Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Murder City Thrift Adventure


The Thrifting comic is by my friend, the amazing Birdie of "The Haiku Life". It depicts the Thrift Adventure unofficially dubbed the "The Murder City Thrift Adventure" which took place this past Saturday. Just like the comic says, I really haven't read the Harry Potter series, nor seen the movies. I'll stay under my cozy rock.

The Thrift Mecca: Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Florida has over a dozen or more thrift stores. My friend Birdie and I hit about six of them on February 20. Here's the highlight reel:

 Nice expression, and the tail is a little damn disturbing.

Lovely colored glassware giving off a rainbow shine in the sun.

This almost went home with me, but at $8.00 the inside was way too oxidized for me to make this useful. I love the graphic design, though!


This is the back! Imagine how bad the inside looks!


I've wanted to stop at this little shop for a while and finally got the chance this Saturday. They had a nice record collection, too many for me to browse thoroughly. 

A very interesting painting that I resisted in the Salvation Army on Beach Blvd.  

 An inviting space to sit and read. I wasted a good 15 minutes in one of these chairs reading different books.

I ended up with Some Elf Quest graphic novels, various books, one video game, a couple of cups, and a couple of movies. All for around $17.00 total. It was fun to thrift until we were spent and then get beer and sandwiches. More Thrift Adventures are needed in the future!


  1. That was lots of fun
    so much awesome stuff to find
    the day was too short!

  2. We'll make time to do it again! I'm going Flea Market hopping this weekend, a vendor promised me some "strange" toys at the Bargain House of Fleas.

  3. so much to comment about. First of all how cool to have a comic featuring yourself. Fabulous. 2nd of all I've never seen such a welcoming book area before. I wished every store had one. And 3rd, you found elfquest? Cerys will be green with envy. What a lucky find.


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