Thursday, March 18, 2010

Art Jamming and Toy Crafting

I've been thrifting for toys which I wrote about  here and here. I do pick up toys occasionally when I thrift but lately I've had a goal in mind. I'm creating "Toys Behaving Badly".

My deranged ideas brings my Father great fear and distress.

I'll never "Grow up". I've been making retro "toy art" for years, an eclectic mix of paintings, collages, photography, comics and evil plush creations. I'm excited to exhibit some of them with two other amazing artists next month at Art Walk and a Childhood Nostalgia themed show.

 Art Jam!

Last night I Art Jammed with my buddy Jim of fame, he's an immensely talented and hilarious artist. It was a big motivator, he had many amusing ideas for my haul of toys.

 The Stacked Dinosaurs are from Jim's sexy imagination!

A couple nights before I met with friends at a café and many strangers approached and played with toys at our table with us! As a result, I finally got a lot of progress done with these pieces.

From Chaos comes Creation!
The best part about making these toy shadow boxes is playing with the toys- you can't come up with a good arrangement unless you tap into your inner child and get incredibly goofy. It's been bringing back memories of playing with toys with my older brothers (twins, 5 years older than me) in my childhood home in Italy.

 I wish this circus was real!

These art pieces make me feel young; they reignite a tiny bit of that long-lost childhood innocence I lose more and more every morning when I clock in at work. I know anyone who buys one of the Toys Behaving Badly will remember their carefree childhood days every day they see it hung in their homes.

Today's Van's Story Time: Mom's Curse Words Love

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Triceratop Circus!


  1. You are so talented. These shadow boxes are simply gorgeous. The raw wood, decorated paper background with a stack of dinosaurs is precious. It's it so needed to have an art outlet. Although I've posted about mine in the past, I haven't done any in months. I can feel that too. I can't wait to hear how your show goes.

  2. Thank you so much! The Dinosaur piece is a new favorite and it's on my work desk right now. It makes me happy! I love your art and can't wait to see more from you!

  3. Look at you. So creative and inspired. I love how your artistic horizon is so wide. Makes me think I need to expand, too! Love your blog, so unique in the thrift/craft blog landscape.

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