Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jacksonville Orchid Society Annual Show and Sale, A Symphony of Orchids

What can represent spring more than a room filled with colorful, tropical orchids? I've missed the annual Orchid Society's show for the past couple of years and was excited to finally witness these beautiful flowers in person. There were more varieties than I've ever seen; I didn't even know so many existed. To complete "Orchid Day" I also found inexpensive orchids for purchase at the flea market and was gifted a random orchid! I think I need more... they're addictive.

To prove plants are therapeutic, I must share this colorful plant goodness with you. They're like Skittle flowers, Taste the Orchid Rainbow.

Don't you feel better already? For full immersion, smell something floral while scrolling down!

I took 70 more photos of orchids that day! I need to get my Flickr account back up to link to the "rest" of the photos in my sets like the photo-hoarder I'm becoming! Look for that in future posts.

If you'd like to adopt your own beautiful orchid child, here's a detailed guide for their care. Despite being rainforest dwelling tropicals, they only need water every 5-12 days depending on the variety. They're not as low-maintenance as cacti, but they like low-light conditions, making them good houseplants. Another article that always springs to mind when I think of orchids is You Grow Girl's interview with Derek Powazek on how he successfully grows orchids in his apartment. Check it out, I love personal gardening stories.

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I'm prepping for an outdoor vintage sale this Saturday (4/4/2015) at Hemming Plaza (across from the Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA) from 7:30-9:00. I'll post more details soon. If you're local, I hope to see you there. Inspired by my growing muse I'll have some artfully arranged planters and some items I've never put out to the public, like my prized disco/R&B/Prince/Michael Jackson record collection and a sneak peek at my soap line. Hit me up via e-mail, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook if you have any questions.

/Comments Off  For today, also gotta finish prep for a "Cooking with Herbs" class and run around some more! Aah! Need more tea! And Food!
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