Wednesday, April 15, 2015

DIY Body Care: Natural Toothpaste, Deodorant, Shampoo, Cleansers, Info and More

I'm a strong believer in removing as many synthetic, chemical products from your life as possible. They're loaded will fillers, chemicals and sulfates that go down the drains and pollute the planet, and they don't even work. The harsh detergents wash the natural oils from your scalp and skin, it retaliates by coming oiler and harder to handle.

Our bodies absorb 60% of what's put on our skin! Children's bodies absorb 40%-50% more than adults.

Some of the health issues linked to toxic chemicals from body care products in the body include:

(1) skin allergies (2) cancer (3) infertility (4) birth defects (5) reproductive problems and (6) learning disabilities!

This is all due to the endocrine system disrupting chemicals in conventional body care products! You can avoid all of this by making your own or buying natural skin care products. Right now I'm developing my own line of body care products, I've been giving out testers to people of different ages and skin care types and the results are all positive. I'm excited to launch! In the meantime, I thought I'd make a post to share my natural recipes and information from over the years. These are your "beginner" recipes. I now hold three herbalism certifications and I'm working towards more, I've learned how to make more complex herbal compounds and super-healing formulations that I'll soon be selling. It brings me so much joy to harness the power of plants for healing. But these old simple recipes work and I stand by them.

Sources used for chemical product stats in this post and future related posts:

/Comments Off but hit me up via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or E-mail if you have any questions on the topic. I'm studying and experimenting and will be writing and sharing related eBooks as soon as possible. I'll have more details soon but I'll also be selling the my products and some vintage at two different markets this weekend.

For real, reach out if you have any questions, I know how it feels to struggle with health/weight/skin/hair (I have the driest. hair. ever. DRYdrydrydry. And oily-ass skin.) issues and never mind helping people out with what I've learned.
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