hell House is a wet dream home.

A moody, sexy living/sitting room.
Details on the "Exquisite Noir" sitting room

My favorite element of this bathroom are the vintage anatomy posters framed in orange.

A customized toilet! And every bathroom needs a classic bust.

What's a Hell House without a witch's kitty?
I've said it before, but I'll say it again. When I grow up I'm moving to Hell House.

My Dream Horror House Part 2

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Dream Horror House Part 2

"Hell House" is a classic Victorian Home transformed into a "Haunted House" by Artists Rob Pruitt and Jonathan Horowitz. It's covered extensively in a favorite design book, Home Cheap Home. I couldn't resist a three part post on this house, for lovers of Horror and Halloween, this is a dream abode.

The Kitsch-Inn: I love the tire planter full of pumpkins, and how the homeowners weren't afraid to paint their fridge! I have to admit, the super cheap Halloween knives are bit theatrical even for me- but the live carnivorous plant lovingly placed under a glass box is a classy touch to offset the tackiness.

Busts of Vader: What's Darker than the Syth Overlord's black and crispy soul? I like how the wicker lamp and table were painted black to suit the theme and the juxtaposition of the "classic" bust with cheesy Darth Vader props.

Jekyll & Hyde in the Bedroom: The "Jekyll" and "Hyde" custom bedroom sets are funny and elegant. The room looks rich with a painted ceiling offset by a tiny chandelier.

Black: Outside of Hell House we're treated to a creative use for old fountains. You also see how the home's new lacquered black veneer highlights the simple elegance of the home's Victorian design.

Allow me one post with pictures of the Fantastic Hell House (part 3) before I post about more conventional things! As an eclectic kitschy-type, I'd move into Hell House any day.

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Dream Horror House Part 1

Home Cheap Home is an amazing book- It's not merely inspiring for interior spaces, it's incredibly artistically stimulating. The best element of the book is that it includes photos and details on "Hell House" - an old Victorian home transformed into a bright, kitch "haunted" home by a conceptual artist and a painter.

The space is truly thrifty. Artists Rob Pruitt and Johnathan Horowitz bid on eBay and at auctions to find the unique pieces in their home. Truly horrorshow.

I think I'll just let the beauty of their "not-so-sunny-porch" speak for itself. Every element in this picture is amazing- especially that bright orange Dr.Seuss-like tree! I can't get over the color combination, it all fits so well!

The etching on the door is a classy detail! (You can click to picture to enlarge and read the text)

In the posts to follow I'll show more of Hell House, in all its gory goodness. When I grow up, I want to move into Hell House!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cheap Home Ideas (And Confessions)

"There are people who have money and people who are rich"
- Coco Chanel
Think, Don't Spend: Get over the idea that dropping big bucks is the solution. Use your head instead of your wallet.

How can frugal souls not fall in love with a book that has the first sentence transcribed above? "Home Cheap Home" by Budget Living (now defunct) is my favorite interior design book. I flipped through my old copy until it fell apart.

A few months back I held a book giveaway for this book. I have a confession to share about that; I did not give the book away out of benevolence, I accidentally ordered two books! But now, I plan to share the best bits with everyone. This interior design book is incredibly inspirational for the frugal at heart, thrifters, recyclers, artists, crafters, and everyone in-between.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dreaming of Spring

 (The sun shined brightly on a cold winter day. For once I wasn't rude and I kept my DSLR camera out of this antique shop.)

I had to cut my Saturday visit to my favorite city short, I was too ill to meander around as per usual. The wind chill was heart breaking but the sun was out and all around me we signs of coming spring. I wanted to share a few inspirational shots from St. Augustine.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vintage Book Haul

When I went thrift shopping and yard-sale hopping a couple of weeks ago (I wrote about it here) I picked up various goodies for next to nothing. I didn't spend more than $4.00 that day!

But my favorite finds were these vintage books. For mere pocket change, these DIY books will provide me with a plethora of knowledge and ideas.

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