Friday, January 6, 2012

12 Before 2012 Follow-Up: Starting 2012 with a Clean Slate

In late December I vowed to complete 12 tasks before 2012. It was tougher than it looked, but I worked hard and powered through the list:

1.) Go through home with "trash" and "donate" bags. Clear out. Be brutal! Efficient! (Like Batman!)
2.) Host one more Big Bang yard sale. Put ads on Craigslist early, divide, conquer!

Oh, the home was CHAOS while I prepared for a yard sale and tried to donate as much as possible. In the end I donated about 5 boxes full of stuff. I could have tried to sell it at flea markets, but sometimes you just have to let it go and start fresh.

3.) Organize pantry.
4.) Go through books quickly, sell some I'll never read, separate and organize the rest.

I organized the messy pantry and sorted through the books, selling and donating about three boxes worth of books and setting aside a box of movies to sell. Now one of my seven bookshelves has two empty shelves! I clearly need to schedule more book selling and reading time...

5.) De-Junk kitchen: take out everything I don't use to sell or donate, organize remainder.
6.) Dust entire house: objects, walls, ceiling fans, everything!
7.) Sweep entire house: under furniture, everything!
8.) Mop entire house.

I didn't sweep, mop, and dust the entire pad until New Years Eve. So glad I fit it in, it was refreshing to start the New Year with a shiny, clean house. Look at the floor, shiny! Rather than covered with dust as usual. (I shall begin to mop weekly like a normal human.)

9.) ALL stuff to sell in boxes and out of the way.
10.) Quick closet run-through, toss all that's not worn.
11.) Finish blog revamp: new layout, update all subpages, clean-up social networks.
12.) Do something really fun for New Years!

Clean at last!

I "failed" at completing one task, the blog revamp. I worked on this and came up with many designs, but none that worked better than the current one before the deadline. I felt like it was better to take my time and do it right rather than force a new one just because I'd set a strict deadline.

PS: Love setting goals and making lists? Don't forget about my Sunday Goal Link-Up & Giveaway. I'll be back on Sunday with a new set of goals and to announce the contest winner.

How did you do on your 12 Before 2012 goals? I did a lot better when I stopped trying to do everything perfect and just got things done!
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  1. I love this! What great things you did. I think I need to add your list to mine. I got some cleaning out done, but, like you, I have some things left from my shop that I just need to let go, or use myself. :) And that's ok. I started with my pantry and my junk drawer over CHristmas break, and I felt like a million bucks after that. Haha!

  2. Trina: Sometimes it's best to let go of some old merch that won't sell to keep moving- and to keep your house in order!

  3. Ya gotta do it, and it always feels and looks better afterward!! Why do we all procrastinate on this??? (I mean purging/cleaning) I've had a pile of stuff to Ebay forever in my living room, all boxed, photographed, and just this week finally got 3 of the 10 items up...why did I wait so long?...

  4. Megan: Indeed! Now to kill off my list for this week ;) !

  5. Very impressive! You must feel so energized.

  6. Victoria Land: Yes indeed, it's a refreshing way to start off the new year!

  7. Very inspirational.
    2011 was a bust for me. I had so hoped it would be a big improvement over 2010. But we did survive.
    I was rereading Peter Walsh's Enough Already last night to get myself in the mood for clearing out over this winter. You are inspiring me even more.
    I have to say that I am doing much better on my 2012 goals though. A strong start so far.

    I want to add I agree as far as the revamp goes. Take your time and get your vision right.

  8. dogsmom: It's never to late to clear out. As thrifters we tend to buy too much because it's cheap, but after the exhausting process of going through the damage...I can say I won't be doing that again with confidence!


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