Saturday, January 25, 2014

Typeface Muse: My New Japanese Tin Collection + Big Vintage Sale Tomorrow

Tables glittering with exotic wares sat before a regal historic home (now apartments) yesterday, beckoning as I passed. This is a recurring event where estate sale vendors clearance less-valuable wares, this time someone's collections from Japan were in the mix. These Japanese tins were spread out by the curb, unassuming and mixed in with gaudy M&Ms Christmas tins. Of COURSE I bought the whole lot. I Regret Nothing.

Revolve Vintage & Modern Sale: I'll be bringing my gorgeous new tins and much more vintage swag to a vintage sale tomorrow, Sunday January 26th in front of Revolve Vintage & Modern! If you're local I hope you'll stop by, I'll be selling loads of wares at low prices! I'll be there from 9AM to 2PM.

Address: 4201 St. Johns Ave Jacksonville, FL 32210  Call: (904) 232-8924

Send me an e mail or Instagram/Facebook/Twitter message if you have an questions.
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