Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thrift Jobs: The Top 50 Dream Jobs for Thrifters

You live to thrift. The thrill of the hunt is exhilarating, but the magic ends when you return to your day job. That was me, but now thrifting and creating is my career. It's easier than you may think to make a living from your passion for thrifting and vintage.

Here are 25 Dream Jobs for Thrifters. Each one will require hard work, but they are entirely attainable! 

Reselling: Resell thrifted items for a higher price. 

1. Online Reseller:
You resell your thrifted items online via sites like eBay and etsy.
2. Antique Show Vendor: Travel the country and resell at antique markets and events. 
3. Flea Market Vendor: Rent space at local flea markets to resell your thrifed finds.
4. Antique Store Vendor: Rent space in a antique store/mall to sell your finds.
5. Reselling Consultant: Consult with clients on how to resell their goods. 
6. Resell for Others: Resell items for your clients. 
7. Estate Sale Biz: Hold estate sales for your clients.

Pro Picker: Get paid to thrift items for your clients.

8. Set Designer: Use second-hand items to design sets for plays and movies. 
9. Movie Prop Scout: Hunt down specific items from a list for your clients.
10. Antique Scout: Hunt down specific items from a list to help stage restaurants and boutiques with a unique look, like Cracker Barrel and Anthropologie

Writer: Write about the thing you love most, thrifting! 

11. Blogger: Run a thrift-related blog. For an example, look here! Yay!
12. Author: Write thrift-related books. 
13. Magazine Owner: Create a thrift-related online or print magazine.  
14. Columnist: Write a thrift column on a website, blog, or in a magazine. 

Artist: Thrifted items are your muse and materials.

15. Cartoonist: Draw a thrift related comic, online or in print. 
16. Mixed Media Artist: Or "Junk Artist." Make art from thrifted items. (Ex: Junk Culture) 
17. Painter: Paint still lives of thrifted items, or thrift-inspired art. (Ex: Old Skool Junk) 
18. Upcycling:Paint and re-work thrifted items into new ones for sale. 
19. Interior Designer: Redesign interiors with thrifted items. 

Styling: Use the Thrifts to Make People Stylish!

20. Seamstress: Sew thrifted clothes.  
21. Alterations: Modernize vintage clothing. 
22. Wardrobe Stylist: Create wardrobes from thrifting. (Ex: Thrift Store Shopping with Sammy Davis.)
23. Costume Designer:Find authentic period pieces or make new ones with thrifted items. 
24. Clothing/Accessory Designer: Create new clothes and accessories from thrifted clothes and materials.

Shop Owner: The Ultimate Dream for Many!

25. Consignment Shop: Sell people's vintage wares on consignment.
26. Antique Store: Own a shop, or rent space within one.
27. Vintage Boutique:A carefully curated version of an antique store.  
28. Pawn Shop Owner: People pawn their wares off on you, then you resell 'em.
29. Junk Retrieval Business: Scoop up client's"junk" which you can then resell.  
30. Vintage Clothing or Furniture Shop: Reselling vintage clothing or furniture. 
31. Record Shop: Reselling records and vintage music players. 
32. Prop Shop: Selling props or providing props for clients by appointment. 
33. Thrift Store: An obvious choice :) Don't forget Flea Market ownership!

Event Coordinator: Plan events and parties for clients.

34. Antique Rentals: Rent antiques for people to use for fancy events.
35. Murder Mystery Party Planner: Use thrifted props to host fun themed parties. 
36. Wedding Planner/Designer: Use thrifted finds to design/plan weddings.
37. Event Planner: Use your collection of vintage as a selling point to plan events.
38. Vintage Party Planner: Specialize in vintage-style party planning. 
39. Party Prop Creator: Use thrifted items to create special props for parties.

Technology: Pioneer Thrift-Related Technology!

40. Ap Designer: Create phone or web aps that help people. (Ex: Mogasa) 
41. Thrift Website Webmaster: Create thrift-related websites.  (Ex: The Thrift Shopper, Krrb) 
42. Thrift Gadgets: Create or invest in the creation of gadgets that help people thrift. 

