Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thrifty DIY: Easy and Cheap Bulletin Board Tutorial

During a late-night paperwork purge I realized my smallish cork board wasn't cutting it. I had more inspiring bits and important notes than the diminutive surface could support. You can find cork and bulletin boards for cheap second hand, but it's even thriftier (and perhaps quicker!) to craft one of your own with supplies you have around the house.

Supplies Needed: 1) A big, empty frame with the cardboard back still attached 2) Contact paper or fabric 3) Optional: glue stick, spray adhesive, or Elmer's glue and ribbon

1) Select a frame. Mine is 27 inches tall and 20.5 inches wide, It was in a yard sale's free box.
2) Move your curious critter out of the way if necessary. Silly Yuko likes to be wherever I am!
3) Cover the cardboard in fabric or paper. I used wood grain contact paper from Dollar Tree.
4) Add your desired details. I stuck green ribbon around the edges of mine by tucking it into the frame. The push pins go straight into the cardboard back. Easy!

Clean, uncluttered surfaces keep us sane! All of the bits messing up my work corner are now on my bulletin board and off my counter tops. If you want to cover your bulletin/message board in fabric instead of contact paper, check out this message board DIY I wrote a couple of years ago.

Go forth, create your bulletin board & vanquish the paper menace!
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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves a good pin board. All those scraps of paper I cant bring myself to throw away, but threaten to swallow my desk. Well, they make for a lovely pin board.

    Never thought of building my own! Good idea!

  2. Dogs or Dollars: It's super easy, all you need is a frame... :) I'm the same way with scraps of paper, I actually have -two- homemade pin boards in my office area now.

  3. such a cute idea. i wish i had space for it so instead i want to do a clothes line over my desk and pin my stuff to it :D

  4. cb: that's always a good, thrifty solution, too!

  5. Ugh, purging papers and files/getting tax info ready right now!! Got my P-Touch running hot! I really despise clutter on my counters (also my multi-purpose work/desk/table area, so I have put an old oblong planter in a corner that catches all those 'bits' that need my eventual attention. I notice you use a small white furry thing as a 'work aid', how's that working for ya?? :) My 'work aid' is a 15lb orange furry thing....he does no work, freeloads, eats too much...

  6. Lori: Mine gets in the way at every turn, but she's small and doesn't eat much. I think I'll keep her :)

  7. I really want a bulletin, maybe I'll craft up something like this to help me be more organized in the new year

  8. Melina: It's super easy, I definitely recommend it :)

  9. I JUST moved, and have been creating all sorts of cardboard things. I did basically the same thing, but without the frame, or contact paper. I covered in pages of a ruined book, and mod podged over top, hung by hot gluing some ribbon to the back side of it.

  10. Sam: Oh, I love the idea of using old book pages!

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