Friday, July 24, 2015

Savannah Eats + Shopping: Retro Wares, Robots, Transformers, Hippie Goodness

Tourist towns usually boast amazing indie shopping experiences. During our recent trip we went on a general exploration, walking around broadly to soak in as many oak-lined classic streets as possible. On the next visit I'll drill in and examine more indie businesses. I saw what looked like an herb shop on the way out of town and plenty of cafe and "tea" houses that looked good, too!

Civvies Clothes I spent a good chunk of time, and could have spent more, in Civvies Clothes. They had a beautiful array of retro and retro-inspired clothing, all well-curated and excellent prices.

It's located on the top floor of an old brown stone and was just a beautiful space with ample natural light and unique architectural flourish, the perfect spot for a funky clothing boutique. Check it out and treat yourself to unique duds if you're in the area!

Planet Fun I can't resist a retro nerd shop if ever I encounter it, and this one had a giant robot and a Pikachu in the window! Sold! The back of the space had cases of 80s-eras Generation I Transformers that I sighed over and took multiple pictures of.

There were indie-made cosplay pieces, plenty of good comic books, regular books, and manga and a wide assortment of modern and video game, pop culture, and general nerdy collectibles. Great little shop!

Savannah Bee is absolutely gorgeous! (Why, you could even say it's...wait for...BEEautiful.) This is a clear, bright, meticulously-branded experience with high quality product. The honey is delicious and the natural honey-infused products are well-formulated. It looks to bee a popular, successful business for a reason! Oh ho ho! That was a bad one. Sorry, I've been around a lot of pun-makers lately.

They have a big store in the heart of the touristy King Street shopping district, a long strip of shops next to cobblestone roads, right next to the river. Go in to taste the honey at if you're in the area.

 * * * * *

Green Truck Pub was our first stop when we got into town. I got a massive, delicious black bean burger and subbed whole wheat for regular bread. I'm fairly certain the bread had butter on it but ate it anyway; I'll never waste food! It was so massive I ate half for lunch and half for dinner. This is an excellent restaurant that sources local food and had charming, retro decor.

There was a found art display outside, too! This college town delivers on visual beauty for sure. It was pouring rain so I couldn't shoot it, maybe next time. The outside of the restaurant is beautiful.

Kayak Kafe was the only other place I ate at. They had plenty of healthy options on the menu and bright, clean decor. I was excited when I read the protein-rich ingredients of their inexpensive super food salad, and was sad when it was so small! Still a great little place to stop, just make sure to order something hardier if you're ravenous! That salad's pretty, but the plate's the size of a saucer.

* * * * * 

I left my SLR at the hotel the night we went out for drinks but I especially enjoyed The Tree House. The live music was awesome (the guy sang acoustic classic Motown and Prince, of course I'd love that!) and the view from the balcony is lovely. We watched a guy get accosted by the cops in a abandoned lot cops-style! Charming! No, but really, it was a cozy roost. Spoken by someone who sleeps in tree houses every chance she gets. The other spots didn't stand out as much, but I'm excited to visit and explore again soon. It's only two hours away! Two days was not enough to explore all Savannah has to offer. E-mail me if you have any recommendations!

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