Antiques: Capitalize on your antique knowledge.

43. Antique Appraiser:
Appraise antiques for a fee. 
44. Antique Sale Curator:  Create antique bazaars and markets.
45. Auction House Owner: Rent a space and host auctions.  

Media: Entertain the masses! 

46. Television Show Writer: Write and/or sell scripts for hit thrift TV shows. 
47. Television Show Director: Direct a thrift TV show of your own. 
48. Webshow Director: Direct a thrift-related web show. 
49. Play Director: Direct a play with thrifted supplies or thrift-related plays. 
50. Television Show Personality: Star in or host a thrift TV show. 

Remember: the thrift craze is growing exponentially. More people than ever are thrifting and there have never been so many shows in the media dedicated to vintage and reselling. Many thrift jobs are low start-up operations that require ingenuity more than capital.

If you want it, get it! There's unlimited potential in "Thrift Jobs!" Get out there and find the niche for you.

Can you think of any thrift jobs I left off the list? What's your dream thrift job?
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Thrift Haul: The $3.25 Flea Market Haul. Vintage for a Quarter!

After my rant about high flea market prices it was a relief to take my hunt back to the flea market. On a sunny and unseasonably blazing hot Florida morning my business partner Rosaly and I scored a pretty bundle of vintage. Most pieces were a quarter each!

That's right, each item in this picture cost one quarter! With the exception of the Tennis Girl planter and Mod Lion which were fifty cents each. The unearthed treasures were caked with dirt but it only took a little cleaning to make them shine like new again.

This is the type of item I'd usually request for free if it wasn't offered (I'm brazen, shameless! And I'm used to people telling me to just take "trash" like this for free.) But the nice vendor was giving such good deals that I accepted the price of one quarter for this tattered vintage relic.This will be incorporated into a series I'm working on.

Continuing with the quarter trend, I scooped these two frame up for a quarter each.  They'll be filled with charming art prints and placed in one of my antique store booths soon.

Again, each item pictured was a quarter each! This is part of Rosaly's haul. I spotted the cute vintage dogs and offered them to her because it suited her reselling aesthetic better. Likewise, she kept finding me books and robot bits. She hunted hard and acquired the tidy change purses pictured from a vendor's scattered boxes.

She scored interesting geodes, vintage cologne bottles, and a cute lamb and poodle figurine, too. It's fun to hunt with a friend and look at the different finds you score from the same places! 

I scooped up the vintage picnic basket for fifty cents at the second flea market we visited. The metal eagle really makes it unique. It's already been re-purposed into an item I'll show off later in the week! Rosaly's new metal basket is perfect for retail displays, I'll show it to you again once she's got it spray painted and in use.

Rosaly's going to turn the frames into mirror trays for retail display and found the cute 90s era Pekkle pencil tin for fifty cents. Have I ever told you people have e-mailed me to identify the origin of random Japanese kawaii-style things. Yup! I've got it bad...

I was thrilled to find another Hallmark Candles vintage Danish Taper Candleholder. I've found two in perfect shape before, but this was the first one in-box...even though the box was tattered! A peek inside revealed the candleholder was in decent shape.

But when I got home and took it out of the box I saw it has some bad rust damage! Oops! Next time I need to take the item out of the box. I'll try to see what I can do for this piece.

Isn't it ironic that I found the Cut The Clutter book in a giant clutter pile? I'm already reading it and taking notes, I'll share anything useful I find in. A good read thus far and it was in pristine shape. This is my second Better Homes New Garden Book. I'm amassing quite a collection of vintage Better Homes books!

Anyone up for some terrifying baby doll action? Rosaly and her partner Ricky use these to stage and paint still lives. Sometimes the dolls are sewn together to form fun monstrosities to sell.

I love their still lives, they speak to a junk hunter's soul! I have two of their colorful toy-filled still lives hanging in my living room. I am so lucky to be working with such talented artists.

