Monday, March 22, 2010

A Special Thrifty Weekend- Monkeys, Art, and More!

Despite packing and preparing for an upcoming move I made time for ample thrifting this weekend. A lot of inspirational garage sale hopping, flea marketing, and thrift store visits took place during the past couple of days.
 Tempting shiny rainbow glass things at the Dr. Sketchy's garage sale
My first essential Garage Sale stop was the Dr. Sketchy's garage sale to support a very inspirational art show. I was surprised to find some treasures I've been on the prowl for. These include:

 The amazing Dr. Sketchy's haul!

-Shelves: I've been on the prowl for these "Collector Shelves" for years, perfect for the collector of eccentric oddities...

-Miniatures: I can't wait to use these in future art pieces

-Movies: An excellent selection of DVDs!

 MINIATURES! My favorite ones are the tiny coke cans

I got the huge haul of treasures for the low price of $10.00! Thanks for the amazing deal and for saving some goodies just for me Dr. Sketchy's crew! All items will be treasured.

 He surveys the world cautiously from his perch.

 The most hilarious aspect of this stop was the Marmoset monkey a lady carried with her. I'm actually not a fan of monkeys but this is an intriguing creature. Look at its cat-like tail!

 I've encountered many things while thrifting, but never a live monkey!

Next my friend Joey and I hit up the Ramona Flea Market which was very photogenic on a gorgeous sunny Saturday.

An amazing selection of amusing retro toys

I found amazing vintage toys ($1.00 each!) and amazingly detailed Jurassic Park toys for $2.00 each, and a random assortment of robots, dinosaurs, sharks, and other fun stuff.

 All of these dinosaurs are detailed and amazing
 It's almost a shame to use these but I already know the profanity they will spew at each other in their own shadow boxes.

 The Lone Ranger, Tarzan, Raggedy Anne and Jungle Book sets were amazing vintage finds!

After the Ramona visit I hung out on the front lawn (the weather was too beautiful to go inside!) with Joey and his girlfriend and we all talked about art and played with toys.

On Sunday I stopped by a couple of thrift stores and the dollar store and found even more amusing bits that will be used in some ambitious art pieces. Overall, it was a very successful thrifty weekend. It's added a couple more boxes to my insane move this Saturday, but it was worth it.


  1. I can't wait to watch it tonight!

  2. Wow, is it legal to have monkeys as pets? That must have been such a strange sight. Nice thrift haul, especially the collector boxes. I can't wait to see what you do with those.

  3. It's legal with a class three license, which is probably easier to earn in the South than other places in the United States...

  4. Great finds! I love vintage toys! Cute little monkey :-)

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