Friday, April 17, 2015

Come One Come All to Groovy Land: Toast and Jam in a Colorful Folk Art Garden

One day, Jill and I were biking home from a Riverside Arts Market and spied a large, full loquat tree filled with tempting fruit. They're absolutely delicious, like a smaller sour apricot, so we pulled over to load our bags. Perhaps it's rude, but when we see them rotting on the ground we pull over like assholes fruit saviors, and pick away. On this day the loquat owner, Donovan, whom I was acquainted with from his band, came out to help us pick loquats from the top of the tree. He invited us to attend "Toast and Jam" (a morning hang out and music jam session) in his garden, named "Groovy Land."

Of course we went!

Friends and neighbors slowly filed in to attend "Toast and Jam," some I recognized from group bike rides. Everyone bought a snack to the buffet, we sipped coffee, ate, and chatted about everything from the lovely neighborhood to more productive uses for military drones! There was lots of talk about the importance of nutritious food and independent business, which I of course, enjoyed! I've been swamped since with teaching and market stuff, but I'm looking forward to future "Toast and Jam" sessions and get togethers (like a "stone soup") with new and old friends. Jill and I both met people who teach creative classes we want to get into, too! All of the music was fantastic, too. The house is occupied by a group of very talented creatives.

"Groovy Land" is a beautiful folk-artsy backyard creation with that hippie, come-one-come-all neighborly feel that I adore. The general communal vibe reminds me of my favorite place in the world, The Hostel in the Forest. Jill and I want to make our homes stops on "schedule" (the normal suspects hop from place to place) one day! It's nice to connect with community again in a world that's seemingly increasingly distant.
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    1. Me too, I'm a big ole hippie. Takes a lot of will power not to sell everything I own and vagabond around from commune to commune.

  2. Whoa! Wild and wonderful. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. No problem :) I took over 80 photos, was hard not to share them all.


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