Saturday, January 11, 2014

Monthly Experiments Month #1: Do Super Foods/Supplements Work? + Savings Ideas

I love the Scientific Method and testing new products and processes, Monthly Experiments will explore Whole Living and Frugal methods to discover the ones that work. Some will be ongoing. I'll update on the results on these four tests February 11, 2014 and announce the new month's experiments.

Test 1: Will consuming Spirulina each day all month result in visually and physically improved health?
Hypothesis 1: I think it will.

Spirulina is the Super Food of my ancestors. It's basically pond scum and tastes like it, but it's high protein and by all accounts I read, extremely good for you. Even a "beautifying" and "energizing" food. I want to know if subjecting myself to its high price and taste (blegh!) will result in changes I can see and feel in one month. I add it to smoothies.

Test 2: Will taking prenatal & biotin supplements result in over .5 inches in hair growth? Or other benefits?
Hypothesis 2: I don't believe it will.

Test 3: Will using only one set of lights at night, unplugging chargers and turning off computers immediately after use result in a lower electric bill?
Hypothesis 3: I believe it will.

Some say small steps like this don't make a difference, some say it will make a huge one. We'll find out if it makes a difference soon! My roomie and I are bad about leaving our computers on 24/7 in particular.

Test 4: Will My Hippie Organic Mouthwash (recipe soon!) /Toothpaste/Flossing techniques result in better mouth health?
Hypothesis 4: I believe it will.

Sorry for the TMI but my gums are often slightly inflamed so I'm curious to track results on these organic, less invasive teeth cleaning methods. I'm seeing positive results already. DIY toothpaste recipe here btw.

* * *

Ongoing 1: The Longest Pertiest Hairz Ever!

Hair grows 1/2 and inch a month, will adding supplements, exercise, and ample sleep to my already veggie-loaded vegan diet will speed up the process? I'll check hair growth each month. My hair is 22 inches long (from top of head to ends), hopefully it will be at least 28" by the end of the year. (I'll try to resist trims but damn my hair needs 'em!)

Edit: Adding a photo and more info upon request. I'm half Puerto Rican/Half Mexican with type 3-b curly hair that's EXTREMELY prone to breakage and hard to grow long. If you see me wearing my hair straight it's an illusion, someone helped me blow dry/flat iron it straight. It's naturally very curly. Sharing this because media often neglects documenting the difficulties of caring for curly hair in a dominant straight-hair country. It has different needs and it's so fragile you have to handle it like antique lace or that shit breaks! You can't frequent heat style it or even brush it sometimes. I'm trying to grow it out because it helps me handle my difficult hair better, personally. Reduces frizz. Anyone else with tricky hair notice that?

Ongoing 2: Saving/Earning as Much as Possible: Will update in "Sunday Goals" Posts

Ongoing 3: 30 Minutes Exercise 5 Days a Week: Will update on sporadic "Bike Journal" posts. Will I increase strength, muscle tone, energy and mental clarity by merely adding 30 minutes bike cardio?

I will follow up with the results of these experiments next month. What do you think the results of experiments 1-4 will be? Place your bets! Let me know if there are any other experiments you'd like me to try, send me an e-mail or Instagram/Facebook/Twitter message. Open to all suggestions! (Sales increasing ones would be awesome, too!)

/Comments Off on Weekend Posts so I can relax and buy veggies, work, clean my messy house, etc. But I'll get back to any e-mails quickly! Don't miss tomorrow's epic Sunday Goals post! Watch a workaholic masochist break goals down into doable action steps so they actually get did!
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