And because it's worth a second look...I really like this mod planter and lion combo, replete with a groovy speckled finish. If the planter doesn't sell soon I'll be tempted to keep it on my desk, filled with tiny cascading succulents! Again, can't beat the price, 75 cents for the pair!

Novelty mug, I dub thee, The Man Cup! I love "masculine" vintage swag. I wouldn't mind opening a lodge with antlers on every square inch of man space, mighty flowing barrels of beer, and there will be pirates! Oh, the jaunty tunes we will sing! (With Vikings? In silly hats?) Yo ho!

What did you find this weekend?

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Goals Week Five: Time to Buckle Down!

Last Week's Goals:  1.) Draw and paint robot AND OTHER designs. (For my button/banner project.) 2.) Start my hunt for the Perfect Apartment. 3.) Write rough drafts for some ebook/ecourse/package ideas 4.) Price & organize all merch for my antique store booths (Yep, more than one now!) 5.) List 10 items on Craigslist per day.

Above is a behind-the-scenes photo in my living room. My business partner Rosaly and I scored and priced a plethora of vintage for our antique store booths. (Many photos coming tomorrow!) I stayed busy this week organizing business paperwork and merchandise among other things, but I feel bad for not sticking to my goals and schedules.

Goals January 30 to February 5:

Next week I have a strict schedule to stick to! I want to work more quickly and efficiently.

1. Stick to my strict daily schedule!
2. Continue my apartment hunt.
3. Draw those damn designs at last- no excuses!
4. Write rough drafts for some ebook/ecourse/package ideas.
5. Finish the terrifyingly disorganized bedroom and closets at last!

Weekly Tasks: At least 1 DIY, continue to refine blog, e-mail clear-out, general organization 

What Are Your Goals for the Week?

My car was in the shop this week, so I delivered vintage goodies on bike! I didn't stick to the goal on this list, but at least I was tenacious! What are your goals for next week? January's nearly over, but let's keep our resolutions in-mind!
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Friday, January 27, 2012

What I Didn't Buy at the Thrift Store: Damn You and Your Prices!

After being been spoiled by flea market prices, thrift store is intense. Visiting the thrift store last week was torture. I was dying to fill my cart with treasures, but I came home with only three items. I'll show you what I got for $2.25 at the flea market on Monday, but 'til then, here are the pleas from my abandoned quarry:


Damn, I really wanted that red wagon for store displays. And those cups! And, hell, everything! But I'm glad I held out and spend less and got more at the flea market.

Oh, and about that Raggedy Ann doll. My mom bought me a life-sized one. I was so terrified of it that I begged her to banish it to the basement. I grew up watching horror films yet the soulless black eyes of that giant doll were scarier than any Jason or Freddy. I can never resist vintage Raggedy Ann goodies despite the childhood trauma. I classify them with clowns; fun kitschy horror!

What's your limit for spending on individual second-hand items? Do you think thrift store prices are getting out of hand lately?
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Freelancer Life Update + What to do When You Hate Your Job


Does your day job fill you with deep loathing? Is every moment you spend at the office sheer torture? If you hate your job, you need to quit!

Don't subject yourself to conditions you hate every day. I haven't looked back at the time I spent working in a cubicle as a writer. I love my flexible schedule and using my creative energy on my own projects- instead of my boss's.

Of course, there are challenges that come with being a Freelancer as well. You have to stay inspired and motivated to survive, and you can never stop innovating. Being accountable for yourself isn't easy and it's not for everyone, but if you're up for the challenge it's also very liberating. (See: How to know if you're ready to quit your day job.)

My new coworker is really funny and cute, too. I like working with her every day, she's silly...

I didn't just up and quit my job. I plotted for years: I saved, paid rent in full for a year, researched, practiced and established a revenue stream. If you long to leave your current job, start your own plans.

Life's too short to work at a job you hate. Let's spend every day doing what we love.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Which Vintage Owl Do You Like Better? Before or After?

Selling antiques is unpredictable. Sometimes a piece you think will fly off the shelves will stagnant for months, waiting for its vintage-loving soul mate. I predicted this owl would be seized quickly, but failed. Luckily, a little creative reconfiguring will sometimes make the sale. I'll be spray painting several vintage pieces to see if that helps them sell this week.

