Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Business Reminder: Schedule Every Single Thing You Have To Do and Stick To It!

This is a reminder that may be a "no duh" common sense tip, but dammit, I find myself having to keep coming back to this one and stick to it! Every Wednesday this month I want to touch business tips related to organization, success, and spring cleaning, and had to start with the most important one many small business owners neglect. Setting a schedule a sticking to it will make you more money, keep you successful, keep you sane, and help your business thrive!

I tend to stick with my schedule for a long stretch of time and then neglect to write them out eventually once I feel like I've "got the hang" of things and without fail I always end up scattered and crazy. A quick and easy way to make sure your schedule is getting things done for you is to:

1.) Make your goals for the year
2) Divide that into goals for each month
3) Then write what you need to do to accomplish the monthly goals
4) Then write those into your calendar as action steps to accomplish
5) If you're a blogger, you can also write in your posts for the months to come

It sounds too-easy and common sense but many people don't do this. I didn't do it for a while until recently, I had to get back on it!

I write in pencil so I can change things because things will always come up, but this keeps me busy and making big progress with my businesses. (If you're looking for a good planner my 2016 Workbook walks you through the process of discovering your true goals and scheduling them for the year.

You ready!? DO IT. Write down EVERY single thing you need to do then do the hardest part, actually cross those bitches off of your to-do list! You're going to feel amazing, you'll see your business move forward exponentially and you'll be happy, productive and successful.

What do you do to keep organized? Any planner or apps to recommended?
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  1. I keep a small notebook and plan everything there....

    1. I have scattered mini ones around I need to consolidate, haha.

  2. I plan most of my blog posts weeks in advance, but I have some alternatives in case the weather doesn't play along ;-) For my business(es) I have quarterly goals. I keep them in my desk calendar!

    1. That's awesome! I used to do that but have to get back ahead :\ running three businesses and more stuff for clients the blog got behind and I learned the value of literally writing every single business task down.

  3. Replies
    1. No prob :) I help organize business owners now and it's surprising how many of us don't do this consistently.


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