Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Goals: Week Three + Creative Mojo Returns

Last Week's Goals: 1.) Finish a DIY craft/blog tutorial to get in the habit of doing as many as possible from now on. 2.) Finish antique store "Thrift Core" sign. (See it) 3.) Completely clean out the car. 4.) Get to the next phase with organizing my merchandise. *Write it out if necessary 5.) Work on the blog: plot future posts, work on outdated pages, get caught-up on e-mails

I'm Back! I was in a slump for a couple of weeks. Uninspired and sluggish, working felt forced. But this Monday I woke up feeling like my normal hyper-creative self. It was likely the lingering cold haze bringing me down, but I bounced back more inspired than ever to hit my ambitious goals for 2012!

This week has been both invigorating and relaxing. I've enjoyed spending more time out with friends and tranquil late-night planning sessions with Yuko-Kitty. Add warm veggie soups and coffee to reach an ultimate recipe for creativity! I crafted and worked my ass off and can't wait to do it again this week!

Goals for The Week:

1. Draw and paint robot designs. (For a surprise project!)
2. Finish the two DIY ideas floating around in my head.
3. Continue re-working the blog, getting ahead on my content ideas and e-mail catch-up.
4. Continue to organize merchandise and art supplies.
5. List 10 items on Craigslist (effective way to resell vintage, by the way! Sold a table last week.)

What are your Goals for the Week?

What are your Goals for the week? Share them in the link share or in the comments. I promise, it really does help you hit your ambitious resolutions when you list them online!

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  1. I am going to re-vamp my booth next week...I've been itching to do it for a while now. I also made a "Booth #" sign for mine, I just need to finish some small details. Also, I am still trying to find the balance between, home stuff, booth set-up, and shopping for the booth. My weeks have been insanely busy since I began my vendor space at SC Mall in September.

    1. I hope your Southern Crossing sales are doing well. What keeps you busy with prep for it? Also, what's your booth #? I've been meaning to check out your wares!

  2. Better two weeks late to the party than never!
    My goals reflect my new world view: more creativity, less overthinking. I'm giving up the ReSelling goals for things that are far more fulfilling, and I feel really great about that decision. Thanks for creating a space to share them!

    1. More creativity, less overthinking...I love that and must follow suit. I love that you mentioned "bad art nights." I MUST host some of those as well.

  3. Ever since I read your "not buying retail for a year" post I've been thinking about it non-stop. Since I don't shop retail all that often I was thinking about reworking to create some sort of challenge for myself. So my goal for this week is to flesh that out a bit and hopefully get it underway in February. Also, I'm working on some tutorials for the blog and getting some other projects organized. I'm hoping it's a productive week!

    1. Love that you're considering buying nothing new- as regular thrift shoppers it's pretty easy and only takes a little extra planning. I know we'll be super productive this week!

  4. I have simply fallen for Yuko-Kitty's adorable photos! She is a stunning girl!

    Ok, so I've thought more about this buy nothing new and for the last 25 years I've lived with an auctioneer who has taught me to not buy retail. I can't purchase everything at auction or thrift stores, garage sales or on Craigslist, but most of what we have bought this past quarter century has been secondhand and we love it!

    In the last five years I've found places where women of my size can actually get really nice clothes at thrift/consignment prices. Used to be around my neck of the woods, everyone donating clothing was anorexic and a woman of a certain size had only one choice...expensive...if she wanted to look trendy. Lucky for me I've found some nicer stores and even one that caters to women like me!

    We won't usually buy electronics, appliances or mattresses secondhand and have done our best to purchase items for the house (building supplies) via the Habitat for Humanity Re-store, building supply overstock warehouse or online. Sometimes that works, in the case of a doesn't. When you gotta go, you gotta get it installed FAST!

    However, the challenge has even gotten me thinking about everything I purchase thanks for the awakening! Love your blog ideas and inspiration!

    1. She's growing up into such a beautiful, feisty young kitty ;)

      Glad the Buy Nothing New challenge has got you thinking more about what you buy- sounds like you're living a nearly no-retail life already, though!


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