Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Damn These Detailed Little Japanese Erasers

I love my friends, but they're instigators. Supporting all of my bad habits and cackling along the way. My friend and fellow small-detailed-Japanese-food-eraser-collector Michelle dragged me to Target last night where I couldn't resist these three eraser sets in the Easter-crap section.

At $1.19 each they are significantly cheaper than the ones I purchased at a local supplier of small cute Japanese things, Morning Glory- although far less detailed and with fewer accessories. (Detailed ones featured in this post.)

The first set features Sushi and a very small Onigiri. It's a damn shame that I'll have to damage the fun graphic design on the packing to get my paws on the erase goodness.

The second set features a burner, a frying pan, a plate, two burners, and a plate of what looks like some kind of dim sum dumpling. This one reminds me of the detailed set I purchased from Morning Glory.

The third is a little odd because it features what looks like a bento box. The dish on the left side could be Loco Moco, and on the right is a bed of rice with a mysteriously blue umeboshi on the side.

It's very unusual that these erasers featuring Japanese dishes would be in the Easter section of decidedly Western Target, but I won't question the good fortune much further.

The Erasers are made by Fashion Angel Enterprises (manufacturers of random products for "Tweens") and you can even order them online here if you call the provided toll free number.

I feel a little ridiculous for making these kinds of completely unnecessary purchases, but these little bits of rendered food bring a ray of light into my work day.

You mind be pondering why the hell I need so many erasers; certainly not for their intended purpose! I've been slowly gluing these detailed food erasers into dollar store shadow boxes (tutorial on that can be found here). They'll continue to inspire hunger and food lust in my new kitchen.

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