Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Win the Thrift Toy Lottery- I am the Toy King

 A Captain Planet Action Figure from Captain Planet and the Planeteers

I feel like I won the Thrift Toy Lottery at the Bargain House of Fleas Flea Market this weekend. I found this ancient relic from my childhood years, a Captain Planet Action Figure, for 50 cents

This vendor had the biggest toy collection I've ever seen outside of a museum. Many of these toys were 90s vintage toys of character I remember from childhood like "Kid Vid" from those stupid "Burger King Kid's Club" commercials and various power rangers.

I also visited with the usual toy vendor. (He gave me a toy last week, I wrote about it Here.) This time he had a huge haul of star wars toys and a friend with him who specialized in G.I Joe toys. Apparently this guy makes his living buying and reselling toys, waking up early to check Ebay for interesting new toys and deals. I wish I could have that much geekish dedication.

I admire people who's fundamental likes and dislikes haven't changed since childhood- they stay true to themselves. Hardcore toy collectors definitely fall into that category.

Here's a shot of an impressive Star Wars toy collection, some of these are from the 80s and still in their original packaging.

Spent from toy collecting, I recouped with a friend and discussed all the possibilities for these toys. Each one will be used in a special upcoming project. It was amusing to accumulate many stares and questions with a table full of toys.

Tonight I'll continue to work with these toys, and perhaps play with them, just a little bit...


  1. In each photo I was still looking for any sign of Strawberry Shortcake. It's truly amazing how a single toy can leave such in impression in your mind and in a way your heart. My collection is packed away and I can't wait to find a house just to display them properly.

  2. My eye is always open when I thrift for my childhood favorites, transformers.

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