Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Comic Book Artist Edbot 5000's Epic Thrifted Action Figure, Art and Comic Collection

My friend Ed, pop culture/video game/comic book artist and fellow thrifter/estate sale junkie, recently moved into his own huge traditional brick house, a lucky bank foreclosure score. We made time to catch-up and I naturally had to snap shots of his work spaces and awesome collections. I enjoy the juxtaposition of the traditional furnishings that came with the space with his bright pop culture artwork.

The House: 3 Bedroom, 2 bathroom Roomy Brick Beauty
Occupants: Edmund, his art and lots of glorious action figures and comics books
Occupation: Artist, Comic Book Shop Manager, Security Guard
Stay Duration: 9 Months

The screened patio is a make-shift art studio for Ed, he paints over found wood and canvas when he can.

1) So many glorious toys and comics! How long did it take you to amass your collections?
Most of this is probably from the late 90's 'til now. 

Ed Filled this yard-sale scored traditional tv stand glass case with action figures until he finds more glass cases. I love his collection of robot toys, monsters, and cute girls.

2) What's a favorite item in your collection?
It's hard to say... I have a Frankengirl statue based on Katuya Terada's artwork and I recently got a big Mezco Frankenstein figure. I do still have my OG NES from 1986. It needs fixing though. These are my current faves. 

Sexy art prints and lunch boxes in the super spacious kitchen.

3) What are your top 3 fav elements of living alone after living in a party house?
Oh jeez. I love not waking up to broken sinks and/or appliances. No random passed out drunkards on the couch. I like the overall quiet and peacefulness. I'm a hermit at heart.   

I love the floor to ceiling art print coverage in his studio, makes it so full and cozy without being overly-messy. There's a mix of pieces from friends and conventions and his own art on the walls.

4) Your broken-sink story is the stuff of nightmares! Same reason why I lived alone for years. What are your current art projects?
Let's see... I have an original comic book I will be working on this year.  More comic conventions this year, I have signed up for 4 already. The GAAM shows have been fantastic since the beginning and I am honored to be a small part of the crew. I will also be showing work at the Acme Superstore in Longwood/Orlando area. I also will be contributing to The Short Box Podcast, a local comic book news and humor podcast. They do themed shows and I will be contributing work for at least 4-6 shows this year. Keeping busy! 

5) Any top goals for 2014?
More cons, more networking, more out of town shows, more e-commerce, more production, better time management, pay off bills etc. Gotta keep pushing this art thing as hard as I can. The struggle is real!  

6) What's the biggest challenge you faced with your new house and how did you overcome it?
I have been VERY lucky I got a really killer price and the house was in very good shape. I never been so weird about cleaning before. That's been surprising... Nothing outside of my hatred of yard work. 

7 ) What's an ultimate dream score for your collection?
Hmm... My dream score would probably be some kind of stand up or cocktail arcade cabinet filled with a bunch of games from my childhood. Like ports of old arcade games and console games from the 80's amd 90's. That would be pretty awesome! 

8) I would love that, waaant! Top three favorite video games and comics, go!
Wow. Let's see... Let's start with comics. I'm doing my best of 2013 

1) Saga 2) East of West 3) Hawkeye (Matt Fraction's run)
I'm a retro gamer primarily so nothing new here.

1) The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past(SNES) 2)  River City Ransom (NES) 3) Metal Slug 3(NEOGEO)

Ninja Turtle Art in the kitchen, comic book art pages and Nintendo DS games on the night stand!

9) How about the 3 main influences for your art?

I'll give my broad influences. Comic books of course. Both American and Japanese manga... I love the bright colors of Mexican and American folk art and  I really science fiction pulp art on book covers and movie posters from the 50's through the 70's.

10) And that's what I love about your art! All my favorites. What was the biggest adjustment when moving to your new home?
Utilizing the space to its fullest. I'm getting used to having more space and more rooms to experiment with.

11) What's your new big home project?
My next big project is still a long way away. In thinking I want to make one of the rooms into a entertainment / small recording studio.

Check out Ed's online portfolio here he puts his own spin on classic arcade and comic characters and creates his own while he's at it. Can't wait to schedule more drawing nights with this guy, time to get crafty again!

What's your favorite part of Ed's collection or art piece? 
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  1. I love all the action figures, great post.

  2. Nice to finally see someone with more nail holes in their walls than mine! Very inspiring to surround yourself with what makes you tick!

    1. Yeah same here, thought that was impossible ;) Agreed, love this cozy studio cubby hole full of likes.

  3. Loving all that nerdy artwork!

  4. There's some AWESOME art on his walls, that's for sure! We're working on our collection of bad assery :)

    xo Ashley

    1. His office is so stimulating, I now aspire to fill up my walls again!

  5. what a cool home! Im not a comic book collector but I appreciate the art work in them and I do love any sort of sci fi collectable. Im just starting my kitschy collections, I started serioulsy collecting after my 35 birthday, so maybe in a decade Ill have a big collection of sci fi and kitsch/ This was a nice inspirational post

    retro rover

    1. I'd definitely say his collection is aspirational ;D I have too many collections, they will be documented soon...

  6. Nice! Vinyl, gaming, comic books, action figures, robots and manga in our home too. My husband's Etsy shop was filled with 50's Sci Fi books with terrific covers. I love that vintage Sci Fi art too. No one was buying the books, so he switched to vinyl! He still has some paperbacks and pulp up for sale, hope you don't mind the link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AtomicFrostedBombs?section_id=13424050&ref=shopsection_leftnav_9

  7. Very cool, I see Prince's 1999 record, my fav! I have a bunch of gorgeous pulps I've been listing in groups but I may list individually soon to give the gorgeous covers more time to shine.

  8. hey - new to this whole genre but what were those female action figures called?... the ones on the shelves next to the TV...so life-like in their poses, thanks

    1. They're anime girl figurines from different series :D

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