Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Goal Follow Up: Week Two + Giveaway Winner

Well damn it all, this first week of the new year has been a bust. I've been practically bedridden with an evil viral infection, ouch! But I powered through and managed to complete some of my goals:

1. Start the arduous process of enrolling in school so I can take a photography class.
2. Set up 2012 spreadsheets.
3. Finish antique store "Thrift Core" sign
4. Make "sale" signs for the antique store decided to switch out the merch instead
5. Finish a DIY craft/blog tutorial to get in the habit of doing as many as possible from now on.

The fun thing about these Sunday Goal Follow Ups? We can rotate them to the next week if we don't finish them. Sure, we want to finish them all that week, but sometimes life (and potential damn mononucleosis) get in the way! 

So for next week my goals are:

1. Finish a DIY craft/blog tutorial to get in the habit of doing as many as possible from now on.
2. Finish antique store "Thrift Core" sign.
3. Completely clean out the car.
4. Get to the next phase with organizing my merchandise. *Write it out if necessary
5. Work on the blog: plot future posts, work on outdated pages, get caught-up on e-mails

Giveaway: I chose a winner, and it's #7, Earthkitch! I shall e-mail you to get your information to send a cute mini calendar, ma'am!

Please join in and share your goals for this week below:

By The Way: This weekly goal share has helped me already! This helps me stay accountable for my goals, I'd have used my ailment as an excuse to stay in bed otherwise. I didn't finish the list like I'd wanted, but I will next week!

What Goals Did You Accomplish This Week? What Are Your Goals for Next Week?
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  1. Sorry to hear you were sick. Hopefully you feel better. I am not blogging about my goals, but having them written down helped me start the year moving forward. Good luck completing your goals this week.

  2. Karen: Thank you kindly, I'm sure it'll get better this week! I shall kick my list's ass this week, hope you do that same. Let's get 'em! :)

  3. Hi Van - thanks for the kick in the pants - just what I need to hold myself accountable.
    I finished 3 out of five - it's a start.
    Feel better and have a great week.
    My new goals are posted on my blog -

  4. Get well soon! This is a great series... I've made goals for 2012, but not smaller ones for this week (yet!)

  5. I hope you feel better soon! It took me until Wednesday to start moving on my list. I'm very thankful for this goal challenge. :)

  6. Victoria: Yet again, nice list of goals. Three out of five isn't too bad for a start, let's keep hitting it hard this week!

  7. The Loudmouth: I'm constantly making too many lists and goals, but the weekly ones are helpful for maintaining the big ones.

  8. Monica: I'm glad the challenge was helpful!

  9. I am on week 3 of this evil virus - or it may be more. You lose track of time when you are sick. Hope yours goes away sooner. It has helped me achieve some reading goals for challenges I took on this year. I am also doing more reviews to draw in some income.
    I signed up for online classes. Flexible for my schedule since my computer has been hogged for a few days. (I was spoiled having it to myself.)
    My new goal for the week involves organizing the great buys I got after Christmas.

  10. It's the time of year to make goals, isn't it! I've been setting smaller, measurable goals lately and it's been so helpful both with reselling and the general messy level of my house. Do you use an online tool to manage your goals, or old fashioned pen & paper? I've been using I'm loving how it helps keep me on track, but curious to know what others use.

  11. Dogsmom: Oh damn, that's a long time. I agree, last week seemed long yet sort, like I was in an eerie time warp as the virus ravaged my body.

    Hope you feel better soon, 3 weeks is just too damn long to be in that sick fog.

  12. Kate: Making goals smaller, measurable, and specific is so much more helpful with moving ahead. I use pen and paper. I tried some online tools but never find myself sticking with them.

    Plus, hand-writing it makes it all the more tangible and satisfying when you cross items off the list. Workflowy looks interesting though, I've never heard of that one!


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