Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Dream Horror House Part 2

"Hell House" is a classic Victorian Home transformed into a "Haunted House" by Artists Rob Pruitt and Jonathan Horowitz. It's covered extensively in a favorite design book, Home Cheap Home. I couldn't resist a three part post on this house, for lovers of Horror and Halloween, this is a dream abode.

The Kitsch-Inn: I love the tire planter full of pumpkins, and how the homeowners weren't afraid to paint their fridge! I have to admit, the super cheap Halloween knives are bit theatrical even for me- but the live carnivorous plant lovingly placed under a glass box is a classy touch to offset the tackiness.

Busts of Vader: What's Darker than the Syth Overlord's black and crispy soul? I like how the wicker lamp and table were painted black to suit the theme and the juxtaposition of the "classic" bust with cheesy Darth Vader props.

Jekyll & Hyde in the Bedroom: The "Jekyll" and "Hyde" custom bedroom sets are funny and elegant. The room looks rich with a painted ceiling offset by a tiny chandelier.

Black: Outside of Hell House we're treated to a creative use for old fountains. You also see how the home's new lacquered black veneer highlights the simple elegance of the home's Victorian design.

Allow me one post with pictures of the Fantastic Hell House (part 3) before I post about more conventional things! As an eclectic kitschy-type, I'd move into Hell House any day.


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