Friday, February 12, 2010

My Dream Horror House Part 1

Home Cheap Home is an amazing book- It's not merely inspiring for interior spaces, it's incredibly artistically stimulating. The best element of the book is that it includes photos and details on "Hell House" - an old Victorian home transformed into a bright, kitch "haunted" home by a conceptual artist and a painter.

The space is truly thrifty. Artists Rob Pruitt and Johnathan Horowitz bid on eBay and at auctions to find the unique pieces in their home. Truly horrorshow.

I think I'll just let the beauty of their "not-so-sunny-porch" speak for itself. Every element in this picture is amazing- especially that bright orange Dr.Seuss-like tree! I can't get over the color combination, it all fits so well!

The etching on the door is a classy detail! (You can click to picture to enlarge and read the text)

In the posts to follow I'll show more of Hell House, in all its gory goodness. When I grow up, I want to move into Hell House!


  1. that is just too weird for words. Really the non-horror movie person in me could not sleep there. But how creative and inventive. I am really hoping that our next house really shows off my personality better.

    1. I can't help but cover the "Hell House" extensively, I love Horror with all my soul! But there's plenty in the book for every taste. پویان مختاری

  2. I can't help but cover the "Hell House" extensively, I love Horror with all my soul! But there's plenty in the book for every taste.

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