Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blogging Success Guides: Make a Living From Blogging, Getting Advertisers, and More

I sincerely believe everyone should have a blog. Even if you keep it private. Writing daily is a journey to self-discovery. I've been "blogging", making websites and writing for the web since I was in 6th grade and I'll never stop as long as the internet's around. This blog has allowed me to create a self-employed, flexible living situation. It's connected me with you, and other long-time close friends. Right now I've had to scale back on the amount of posts so I can switch careers and feel out my new direction, but I'm never out of ideas. I fill notebooks upon notebooks with articles.

I'm often asked how to make a living at blogging or how to improve your blog. I'll write more details from the technical and creative side into the future. For now, I thought I'd share some detailed articles you may have missed:

If you have any other questions at all, please do hit me up via e-mail or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I'm serious, don't hold back! I'd love to fill in the gap and help you wherever you're floundering. For now, I've gotta finish up a holistic magazine (so fun, learning a lot of detailed information about herbs and natural healing that will, of course, be shared in future posts) and actually get outside and feel the sun on my skin asap! I need a non-work related adventure!

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