Monday, April 6, 2015

March Goal Updates: Feeling Encouraged and Inspired to Work My Hardest Again

Turns's not that easy to sell hundreds of pieces of merchandise in one month! I made a big dent and my merchandise now happily fits in 3 boxes in the closet and in a bit of my bookshelf (from filling a large room once upon a time, miraculous!) but I had too much on my plate and when it was time to get to moving all of my merchandise to eBay (saving and re-organizing over 1,500 hand) it was too daunting to get started.

Photo from my first outdoor market in years this Saturday. I premiered my upcycled clothing and organic body care line and made the best sales in my market career. It was an encouraging start that has me so excited to keep working that I'm not eating or sleeping right. D'oh...

Live and learn, and set less god damn goals. And be more specific. Now I know. One thing I was very good at this month was more clearing and deluttering and working on interesting collaborations that I'm excited to share soon. I went on some random adventures I'm excited to share in future posts, too. At least there's that! Here are my new goals for April. This list has more goals but a few of these will be done today, so it's not too bad. I had a head start this month.

April Goals

  1. Strict schedule with actual time off so I can bike, read 3 books, and live more. Use timer.
  2. List three bookshelves and AJ's extras on Craigslist for some $ and less clutter
  3. Make my antique mall booth nice with the fun new editions I made behind-the-scenes
  4. Finish making my art supplies more accessible so I can get to work (in boxes isn't ideal)
  5. Plant seeds for my gardens (working on two right now)
  6. Schedule clinical/work hours at Green Lotus Studios
  7. Solidify my damn elusive label for my skin care line
  8. Go to one new place every week with AJ
  9. Go to the Hostel in the Forest
  10. Use mostly what I have on hand to complete prep for ALL local markets
  11. Schedule a full-day work day once a week to make "soap" things happen
  12. Hit my favorite Thrift Stops as much as once a day to gather cheap supplies for new projects
  13. Stay on top of this apartment! Do a clean sweep, then put everything away as soon as I'm done!
  14. Make time to write eBooks + the books I'm selling locally 
  15. Finish that damn magazine!

/ / /
March Goals:
  1. FINAL deadline to sell ALL of my vintage merchandise. E-mail if you want anything! Taking offers! 
  2. Finish the Green Lotus Studio calendar and magazine :( Dammit, no on the mag
  3. Make my green lotus studio books and lesson plans, practice classes  Need to make those books
  4. Finish clothing alterations. They've been sitting in a bag, bugging me, for too long!
  5. 5 Photoshoots and 5 Interviews, let's try this again!
  6. Explore 5 new places
  7. Read 5 books  Nope :(
  8. Donate/sell off 50 more personal possessions
  9. Finish 5 small for-fun personal projects (I started, but didn't finish :P )
  10. Make a detailed schedule so everything above happens!
Back Burner Projects for Next Month: Body Care Line, eBooks, room before/after projects

Join the Fun: Got any goals you'd like to share in the comments? I've done weekly and monthly goal shares before and it was a fun way to keep ourselves accountable. How's business stuff for you lately? Got any questions? Hell, any tips for me to improve? Let's discuss...

(My biz partners and bolder friends are telling me I'm a crazy person and need to focus. And they are correct. But I like to diversify my income sources because (1) busy brain and (2) it's scary not to have it when your self-employed!)
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  1. I'm so glad you did well on market day - and now have less vintage stuff to deal with. Good luck in your new venture!

    1. Thank you :) It's been a big help to have less stuff! For my sanity and productivity especially!

  2. Love this post & love that you're always so honest. I'm not nearly as focused or as far along as you are, yet, many of your April goals look very familiar :-) I'm far too ambitious about what I think I can get done in a period of time (and I'm also all over the map!) Following your journey is really helping me. Keep rolling. You're an inspiration! Mandy

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience! Sounds like you're a "Scanner" like me, life would be easier if we could just focus :P But at least we're learning and having fun along the way.

  3. I'm glad you did so well at the market! Your goal list sounds pretty awesome - your enthusiasm is totally catching and now I'm feeling inspired to actually start working on mine too. :)

    Also! I can't wait to see more Hostel in the Forest photos. That place looks amazing.

    1. Dooo eet :) You have to visit the hostel sometime if you can, it's so incredibly peaceful. I never want to leave when I go.

  4. Congrats on your success at the market! And WOW- everything now fitting in three boxes. That's amazing!

    1. It's not a comfortable fit but yes, three bins from this:

      Is a miracle.

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