Spray painting vintage items a solid color is a big trend right now. You definitely have to find the right piece to pull it off. Bold shapes work best. 

Which owl do you like better? The original, or my white spray painted version?
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chalkboard Toolbox DIY: For Your Tools....or a Zombie Apocalypse


Whether you're building a new bookshelf or defending yourself against hoards flesh-hungry zombies, it helps to know what's inside your toolbox at-a-glance. Besides being useful, these chalkboard toolboxes are delicious to behold.

The smooth black of the chalkboard surface brings out the texture of the chipping paint and chalk markings. This is a fun way to really make your vintage piece tell a story!

Supplies Needed: 1) Chalkboard paint 2) Painter's Tape 3) Vintage toolbox 3) Colorful chalk // Optional: White spray paint or acrylic paint, primer, and stencils. 

I've heard bad reviews of the chalkboard spray paint, but can highly recommend the rust-oleum brush-on paint. It goes on smoothly and this small container will go a long way. Make sure you use a matte finish fast dry spray paint with your stencils, gloss finishes are too runny.

1) Clean your toolbox with a damp cloth and dry it completely. Tape off the area you want to paint. 2) It's recommended that you prime your surface first. But I'm an impatient crafter, I skipped this step! 3) Apply chalkboard paint in thin, even coats. Wait a few hours between each application. Do this 3-5 times. 4) Wait 24 hours before you write on the surface, curing it by rubbing it with chalk dust first.

Your toolbox will look and function just fine without painting extra letters on it. But I had a vision! I had to get nerdy and interactive with it.

I like how this design with the stenciled-in letters lets you give the tool box a theme. You can change it on a whim, Zombie Apocalypse Tool Kit, Transformer's Energon Tool Kit, G.I. Joe oh the geeky possibilities!

Have Fun  making your tool boxes sexy. But beware, this may become addictive. You'll want to paint EVERYTHING with chalkboard paint!
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Increase Traffic: Advertise on Thrift Core this February

I still have Ad Space available for February! Thrift Core sponsors will be introduced on the blog for maximum exposure. You get hundreds of eyes on your site and of course, I respond quickly if you have any questions. :)

 No Banner?  No problem. I'll make the perfect one for you free of charge.

 Free Marketing Tips and Advice: Thrift Core sponsors also receive a monthly web marketing tips newsletter and specific tips for improving your site and increasing traffic/sales.

[Embarrassing sampling of nerdy sites I've been making since I was 11...Oh my! I've made dozens!]

 Remember: I've been doing this web-thing for 14 years. It's my job to increase blog traffic for my clients. I absolutely love doing it, too! I help make dreams come true!

I have a metric ton of blog ideas and unique developments in the pipeline. These are exciting times! I'd love to collaborate with you with advertising, giveaways, and more. Just drop me a line!
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Thrift Haul: The Creepy, The Cute, and the Sexy


It's over...I survived! Next month I can set a higher thrifting budget and spare myself the torture of leaving many desirable items behind! This week I went to the thrift store once and came home with two items. The first one is a ridiculously cute vintage nursery scale.

Who could resist such cute illustrations? I'm kind of geeking out over the typography,t too. It's the perfect gift for a baby shower; a functional display piece for baby's nursery.

I haven't had luck selling vintage jars and canisters in the shop, so I've been leaving most of the ones I encountered behind. But I have faith in this sunny pair.

I meant to show this off last week, I won an amazing book giveaway from Vintage Goodness! They're full of vintage fun, practical information, and inspiration galore.

I adore all the vintage pin-up art and inspiration in Bad Girls Need Love Too and Dames, Dolls, & Delinquents but Creepy-Ass Dolls speaks to my horror-loving soul. Some of these dolls are true nightmare fuel. But none as as scary as my demon baby, with eyes that glow with the fires of hell! Kill it, drown it in holy water before it's too late!

What did you find this weekend?

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