Friday, July 31, 2015

A Small Island Town "Budget Pool" - The Ocean Pool of Playa Rosada, Puerto Rico

The same day we experienced a slice of paradise in Caracoles, Puerto Rico, we went to see another island wonder! Playa Rosada build a deck and enclosure in the warm Caribbean sea, creating an ocean pool!

I rushed my camera out, took some swift shots, then tucked it safely away so I could dive in! The enclosure prevents critters like jellyfish, but most beaches in Puerto Rico are so calm and beautiful if can be enjoyed with or without it. It was still such a fun novelty to behold! There's breath-taking natural beauty around every corner on this little island, I adore exploring every inch of it that I possibly can every time I'm there visiting family. Now I need to put that same dedication to exploring every inch of my state, Florida is also rich with gorgeous beaches and nature.

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