Monday, February 9, 2015

Health and Fitness Wish List: Ethical, Indie, Artistic and Practical. I'll Take One Each, Please

I'm sure you've heard of rewarding yourself for reaching goals? Many people swear by this method for completing projects; finish one and something nice is waiting for you at the finish line. But I can't do it. I feel that completing any one task to the best of my ability is the reward in itself, and buying yourself a random rare little treat related to work or your goals is a fun acquisition high along the way. I want to give it another try though, and support indie businesses and artists along the way! I think it'll make more sense if I hit income landmarks, earn $, spend some $. Makes more sense to me.

And so I've been hunting the web and lurking locally for fun indie replacements for under-things and work-out clothes. The criteria: independent business, sustainable, ethically produced, artistic and practical. I've landed upon the following. Do e-mail me if you know of any others!

1 / Liberty Bottles Hydration is paramount! I will definitely invest in a pretty bottle for on-the-go.

2 / Sally Ann K is a local provider of upcycled clothing and accessories. (Interviewed here.) I bought a black head wrap from her and use it all the time. Perfect for the gym.

3 / Econica this shop has the prettiest soft cotton under-things for after the gym, or anytime. All handmade. I especially like this blue set.

4 / J Morco I'll take one of each of everything in this colorful, sporty boho-style shop. Especially this kimono bra.

5 / Pact has organic, fair trade basics at affordable prices. (Hard to do!) I'd like their tights. I'll keep an eye on their shop for new goods.

Also Needless also has nice underthangs and everything in Satya Yoga Wear is attractive and comfortable-looking.

Now, off to make money so I can spend it on indie replacements :D and kitschy travel.  I'll follow-up with how different goal-setting techniques pan out. Also, for a brief update on my fitness challenge, we've been moving and hitting the gym daily. My "high protein" diet has to be adjusted. I jumped too quickly into it and it dehydrated the hell out of me and caused issues. But overall, I'm seeing progress sooner and will keep playing with the diet and exercise to yield results.

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