Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Goals Week Five: Time to Buckle Down!

Last Week's Goals:  1.) Draw and paint robot AND OTHER designs. (For my button/banner project.) 2.) Start my hunt for the Perfect Apartment. 3.) Write rough drafts for some ebook/ecourse/package ideas 4.) Price & organize all merch for my antique store booths (Yep, more than one now!) 5.) List 10 items on Craigslist per day.

Above is a behind-the-scenes photo in my living room. My business partner Rosaly and I scored and priced a plethora of vintage for our antique store booths. (Many photos coming tomorrow!) I stayed busy this week organizing business paperwork and merchandise among other things, but I feel bad for not sticking to my goals and schedules.

Goals January 30 to February 5:

Next week I have a strict schedule to stick to! I want to work more quickly and efficiently.

1. Stick to my strict daily schedule!
2. Continue my apartment hunt.
3. Draw those damn designs at last- no excuses!
4. Write rough drafts for some ebook/ecourse/package ideas.
5. Finish the terrifyingly disorganized bedroom and closets at last!

Weekly Tasks: At least 1 DIY, continue to refine blog, e-mail clear-out, general organization 

What Are Your Goals for the Week?

My car was in the shop this week, so I delivered vintage goodies on bike! I didn't stick to the goal on this list, but at least I was tenacious! What are your goals for next week? January's nearly over, but let's keep our resolutions in-mind!
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  1. Bike <3 the car strike was a good thing if you ended using that cutie! Good luck on this week goals!

  2. Thanks! I'm always tempted to ignore work and just ride it around all day...

  3. I love this post! Making goal lists is one of my favorite things to do (especially when I get to cross items off of the list when I'm done!). I love your living room picture - it looks just like mine when I'm having crafty adventures!


    1. Saaame here, I'm nerdily addicted to lists. And making big craft-messes!

  4. I'm joining the link-up! I hope to make this a regular feature.

    1. Thanks for joining Fenn. I love reading your goals and lists, glad to have you aboard!

  5. My goal this week is to get 5 goals. :) and get ready to join your goal party next week!
    (baby steps)


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