Monday, March 1, 2010

The Thrift hunt for Comics and Toys

These pictures are from February 20, 2010. I really wanted to go back to the "Bargain House of Fleas" Flea Market again this weekend but my cold just wouldn't allow me. Quite disappointing, because the regular Toy Vendor promised me some good "Rare" and "Funny" toys for some art pieces I'm making.

Look at all of these gorgeous toys, I wonder what this guy's house looks like! He's got to have the biggest toy collection in Jacksonville, he has new toys every time I visit the flea market!
This was set up by another vendor. Remember these? The bright orange car looks like my favorite hot wheels car from childhood.

This fun vintage game set up among cartons and cartons of comic books.
The toy vendor let me have this Crash Dummies brand toy for free! The back encourages you to run over dogs and cats? It's a very strange toy, still in its packaging!
The sign on this van promises me Adult Material. The interior was "groovy" with shag carpet. I didn't ask about the "Adult Material". I don't think I want to know, I really don't...
More toys inside a cloudy old case.

Comics! Flea Markets have some of the best comics at the best price.

I like the dynamic poses here, fun and exagerated with loads of primary colors.

In the end I came home with a few toys, three rare comics and a book of Aztec art. I'll hopefully make it back this upcoming weekend to peer through more toys, comics, and random goodies.


  1. Oh Man, JACKPOT! I love that cover. Nightcrawler has to be my favorite super hero. ;)

  2. I've been gathering many amazing toys and comics lately. This weekend I truly hit jackpot, found a CAPTAIN PLANET toy for .50 cents!


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